Secrets & Seduction at Chelsea Clinic & Spa plus a Luxury Facial Review

Tucked away behind closed doors in Wynberg’s Chelsea is one of Cape Town’s best kept secrets… The Chelsea Clinic & Spa

Behind the unassuming entrance lies a luxurious haven of secrets and seduction… but not in the way you might think!

At Chelsea Clinic & Spa discretion is paramount, and it’s behind these closed doors that many of Cape Town’s most well-heeled come to treat all manner of secrets… with the view to seduction 😉

Melanie Garthwaite, founder of Chelsea Clinic and Spa, and her highly-trained team, take care of every skin and body concern imaginable. The aim at Chelsea is to provide caring, practical skincare that delivers results.


“I went to Chelsea years ago to get tiny spider veins removed and I haven’t looked back. My skin is transformed, bags under my eyes have vanished and they’ve found solutions to five other nagging problems I hadn’t shared before. They’ve completely turned my skin around and I’m fanatical about sun exposure now. My Rosacea is controlled and the Lamprobe takes care of sun damage, together with the radio frequency light therapy my skin looks 10 years younger. They saved my skin”. Flora, 57


Within the relaxing, tranquil surrounds of this sumptuous space, Melanie has ensured that the most modern methods and products are used which means that she is often on the cutting edge when it comes to new treatments available on the market.

This is why Chelsea is equipped with over 20 machines, using top-quality laser, high frequency and galvanic technology, to treat everything from skin pigmentation, scar and tattoo removal to sublimating excess skin, fighting cellulite or to correct panda eyes.


One such example is the latest addition to the Chelsea Clinic & Spa, the new, very popular, vaginal rejuvenation Mona Lisa Touch which is aimed at improving a range of feminine concerns from lubrication and tightness to urinary control.

The Mona Lisa Touch machine is used by Dr Shamila Suleman to treat common complaints from vaginismus to incontinence as well as post natal discomfort, itching, burning, painful sex, loss of sensation…. many symptoms many women recognise, but are too shy to mention! Chelsea Clinic and Spa have responded to the need by launching the new era in vaginal rejuvenation, a painless, quick, discreet and cost-effective way treatment which is effective immediately, with results improving dramatically after each of the recommended three initial visits.


“I’m excited about finally being able to assist so many of my patients, who have been waiting for something to help restore what they have lost, and to alleviate anxiety.” – Dr Shaamilah Suleman MBChB (UCT)


The Mona Lisa works by delicately and safely stimulating the tissue improving elasticity and stimulating collagen. The applicator is introduced internally, is a painless procedure which stimulates the vaginal mucosa helping to tone, reshape and regulate vaginal degeneration often caused by a drop in oestroegen, and it also helps to restore the healthy functioning of the tissues.


17 out of 20 postmenopausal women who had not been sexually active at the beginning of the tests, said their sex lives returned to normal, with increased sensation and response after 3 treatments over 12 weeks.


The good news is that with the Mona Lisa Touch laser therapy there isn’t any interference with the endocrine system and laser treatments look set to be a welcome solution for women reluctant or unable to use traditional oral or patch Hormonal Replacement Therapy, such as post-cancer patients.

With feminine sexual health and wellbeing being part of a larger worldwide trend, this well-researched option changes the quality of life for many women who up until now have quietly borne the frustration, pain and loss of confidence.


I was recently invited to enjoy in a Luxury Facial at the gorgeous Chelsea Clinic & Spa….

As soon as you arrive you know you are in for a treat. The sumptuous soft furnishings, gentle music and plush decor all transport you to another time and you immediately feel as if you’ve stepped out of reality and into a parallel universe where time slows down.

Snuggling down deep into the warm, super soft bed my experience of the 90 minute Luxury Facial was one of pure indulgence. The whole process is customised to each customer and their skincare needs. The first step in the facial is an analysis of the skin by the therapist. This was followed by a first cleansing of the skin and some steaming. Exfoliation is the next step and my facial consisted of a physical and a chemical exfoliation due to my rather dry, dehydrated skin! Extractions are followed by using the HF machine or a post extraction solution to kill bacteria. Then it is time for a customised serum and masque along with a blissful shoulder and facial massage!

What makes the luxury facial different to the Chelsea basic facial is that it will include any facial waxing and tinting at no extra cost and it is 30 minutes longer. If you decide not to have any facial waxing, tinting or extractions the therapist will fill the time with a longer massage! (This I recommend!!)

I loved my experience at Chelsea Clinic & Spa. My Luxury Facial was pure heaven and I loved the whole process. I felt cocooned and comforted by my very attentive and professional therapist. It felt like a gorgeous treat, but with skincare benefits! Next time I might even be tempted to try the Mona Lisa Touch… any excuse to head back to Chelsea Clinic & Spa 😉

Contact Chelsea Clinic & Spa

Tel: +27 (0) 21 797 5001




Physical Address

51A Waterloo Road
Cape Town, 7800
South Africa


Opening Hours

Monday: 8:00am–5:30pm

Tuesday–Friday: 7:00am–7:00pm

Saturday: 8:00am–5:30pm

Sunday: Closed

Open public holidays

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