Tech Talk: Washday Woes are gone with SAMSUNG Activ Dual Wash Top Loader

Today I’m airing some of my dirty laundry… literally! Often bloggers are accused of presenting a “picture perfect” life on their blogs and social media platforms and I’m certainly guilty of putting my best face forward, I think we all are in this “age of the selfie”, right?

Anyway, today I’m keeping it real, really real! You get to see behind the scenes of my messy life and realise that my life is FAR from perfect! Here are some pics to prove it…


Exhibit A: My dirty laundry mountain (and this is a GOOD day)

2015-08-22 13.50.21 (576x1024)


Exhibit B: My winter washing line after avoiding said laundry pile for a few too many days! (and using my trusty Spindel)

2015-08-24 18.16.56 (1024x576)


Exhibit C: My pre-treatment nightmare (who was the wise ass who decided that WHITE shorts were a good idea for little boys to wear when playing rugby… in winter… in Cape Town???)

2015-08-22 13.50.12 (1024x576)


Yip life is not all beauty launches and “free” holidays around here folks… there are some real problems being faced daily!! (Please note the fact that we own so many clothes to wash and have a washing machine to do it in does not really constitute REAL problems in South Africa – I am aware there are far many who are much worse off than me.)

But back to me and MY problems… well, my laundry problems!

One of my very worst chores has got to be hand-washing and pre-treating stains. Unfortunately it’s not really something I can leave to my weekly domestic as when it comes to stains it’s best to treat them immediately and when it comes to hand-washing I have to get stuck in myself as it’s mostly my underwear and delicates that require special care and attention.

So, once a week I take over the bathroom sink and leave things to soak… usually for far too long as my attention span when it comes to chores is decidedly distractable. Then, because we only have one bathroom, I usually get someone calling me desperately with a mouthful of toothpaste looking for someone to spit… I should be grateful they don’t do it on my bra’s, right!? But what this means is that I have to heave a load of heave, wet washing into the bath… and then as our shower is over the bath I have to move it again to another basin and then out to the garage where our washing machine lives. And then as I now have a pile of drenched hand-washing that needs to be washed, I have to do a load of washing in the middle of the night, only to hand out the wrinkled clothes before work the next morning. Or AFTER work the next day!

As you can see, one problem leads to another!

Fortunately I have found a solution thanks to SAMSUNG who recently offered me the opportunity to try out their new SAMSUNG Activ Dual Wash Washing Machine

samsung active dual wash machine

This new top-loader from SAMSUNG is a multitasking magician. It has a built-in sink under the top lid where a water jet dispenses water exactly where you need it – you can turn it off and on with a button on the front of the machine. There is a ridged scrubbing surface that provides an easy place to do your proper stain pre-treatment too. A slit in the back of the basin keeps it from overflowing and what it also means is that all you have to do is lift up the sink bowl and the items (and water) go straight into the washing machine drum. No walking around with piles of wet washing dripping as you go or sinks full of delicates when your visitors want to wash their hands!! This is a super simple solution that has already transformed the way I do laundry.

196 (1024x683)    211 (1024x683) 216 (1024x683) 218 (1024x683)

Another pet peeve of mine when it comes to washing is that no matter how much I try to clean out the detergent dispenser regularly, I can never seem to get rid of the soap residue that remains and after a few washes there is almost always more soap left in the drawer dispenser than going into the actual machine. Well not anymore!

The SAMSUNG Activ Dual Wash has a round Magic Dispenser which creates a powerful water vortex that dissolves detergent and disperses it evenly before the wash cycle even starts, eliminating detergent stains on clothes and that horrible clogged up detergent drawer issue I so hate.

207 (1024x683)

Other innovations included in the SAMSUNG Activ Dual Wash are:

SuperSpeed technology that reduces laundry time down to as little as 36 minutes.

Wobble technology which makes sure that there’s no more tangled washing

Magic Filter technology which ensures that lint, fluff and particles that come out of your clothes do not attach themselves to other items in the wash and also helps to protect your drainage from getting clogged up.

Digital Inverter technology that delivers superior energy efficiency to help you limit your carbon footprint, minimal noise and long-lasting performance, and is backed up by a 10 year warranty on the motor!

