The Health Benefits of Honey

Today’s health industry has often portrayed the idea that fitness can be obtained through chemicals and pills, but these may have negative effects on our bodies. In order to counteract this, a lot of people are turning to more natural methods of maintaining good health, aiming to feel better without resorting to harming their bodies.

One of the key components that nature provides us with in order to get there is honey. There are a wealth of health benefits of Honey that have been used for thousands of years. Now, with a little help, you put these to good use too!

The Health Benefits of Honey

To keep your energy levels up!

If you’re feeling lethargic, or else want a quick “pick me up” in the morning, honey is a great way to start your day. Instead of choosing a fizzy drink or caffeine that potentially harms your body, honey is a great healthy alternative to provide you with a much needed boost. It releases sugars gradually as opposed to quick fixes that give you fast energy before you feel tired all over again.

A barrier against the bad guys

Another little known fact by many is honey’s incredibly antiseptic properties. Honey has been applied to wounds, burns and blisters for centuries. Scientists believe this is thanks to honey’s composite sugars that absorb water from wounds, reducing the chance of bacterial growth, and also its reactions that result in the formation of a mild antiseptic. Indeed, a study in India tested this out on sufferers of 1st degree burns, and one week later only 7% of those being treated conventionally were infection free compared to the 91% being treated with honey. So next time someone you know has a cut or a small wound try applying honey and see the benefits for yourself!

Miracle remedies

Honey can also be used in combination with other well-known health items to great effect. For example, honey and lemon juice can be used as a well-known aid to dieting, either taken in the morning, or even after a heavy meal as a detox. Honey can also be mixed to great effect with sour milk and taken in the morning to help encourage the good bacteria in your gut. This will promote a healthier digestive system and help with any discomfort you could have been feeling. Mix it with warm water and lemon juice to soothe a sore throat.

Help control type 2 diabetes and cholesterol

Because honey is a healthier alternative to conventional sugar, it has been shown in studies that using honey can help people better control their diabetes and cholesterol. It’s a great way to help people towards a healthier body, all the while enjoying the health benefits – and sweet taste – of honey. There is also a lot of evidence around that the antioxidants found in honey can help combat cancer.

Using honey as a skin treatment!

Honey has been known for its properties, and thus can be used to treat facial redness or acne for great results. You could also try mixing it with olive or castor oil for even better hydration of your skin. Not only will this be a lot cheaper than other higher priced alternatives, but it’s also a lot healthier because you know exactly what you’re applying to your skin!

There you have it – 5 great health benefits of honey.

Best you add some to your shopping trolley soon!



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  1. I used to hate the smell of honey. So glad I got over it! It’s just so much better than sugar!

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