Shoe Rules

Co-ordinating your clothes with the right shoes can go a long way to cement your reputation as a classy lady or a careless girl! Being careless about the last detail of an outfit can ruin an entire look. Often this is simply because we haven’t learnt some basic rules about pairing footwear with garments.

Here guest writer Allison shares a few Basic Shoe Rules….

Depending on the season, time of day and the occasion you are dressing for, you will need to consider the following guidelines for selecting shoes:

High heels should be worn with knee-length or long skirts. The reason is that long skirts hide your legs so you need high heels to accentuate your figure.

When wearing mini-skirts and shorts it is advisable to wear flat shoes. In mini-skirts you show off the full length of your legs and there’s no need to make them longer with high heels.

If you are dressing for work, flats or medium-heel shoes with classic pants or skirts are appropriate.

Formal occasions, dinners and cocktail parties call for stiletto shoes (open-toes, straps, anything sexy and elegant) with not too-short skirts and dresses

Partying in a club gives you freedom to wear flats or heels with mini-skirts or jeans.

If you struggle with extra weight, avoid short skirts and pants as well as ankle strap shoes or too high heels. Rather choose high platforms or wedges that will elongate your legs.

If you only feel comfortable in sports shoes, you should wear athletic sneakers with sportswear, and more streamlined sneakers with pants, trendy skirts and dresses.

Jeans can usually be worn with all kind of shoes or boots.

gray ankle boots on rocks

Matching shoes and outfit colours is also important. The basic rule here is to wear shoes in a colour that appears in your outfit. The basic shoe colours to start your collection are black, brown and beige footwear as these will give you the most mileage in your wardrobe. Once you have the basics covered you can then branch out into more fashionable colour choices!

Some colour combinations to avoid are black with dark blue, black and brown, red with pink, although they can work out sometimes, if you know how to pull it off.

About the Author: Allison Moody is a writer working on a project creating a beer label creator Labeley. In her spare time she dances, cooks and searches for good deals on clothes.

Images: Maegan Tintari.

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