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As a beauty blogger I’m by no means an expert on all things beauty – I’m a person who is interested in the topic and passionate about learning more… This means I’m always open to trying new treatments (although sometimes I’m super scared about these!)

I am on a skincare journey and love finding out more about the skincare options available – be those products or treatments.

When it comes to beauty the main focus for anyone should be on getting their “canvas” as flawless as possible – no make up products are going to fix what’s underneath. You need to get your skin in it’s best condition and work from the base up. Good skincare treatments, skincare products and sun care are essential for this and should be where you spend your hard earned money.

As I’m now the grand age of 38 (and no longer even able to say I’m in my early 30s) I’ve realised that I need to step things up in terms of my skincare regime – both by choosing high quality skincare with active ingredients, and adding a few key skincare treatments to my skincare regime. (plus using SPF daily, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep of course!)

Skin treatments will not only make your products more effective, but will also improve your skin from the inside by boosting collagen production.

Recently I was invited to partner with Rondebosch Aesthetics to go on a skincare journey with them… I jumped at the opportunity because I feel it’s so important to have a skincare expert assess your skin and monitor it over a period of time to see how various treatments are affecting your skin, what works, and what doesn’t!

I’ve been fortunate enough to have 2 different skin peels so far on my skincare journey with Rondebosch Aesthetics so today I’m sharing a bit more about the process…


Bridal/ On the Glow/ Lactic Acid Peel

Over the years I’ve only really had 2 very light surface peels so I approached the idea of having a skin peel with some experience but still with a little bit of apprehension – I mean a “skin peel” sounds terrifying right!?

Fortunately I was in good hands – Dr Dilshaad Asmal and Nicola Conradia, her resident somatologist – who both assessed my skin and chatted through my skincare concerns and needs, and then recommended we started out slowly and mapped out a course of treatment for the next few months that would allow my skin to build up resilience to cope with stronger peels.

Their first recommendation was for a Lactic Acid peel – a skin resurfacer that they refer to as their Bridal “on the glow” peel as it’s a super gentle entry level peel that can be used a week or so before a wedding to create an incredible glow and radiance.

The peel has 30% Lactic acid and it is a very gentle hydrating peel that is suitable for all skin types. It is a great peel to start off with if it is your first time having a skin peel and is ideal to have when you have a special occasion on the horizon (just book a week ahead) as it leaves your skin looking it’s best – healthy, refreshed, radiant.

The benefits of the Lactic acid peel are:

  • Ideal for sensitized skin and skin conditions like rosacea
  • Actively exfoliates the skin leaving an even skin tone.
  • Paired with Sodium Hyaluronate, this treatment is the ultimate cellular humectant.
  • An unrivaled moisture magnet, crafted to replenish dehydrated, dull skin.

My experience of this peel was super simple and quick. The whole experience was over within 20 mins – from arriving for my consultation to leaving the rooms.

I took a quick “before” photo before popping on the bed…

During the treatment Dr Asmal filmed the experience so you can watch the entire experience here to find out more about the peel, get some more info based on questions I asked during the treatment and to see how I coped… Spoiler Alert: Totally fine!

The peel was really quick and totally pain free, aside from a tiny bit of tingling.

Fortunately after the peel I didn’t experience any peeling or redness, only a tiny bit of flakiness on the area around my nose. What I did notice, however, is a lovely natural glow and had quite a few compliments in the following week about my skin’s texture! YAY!

Here are my “After” pics taken a minute after the Lactic Acid Peel…

One of the most important aspects of having a skin peel or resurfacer is to stay out of the sun and to use a SPF 50 daily (reapplying frequently!)

Power Peptide Peel

A few weeks later I returned to Rondebosch Aesthetics for my next treatment.

It is advisable to follow their recommendations in terms of frequency of skin peels – some people can cope with having resurfacing peels every 2 weeks, while others need at least 4 – 6 weeks between treatments.

This time around Nicola decided to try out their Power Peptide Peel on my skin. Watch my Power Peptide Peel here (and marvel at my filming and super strong arms!!!)

My experience of this peel was similar to the first one, but this one was kicked up a knotch. I found the tingling became more of a stinging and lasted for longer. It was still very manageable but definitely felt more intense.

After the peel was removed I actually asked Nicola to do one more cleanse as it was burning a bit too much and I was worried my face was bright red – it wasn’t, I check in the mirror before lying down again.

Once we’d cleansed a second time the burning was much less but I found the tingling continued for the rest of the day. This peel had a bit more “down time” than the first and, although I wasn’t red, I was glad I wasn’t heading back to work or out on the town.

For a day or two after the peel I found my skin was sensitive and a bit burny, esp when I didn’t apply the ultra moisturising balm supplied at Rondebosch Aesthetics for post peel application. I found my skin continued to flake slightly for about a week and very fine bits would flake off when I applied my moisturiser or foundation. It wasn’t obvious to anyone else but myself. The balm really helped my skin to cope and within about 3 – 4 days I could switch back to my usual moisturiser.

Since the peel my skin has been looking amazing – clear and smooth, an incredible texture and I am LOVING it. And the compliments keep coming! Definitely worth the little bit of downtime and inconvenience.

Christmas Special at Rondebosch Aesthetics

Fortunately the good news is that I’m not the only one able to benefit from these incredible skin treatments…

Rondebosch Aesthetics are offering a SPECIAL DISCOUNT in the run up to Christmas on all their Dermapen and On the Glow (lactic acid) Peels for Becoming you readers

These special offers will take place on 22 December ONLY!

  • Get R500 off all Dermapen treatments
  • Enjoy an On the Glow peel for R495 (usual price R695) If you bring along a friend  for the  On The Glow Peel, you both get R95 off the already low price of R495.

PLUS all specials will include a FREE anti-aging hand peel!

Hurry, hurry to book your Christmas treat from Rondebosch Aesthetics to you soon and take advantage of this awesome offer!

To book your time slot on 22 Dec phone 021 687 9600 and quote Becoming you Festive Season Special


About Dr Dilshaad Asmal

Dr Dilshaad Asmal is a female dermatologist practicing from Rondebosch Medical Centre and Cape Town Mediclinic. She is also a specialist consultant at 2 Military Hospital.

Dr Asmal

Dr Asmal belongs to the Dermatology Society of South Africa. The South African Dermatology Surgical Society and the African Women’s Dermatology Society. She is the only Dermatologist who is part of a panel for the Cape Advanced Wound Care Unit.

Dr Asmal has travelled widely internationally to attend the best dermatology congresses to ensure that she is up to date on the latest international dermatological practices.

The practice has a special interest in mole mapping and photodynamic therapy for skin cancer. Dr Asmal also performs fractional laser and deals with pigmentation, acne and other aesthetic problems together with a keen interest in medical dermatology.

About Rondebosch Aesthetics

Rondebosch Aesthetics focuses on both paediatric and adult dermatology and is managed by an excellent dermatologist who is passionate about dermatology.

The practice offers mole mapping, chemical peels, micro needling, Dermapen, Hyaluronic acid fillers amongst other treatments such as:

  • Surgical procedures e.g. cautery of skin tags, excisions of moles, treatment of warts.
  • HIV related skin conditions
  • Eczema treatment
  • Psoriasis treatment
  • Mosaic fractional laser treatment – a cosmetic laser
  • Botox – cosmetic procedures
  • Fillers – cosmetic procedures

Contact Details

Rondebosch Medical Centre

Tel: 021 687 9400


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