Beauty Review: Sorbet Sensual Oil Range

Today’s Beauty Review is from Moeneeba…

I recently had the opportunity of testing this wondering Sensual product range from Sorbet which is composed of a Polish Up Salt Scrub, Royal Oil Body Spritzer and a Splash and Glow Hand Wash.


This range really tickled my senses as it not only smells amaaazing but left my skin incredibly soft. This sensual range is infused with Passion flower oil, Citrus, Sandalwood and Turkish rose.


My overall thoughts on the range:

I tried out the Polish Up Salt Scrub first, although instructions on the container had indicated to be used on damp skin I felt I got a better effect when I used the product on dry skin, particularly on my lower extremities. I had initially tried it out on damp skin particularly my legs and arms and wasn’t quite pleased as I felt like most of the scrub dissolved on application due to the water, however, doing it the other way I was quite pleased with the result, I would definitely recommend this product if you looking for a good full body exfoliation product.


Then there was the Splash and Glow Hand Wash, a liquid hand soap. I loved this as it never left my hands dry which I have found with many liquid soaps.

I just can’t get enough of the Royal Oil Body Spritzer. I have used this product after showering and it’s leaves my skin feeling moisturiserised and acts as a good pick me up after a long strenuous day!

I will definitely be trying out the rest of the Sensual body range as the range is fairly affordable. It can be found at leading Clicks stores.

The Hand Wash retails at R37,95, the Body Spritzer for R38,95 and the Polish Up Salt Scrub at R44,95


Text & Image: Moeneeba Ismail

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Moeneeba Ismail

Moeneeba is a lecturer in the health and wellness industry. For her, beauty and makeup is not just about looking pretty or feeling beautiful, it’s about having fun, being creative and staying up to date with current research in the industry. She is a huge makeup fan and her face is her No.1 canvas! She’s also quite partial to body care products.

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