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So the South-Easter has started howling across the Cape this past week which generally heralds the arrival of Summer! Good news…. except for that wind!!

Summer in Cape Town is sublime (when the wind dies down, and, fortunately, it does!) Since our renovations last year we’ve been loving spending more time at home. In fact it’s become our happiest place to be and last summer we had an abundance of good reasons to just chill out in our own spot (avoiding the maddening crowds and terrible traffic being 2 very good ones!!)

Summer at our home equals braais with friends, pool parties, ice-cold sundowners, star-gazing evenings, teddy-bear picnics, birthday parties of chaos, gardening days, Christmas lunch, New Year’s Eve merriment….


We love entertaining our friends and family in our “new” home and having a more spacious entertainment area has really made this much easier for us, but last year we didn’t have the addition of our MOBELLI outdoor furniture which means that Summer 2018 is looking even more promising than last year esp now that we have comfortable “lounge” style outdoor furniture and movable shade in the form of our MOBELLI automatic lift umbrella.

mobelli automatic lift umbrella

The MOBELLI automatic lift umbrella not only looks super stylish in our new patio area, it’s also really transformed the way we live outside as it’s so quick and easy to use… even I can put it up, something that was never possible with our old “pull the cord and lift at the same time” umbrella.


outdoor furniture south africa

With this aluminium umbrella all I have to do is simply undo the Velcro straps which hold the umbrella closed and then the auto-lift system kicks in, opening the umbrella and raising it in less than 10 seconds! Zero effort required – and far less swearing 🙂

Another bonus with this umbrella is the mobile base (that comes with 4 lockable wheels) which allows me to move the umbrella easily to any spot on the patio so I can choose exactly where I want the shade to fall, and adjust it accordingly throughout the afternoon.

mobelli umbrella

This auto lift umbrella sorts out all the problems that usually come with using a traditional centre pole umbrella. There are no cords, no tangles, no swearing, no pushing, no struggling under the umbrella, no trying to make sure that each wooden strut is in the right place to raise the fabric at the same time as you try (and fail) to pull it up! (or was that just me??).

And to close the umbrella is equally easy, just lean on one of the corners and it closes auto-magically!

Seriously – this is the BEST umbrella for a fuss free summer of shade, exactly where you want it! The bonus? No South Easter will be blowing the baby over either! It’s stable and secure (although we tend to pack it away over night by wheeling it into the corner of the patio)

mobelli automatic lift umbrella

The auto-lift great umbrellas are available in two varieties – an aluminium umbrella with the auto lift system and a polyester canopy (the one I have, featured here) It is avail in a 2.5 and a 3m square canopy. There is also a stainless steel option with wooden struts and a 3m canopy.


But don’t just take my word for it that this is the best umbrella in the world. Watch this video for a demonstration on how easy the automatic lift umbrella from MOBELLI is to use and you’ll be convinced!


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  1. Luv your “new” home Kathryn. Looks stunning. We will be tacling our house next year and doing a revamp! Can’t wait xx

    1. Ah thanks so much Susan! The new space was a lot of hard work but it makes me happy every day!!! I’m sure your own revamp will be well worth it! Shout if you need any tips!

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