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As a mom one of the worst feelings in the world is not being able to help your sick child. To be stuck not knowing what is wrong with a screaming, or even worse, limp, baby on your hands is such a stressful experience but unfortunately one which most moms have to face frequently…. Fortunately I’m past the very small baby phase myself but I do remember how frightening it can be!

Just this past weekend we had a 5 year-old experiencing tummy cramps but luckily she is now able to talk and tell me what was wrong. What’s even more helpful these days is the awesome technology now available to moms… which wasn’t around back in my day! 😉

Something I wish was around when I had my babies is the super handy Mom’s Helping Hand app that helps parents to keep track of their kids medical history and has a whole host of other useful tools. Created with busy moms in mind, the app has been designed so that it can be used single-handedly, so you don’t need to put down the screaming baby to use it!

calpol 2


The app provides a place for you to keep all the medical information about each child in Personalised Profiles so you can keep all medical information about each child in one place!








calpol 6



There is a Dosage Diary that enables you to record the medicine dosages you administer to your child so you can track when last you gave a dose and how many ml’s it was – super important when you’re functioning on limited sleep, but also really helpful for when another child minder is on duty! It will also remind you when the next dose is due!









The Temperature Tracker allows you to monitor what your child’s temperature has been doing over a period of time. The temperature and time are mapped on a graph and display a normal temperature in green, a raised temperature in orange and one that requires immediate medical intervention in red! SO helpful!!







calpol 4



The Symptom Checker contains essential information on the key symptoms for the most common childhood illnesses.









calpol 3


The Immunisation Information includes an automated reminder of which immunisation shots your child needs next.












Another really helpful feature is the Emergency Room Locator that provides essential information when you need to get to the ER fast and is especially helpful when on holiday.


Download Calpol’s Helping Hand app for FREE to your Android phone or tablet via the link below:






*Please not that this app does not replace a medical doctor’s advice but merely is a guideline. Please seek the advice of your doctor if your child’s symptoms persist.

**This app does not take the place of your clinic card, it is merely in addition to it and a helpful, convenient tool




Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. Ugh, Calpol. Why “Mom’s” Helping Hand?

    Why not “Parents” or even just “Calpol’s” Helping Hand? Or just “Helping Hand”?

    Why specify? It’s SUCH sexist, backward thinking.

    And dear blogger, what message are you sending out to Dads by promoting this?
    Or don’t you care?

    1. Fair point – the idea did cross my own mind but then I’m not the one naming the app. Just promoting it. And just because I don’t agree with the name of a business doesn’t mean I don’t think the business adds value or is of interest to my readers…

    1. Please avoid having any understanding for what it means to be a mom, blogger, employee trying to juggle everything and please everyone 😉

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