A #SecretSunday spent at Old Mac Daddy

A few weeks ago I was invited to join a group of bloggers and spend a #SecretSunday in the Elgin Valley. I shared a bit about my lovely lunch at Fresh on the Paul Cluver Wine Estate and our Cap Classique Wine Tasting outing to Charles Fox so today I’m sharing another post about my amazing experience, this time about Old Mac Daddy, the main destination for our trip and our accommodation for the Sunday night!

If you haven’t yet heard about Old Mac Daddy where have you been?? This is the most awesome getaway spot and certainly the most picturesque trailer park ever! The authentic Airstream trailers are all located on a mountainside overlooking part of the Elgin valley.

Each trailer has been decorated in a unique style by various artists and designers and they all have their own personality including Mills & Boon, Secret Life of Plants, The Dream, Dirkie Sanchez and For Better or for Boerewors! Most of the Airstream trailers are also made extra spacious with the addition of an enclosed lounging area and bathroom, plus sundeck. The lounge area has 2 single couches that also double up as beds for the kids (IF you want to take them along).

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time in this little secret spot twice previously, both as romantic getaways with my husband sans kids, so it’s almost become our little bolthole for when we need a break!! Although the place is incredibly kid-friendly with a swimming pool (unfenced), plus an indoor and outdoor play area. Babysitters are also available! Seeing all that is on offer for little ones makes me think that maybe next time we’ll have to take the kids!

But when I got the invite to the #SecretSunday event this time I immediately wanted to enjoy my third visit with my hubby, however we soon realised that it would be tricky to arrange an overnight babysitter and school drop plus he is quite hectic at work at the moment so it was agreed that I should take a friend along instead! And what a great idea that was! I invited one of my longest (and loveliest) friends, Christina to join me as she works quite flexi hours and wouldn’t be needing to rush back on Monday morning.

Upon arrival at Old Mac Daddy we discovered that we were checked in to stay at “Birdy”, a vintage Air Stream trailer overlooking the lake. After dumping our bags we settled into the swing hammocks for an hour of chilling and soaking in the view, plus a short little cat nap, before our tractor trip.

During the ride to Charles Fox we sat opposite Jody, the owner of Old Mac Daddy, and were fascinated to hear more about the story of how the concept came about and just how hard the process was to pull this ambitious project off! It was awesome to hear a bit more of the history of how he traveled the states to find trailers for the hotel with a difference, the logistics of shipping them over from the US and then hauling them up the mountain side and into place. We discovered that our “Birdy” was in fact the only Airstream that he found in South Africa and that this little caravan had done a trip up through Africa to Egypt and back!! WOW. He even discovered a photo of a well-known African ruler sitting in the doorway of the trailer! It was great to find out more about the hotel and we encouraged Jody to find a way of sharing more of the story of each trailer for the guests staying in the trailers or on the website! Here’s hoping…

After our return it was time for supper at Brinny Breezes, the restaurant located at Old Mac Daddy. But first a taste of Everson HOT apple cider… WOW, so worth it! On the menu was pizzas, but with a twist. We were going to select our own toppings from the delicious selection of fresh ingredients available. After checking with the chef about his suggestion I went with an awesome combo including figs and brie! Seriously yum!

We spent the rest of the evening chilling and chatting around the roaring fire, enjoying the wonderful company and a bit of Patrone 😉

Eventually my eyes couldn’t stay open much longer so we headed down to our trailer to turn in for the night….. well I did. My nightowl friend stayed up a bit longer to enjoy watching the stars over the lake below!

The next morning we headed up to breakfast at the restaurant after enjoying our morning tea and rusk watching the sun rise over the valley below. I can honestly say it was a pretty awesome way to start a Monday morning. At breakfast we discovered that a few bloggers who had no where to go that morning would be heading off for a bit of adventure, when I find out what they would be doing there was no way I was going to miss out and after a few phone calls to arrange my school lifts I signed us up! BUT more about that next week!!

In the meantime here are a few pics of our stunning stay Old Mac Daddy….


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The #SecretSunday special at Old Mac Daddy is really a great way to get to stay at this amazing spot and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Book a #SecretSunday stay for only R790 per trailer including breakfast (excluding school holidays and public holidays) The standard rate is R1350 for a weekend or holiday night stay!! What a score. (And if you book in November 2014 and #SecretSunday includes a FREE mini-bar!)

Hint: If you’re keen to stay at Old Mac Daddy and enjoy a #SecretSunday experience for yourself be sure to come back tomorrow 😉

Contact Old Mac Daddy
Tel: +27 21 844 0241
Alt Tel: +27 86 14 DADDY

E-Mail: reservations@oldmacdaddy.co.za
Web: www.oldmacdaddy.co.za


Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. I adore this place! We’ve been once before with the kids but so looking forward to doing a secret Sunday alone there in Nov (we have the same trailer booked ha ha).

  2. Love this as a kid-free getaway spot, although I know they would be in their element with so much to do…. Have an amazing time Cindy…. Look out for my zip lining post on Monday!

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