Theatre Review: The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

As an avid ballet lover I was thrilled to once again be invited to the opening night of the latest production by the Cape Town City Ballet at the Artscape this weekend – The Sleeping Beauty.

This production was a beautiful interpretation of the well-known fairytale of the same name and my mom and myself soaked up every detail. From the stunning sets, to the creative costumes, the beautiful ballerinas and the magical music by Tchaikovsky, played by the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra, each and every element was lovely.

The ballet was divided into four acts each covering a different time in the life of Princess Aurora (The Sleeping Beauty) performed by ballerina Laura Bösenberg. The first act takes place at The Christening of the baby princess where various fairies are invited to bestow gifts of beauty, song, serenity and grace upon the baby. One fairy, Carabosse (sometimes known as Maleficent), danced by Johnny Bovang, is excluded and when she does arrive she brings with her terror and fear plus a terrible spell dooming her to death at the age of 16. Fortunately the Lilac Fairy, danced by Angela Hansford, is able to reverse the spell to some extent and instead of death the princess will fall into a sleep lasting 100 years until a prince comes to her rescue! (Probably NOT one for the feminists out there… but this is a fairy tale remember!)


The second half of the ballet features The Kiss – where Prince Florimund (Thomas Thorne) is led to discover the sleeping beauty and awakens the entire kingdom with his lips! What follows is a dancing celebration of course! The Wedding is attended by fairy tale visitors including Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, a pair of beautiful Blue Birds and Puss in Boots with his plus one of the White Cat. Each pair performed their own duet and I particularly loved the graceful elegance of the Blue Birds and the cute cats…

I loved my outing to the Artscape Opera House to soak in some culture and really recommend The Sleeping Beauty Ballet. There were many moms and daughters of all ages (although no under 5’s at evening shows) in the audience, why not take the opportunity to spend some time bonding with your own mom or introducing your daughter to the delights of live ballet!

The show is on until Sunday 18th August and tickets are priced from R 100 – R 300. These can be booked at Computicket or via Artscape’s Dial-a-Seat on 021 421 7695.

If you are lucky enough you might even be able to book to see one of the 4 shows featuring the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra in the pit or one of two international ballet starts all the way from The Royal Ballet company in London – Roberta Marquez and Nehemiah Kish who will grace the stage in the roles of Princess Aurora and Prince Florimund for two performances.

For the remaining four performances, Cape Town City Ballet’s principal dancers, Laura Bosenberg and Thomas Thorne will alternate in the lead roles with Burnise Silvius, principal dancer from The South African Mzanzi Ballet Theatre, partnered by CTCB’s Trevor Schoonraad. The Lilac Fairy will also be performed by Kim Vieira and Claire Spector, while the role of the evil fairy Carabosse will be danced by Mervyn Williams at certain performances.

Images: Cape Town City Ballet

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