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A few weeks back I received a press pack for My Smart Kid, a new product for babies and young kids and it looked very interesting, but as I am a bit past the small baby phase I thought I would ask the next best person to review it for me (and you!)… My sister

A mom of a 4 year old and a 6 month old who also happens to be a qualified primary school teacher (Intermediate Phase) and is currently a play school teacher of kids aged 3 – 4. Could she be more qualified to review this type of thing?!! I doubt it. So take it away Emma….

I recently saw My Smart Kid advertised online and was intrigued by it’s concept, ‘Play and Learn’ sounds like the perfect tool to me! As an educator presently working within the Early Child Development (ECD) sector I am always looking for exciting, interesting ways to promote learning through play and am always encouraging the parents of my class to take action at home and provide fun learning opportunities.

Having worked previously at Primary School level I have seen first hand the struggle of many a child who have not had the correct input at the earlier stages. It is no wonder that over recent years countries like the UK have realized the great need for Early Childhood Programmes and have poured much time and resources into this level of education. It is in this 0-6 age group that your child’s brain is developing the fastest and new neurological pathways are laid down daily with every new experience.

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I have often been found trawling internet sites, blogs and forum groups for age appropriate learning tools and ideas that fit with what we are focusing on in class. This can be very time consuming and as a parent I know just how little free time there is in any given week and just how little time there is for family time too, so whenever I advise parents to ‘do more’ with their kids at home I realize there are limitations to what can be achieved.

One should never forget that a parent is their child’s first teacher.

Benefits of My Smart Kid

– An affordable program that also saves you money in the long run. No more money wasting on cheap toys that look great but in reality don’t provide the correct stimulation or learning opportunities for your baby or child.

– Play orientated and fun toys!

– A learning program that helps you focus on the correct concepts for your child’s developmental stage. They provide advice, activities and toys which have been backed by experts.

– Taking the hassle out of overwhelming shopping trips and the frustration out of coming home with something that is either too babyish or too advanced for your child. Not to mention those trips with a toddler where you spend more time trying to negotiate with them to take the toy you would like your precious child to choose! It leaves you with more time to spend on the floor engaging and enjoying your child as they learn.

– A welcome package including a lovely backpack, useful for taking toys and a snack along on visits to granny or a friend!

– The book ‘Growing up Step-by-Step’. This user friendly book will help you keep track of your child’s growth and development. This book gives very clear guidelines on a wide range of milestones and skills providing the perfect handbook to assist you along the way. I will certainly be referring to this book both at home and in my classroom.

– Convenience, as the packages are delivered to you. What is more exciting than receiving a package in the post! And perfect for the working parent!

– An excellent way for a new parent to build up a toy collection.

– A great gift idea for grandparents who live near or far to give to their grandchild – what could be better than a present every month that is age appropriate and helps them to learn and develop!!

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My Smart Kid/ My Slim Kind costs R295 per child and is delivered every 2 months to your door for free
My Smart Kid is a valuable tool for busy parents, what’s not to love?! Visit for more information on this subscription based programme for your kids.

Text: Emma Reid
Images: My Smart Kid
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  1. thank you so much for this review i have been pondering joining the programme and reading this has just confirmed that it is a great program to join.

  2. Hello

    Currently,I am evaluating the advantages between Practica and mysmartkid.

    Do you have any feedback on the Practical programme. Also did you compare the two against each other.


  3. Hey, I would like more information on a book or toy received in the pack and what educational value it serves? Thank you

  4. I just cancelled my subscription to this programme, they are just out to get our money. I have a 3 month old and I joined the programme when he was born. At first they sent some random very few toys that were for children 3+ months and my second set of toys were for kids aged 1 to 4 years,my son isn’t even able to play with such, and all these toys were not worth the money we are required to pay. This is a ridiculous programme designed to rip people off. I wouldn’t recommend it for any parents, they are lying to us. None of the toys are age appropriate like they’d like us to believe.

  5. Hi this looks like a needed program to assist both kids and parents. I need more specific information on the ins and outs,the books,toys and pricing of everything. Thank you in advance

  6. I’m trying to cancel my subscribtion. It’s been such a hassle to get a delivery done on time or in reasonable time since we joined. Been waiting 21 days, since our last debit order came off. Not impressed.

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