9 Shoes Styles Every Woman Should Own

If you live by the rules of Celine Dion or Carrie Bradshaw, then there is no such thing as too many shoes. It’s oftentimes easy to feel as if that may truly be the case. But in a not-so-ideal world where you have to make-do with limited storage space or a limited budget, it pays to know which pairs are really worth the investment.

Hopping onto every single trend may be fun in the moment, but it can quickly result in a pile of shoes that you’d never be caught dead wearing again. Or perhaps, even worse, a few pairs that you associate with regrettable memories that lurk in the deepest, darkest depths of your mind.

In any case, having a reliable and versatile wardrobe of shoes styles ensures that you’ll be set to look stylish no matter the occasion. In doing so, you can also reap the added benefit of being able to mix and match different looks with the variety of shoes you have available.

Read on to discover nine footwear staples every woman should own…

Ankle Boots

While a relatively more modern piece of footwear, the humble ankle boot has remained a stylish option for some time now and it doesn’t take an expert to see why. They can be paired with just about any type of dress, skirt or pair of jeans. The heel is super walkable and they look great year-round. Go for a neutral hue for maximum versatility.

Black Pumps

Irrespective of age, style or budget, black pumps are always a solid option. These days, you’re not only confined to wearing them with a dress or skirt. Jeans, shorts and pants complement a good pair of black pumps just as well as more sophisticated ensembles.

Whether you need something reliable for the office, a classy solution for date night, or a way to elevate your weekend outfit, go for black pumps.

Casual Sneakers

A cute pair of casual kicks is always worth investing in. Not only are they the most comfortable kind of footwear, but they also score high in the versatility department and are suitable for every season. That said, it can be challenging to choose just one pair among the growing myriad of options available on the sneaker market today.

If you’re sticking with just one pair, you may as well get the very best there is. It should be something that compliments your casual outfits, as well as having the right silhouette for your body. A neutral colorway is best for versatility. If your wardrobe is predominantly monochrome, then you can go for something more colorful.

Balenciaga sneakers are one such option and they’ll remain a hot choice for years to come, thanks to the rather futuristic design of silhouettes like the Speed Trainer. SSENSE houses a range of these sneakers and they ship worldwide. Their online store also happens to offer pretty much everything else mentioned in our list, so be sure to check it out.


Ballet flats, skimmer flats, “yep, these will work” – call them what you will. One thing that cannot be disputed is the fact that they’re an effortless way to feel polished and pulled together. Equal parts casual and ladylike, flats are a dirt-cheap and dead-simple addition to any woman’s wardrobe. They’re super comfortable and go with just about anything.

Ankle-Strap Sandals

Whether you need to look your best for a fun night out with the girls, or activate maximum sexiness on the red carpet, ankle-strap sandals will serve you well. They’re sophisticated, timeless and about as good as statement heels get. Plus, they’re a great way to show off your newly-acquired pedicure.

Riding Boots

You don’t need to ride horses to wear riding boots. However, you will need something to protect you from the elements come less savory weather. Riding boots are chic, practical and the perfect way to hide that pair of jeans with a cuff that just doesn’t seem to work with any other pair of shoes.

Neutral Heels

For those days when you just can’t be bothered with dealing with stilettos, neutral heels are a no-brainer. They’re perfect for both evening looks and day ensembles. Few other shoes can be both seasonless and versatile while still doing a great job at lengthening your stem.

Wedge Sandals

Wedge sandals scream “summer” and provide some handy elevation without being difficult to walk in. From maxi frocks to day dresses, to shorts to skirts and beyond, they’re pretty easy to pair with warm weather ensembles, too. Remember, heels dig into beach sand – wedges don’t.


It didn’t take long for Oxfords and loafers to become a modern footwear must-have. An effortless transition from office to off-duty, and a great way to look preppy without sacrificing comfort, Oxfords have earned their place as a wardrobe essential.


These footwear must-haves will serve you well no matter where your personal style goes next.

Remember, comfort and versatility are key, which is why these shoes are considered essentials.

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