The Smart Washer app is a super easy automatic error-monitoring system app that detects and diagnoses problems and provides easy troubleshooting solutions via your phone… ultimately saving time and high call out fees from electricians.

To find out more about how the SAMSUNG Activ Dual Wash Top Loader machine works and my thoughts you can watch my YouTube video review here:

Becoming you review

This SAMSUNG Activ Dual Wash has made doing laundry much easier in my house. Not only is it faster – instead of having to do 3 front loader loads I can do just 1 top loader load – it’s also been a breeze doing the spot-treatment and hand-washing right at the machine. Even though I initially was a bit overwhelmed by it’s size and the number of buttons, I found it really easy to use. In fact you can get going by pushing just 3 buttons! Or you can opt to change things according to your needs with a selection of different washes available incl one for jeans. I have never owned a top loader  but since it’s arrival I really do love the new top loader in my life.


Spec Talk (SAMSUNG WA18J6750SP)

Washing Capacity: 18 kg
Digital Panel Display
Digital Inverter Technology
Child Lock
Delay End
Door Lock
Diamond drum
Magic Filter
STS Wobble
10 water levels
Activ dualwash (Water save, drain)
Adjustable Wash, Rinse, Spin
Net Dimension (WxHxD): 630 x 1,100 x 690 mm
Net Weight: 51 kg

Price: Makro has the SAMSUNG 18kg Activ Dual Wash on promotion at the moment for R8 999 with a 2-year service warranty. Quite a deal as I saw the price listed online for R10,269.99. The 13kg is on special for R5999 and the 15kg for R6999.


And just in case you need any more convincing that this new washing machine is what you need to make laundry fun again….

2015-08-30 12.53.08 (768x1024)


Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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    1. Haha Moipone. You have NO idea. Try as I might to get my kids to rewear items and not throw them in the wash after just one wear I still find myself with a mountain to rival Everest!

  1. Great review!! Love the additional use for the box 🙂 I can’t believe tou convinced me laundry can be fun!

  2. This is one fabulous machine!!!! I would love this machine in my house, I have so much washing to do everyday…… looking after my 5 young grandchildren ( 6 year, 4 year, 3 year, 18 months, 10 weeks and the 6th baby is due in 9 weeks time) with all their washing is not always easy and this machine would help me so much 😉

  3. You have convinced me..I need the SAMSUNG Activ Dual Wash Top Loader in my home. What with having my teenage daughter’s never-ending washing to keep up with, my biker-son’s jeans, jackets and tracktops to keep spotless and fresh.. Mine and the spouse’s work clothing up to date, dont talk about when my daughter brings her washing over the weekends- hers, hubby’s and the 3 active , messy kids.. Yes, this Samsung is my solution to wash-day stress.

    1. It certainly is Francesca… hope you’re entered the competition to win one over at Good Housekeeping SA!

  4. A mom with big family ,with arthritis in her hands .school uniforms to wash .this is the Samsung machine that will bring joy to my life .and make it so easy & I’ll have more time to spend with 4 grandkids .thank you for giving us the opportunity to win one .Good luck people.

    1. Hi Maureen. I’m still using the machine 2 years later and I’ve never had a problem with it not cleaning my clothes properly??

  5. We bought a 10kg Samsung toploader washing machine washing machine with wobble technology. Our experience seems different from what is advertised because it leaves a lot of lint on our clothes. We can actually compare because the machine we used before the current one is also a Samsung toploader of about the same range (9kg or thereabout), and it seems to have far more effectively dealt with lint and dirt problems. The current one seems to leave a lot of dirt, lint and such items on cloth after spinning that we currently stopped spinning after most washings. We just want to know if someone knows what we can do to correct this.

  6. Thanks Kathryn for this wonderful post I was in fix to choose between LG and Samsung and after reading your review I’ve went for Samsung active dual wash 16kg and I’m more than satisfied on my decision Because in Pakistan we have much dirty laundry and when I saw your kid’s white muddy short at that moment I’ve decided to go for Samsung thanks again for such a informative and useful post

  7. I am trying to procure one from Makro but they say they do not sell 18kg SS washing machines. I need this machine

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