Tech Talk: Get real life definition with LG SUPER UHD TV

You know that feeling of losing yourself inside a movie at the cinema? Where the line between reality and fiction is blurred and you become the Black Widow in The Avengers or Marguerite creating an Indian curry in The 100 Foot Journey. Where you’re a member of the The Barden Belle’s singing acapella on stage in Pitch Perfect or kissing Noah in The Notebook? Yip, nothing beats getting lost inside a story, one that shifts your reality!

As tech companies strive towards narrowing the gap between reality and fiction in the TV watching experience, newer technologies deliver better clarity, higher definition and more vivid, realistic colours.

Enter the brand new SUPER UHD TV from LG. This innovative brand has produced the most epic TV yet for a home cinema experience that defies definition… with it’s Super Ultra High Definition! Now you can step inside the most incredible worlds where every detail is crisp and every colour enhanced, giving you amazing viewing clarity. The only thing that’s blurry here will be the line between reality and fiction!

To bring home the message that this TV is out of this world and will make your viewing experience feel like reality, LG had to go above and beyond the norm of advertising and opted to commission a 80 x 4 meter mural, the largest grafitti wall mural in Jozi’s city centre, to be hand painted along one of the cities most prominent highways, the M1 South.

Instead of settling for the norm of a billboard or a tv advert, the LG team opted to tap into the very real experience of creating their marketing message with a graffiti mural that was created over a few days. This clever concept brought to life the LG SUPER UHD branding message in the same way that the SUPER UHD TV will bring all your favourite movies and tv series to life… right in your living room!

Watch the real-time graffiti process, in all it’s glorious detail and colour, here:

Spec Talk

  • Ultra HD (3840 x 2160)
  • 4K
  • Smart TV features
  • Built in WiFi
  • Magic Remote

The LG SUPER UHD TV is the latest and greatest television from LG Electronics. The first-of-its-kind, the SUPER UHD TV will bring the entire rainbow of colours (far more than just 7!) to life. By surpassing the traditional, LG’s RGB + White technology magnifies the range of colours that can be displayed on screen by harnessing specific LED phosphor colours, what this does is create greater image depth with picture-perfect realism and viewers will get to experience a vibrant new colour spectrum. LG’s SUPER UHD TV also boasts features like ULTRA Luminance technology which continuously analyses the brightest and darkest parts of the displayed content in order to improve resolution. Plus it comes with a super thin 8.5mm UltraSlim Design display!

Sequence 032240 (1024x576)

Images: LG Electronics


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