The Secrets of Portuguese Island

On our second morning onboard the MSC Sinfonia, lying at anchor off the coast of Mozambique, we headed back to Portuguese Island as early as possible. No point sleeping in when paradise awaits, right?

Once again the skies were rather gloomy but this didn’t deter us from our plans… Our initial plan had been to head across to the neighbouring Inhaca Island to do a tour to the lighthouse. Unfortunately, due to poor attendance, that tour was cancelled the night before so we had to make other arrangements.

We’d been told that one of the very best things to do on Portuguese Island was completely free… and after we opted to explore this option ourselves we wondered why more people didn’t opt to spend the day doing it!!! It was INCREDIBLE!

The Secrets of Portuguese Island

Our secret Portuguese Island excursion??

A walk around the island. Yes, the whole island! (probably worth mentioning it’s only about 6km!)

Portuguese Island

Portuguese Island

On arriving on the shores once more, we jumped off the shuttle boat and turned left while everyone else turned right. Not one person followed us. And they were the poorer for it!

Beach at Portuguese Island

We literally had the island to ourselves. We didn’t see one other person until half way round and then it was 2 local fisherman. Only about 3/4 of the way around the island did we pass one or two other cruise passengers, and then it was only a handful. Less than 10!

Our walk around Portuguese Island was the highlight of our trip. I can’t believe more passengers don’t opt to explore further afield than the wooden structure on the beach with loud music and crowds of people. It baffles me! BUT I was so grateful for this undiscovered gem. We scored massively.

The walk took about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, depending on your pace. To be honest I’m almost sorry we didn’t stop and swim and just spend the day on the other side of the island, enjoying the untouched island life all to ourselves. We had set ourselves the task of walking it’s perimeter and then heading across to Inhaca to explore it on our own so we had a bit of a deadline but it you ask me I would recommend that you spend a whole day just enjoying this walk. Skip the other excursions. Save your money! THIS is what Portuguese Island is all about.

Portuguese Island beach walk


Portuguese Island Tourist

Portuguese Island MSC Sinfonia

The sea birds swooped over our heads, the gentle waves lapped the shore, we stumbled across pieces of weathered drift wood and beautiful colourful shells, we walked hand-in-hand for the first time in ages!

There was no rush, no worries, no noise. The whole experience was soaked in the sounds of nature and for a brief moment we experienced a true Robinson Crusoe existence. Heaven on Earth.

Portuguese Island beach view

Portuguese Island

Portuguese Island shell

Portuguese Island shell seeking

Portuguese Island beach combing

Portuguese Island lagoon

As we rounded the headland, the terrain changed and no longer were we walking along the water’s edge, but alongside a marshy wetland.

And I finally found my very first pansy shell!

I can’t tell you how many hours of my life I’ve spent walking the shores of SA with my eyes fixed to the sand beneath my feet, hoping to spot an elusive white shell. It’s never happened. I think I’ve been looking in the wrong places… or there just aren’t pansy shells anymore!?

pansy shell

Finally my search is over… I found a gorgeous pansy shell peeking out from beneath the sand, and then another, and another. THIS is where all the pansy shells are!

And they aren’t just teeny tiny ones. I also discovered that pansy shells can be as big as your hand! How beautiful is this?

biggest pansy shell ever

Unfortunately, the thrill of the find was just that – a temporary thrill.

The island is a protected marine reserve and you can’t remove anything from it… so sadly no pansy shells for me.

But I have the photos, and the memories, and the stories!

large pansy shell

On the opposite side of the island to the party zone was the peaceful zone. An endless horizon stretched before us with only one or two figures in the frame.

We decided to get a little closer to find out what they were doing digging around in the estuary and, after “shlomping” our way across the wetland – loosing our slip slops many times in the process, we met a local Mozambican couple.

Initially they were very shy and weary of foreigners and the language barrier meant we weren’t able to communicate too much, but they finally warmed up to us and showed us what they were looking for…. A large triangle shaped shell that contained a small mussel-like food source. It was A LOT of work for a tiny reward but they assured us that they tasted great and to be honest around these parts there are not that many other options! The locals here live off the sea and I was reminded about the delicate balance of living like this…. we take it so forgranted, buying food in a supermarket, seeing how local subsistence fisherman have to work so hard for their daily bread really hit home about how important our seas are and how we need to be trying our very best to life a sustainable life so that those people living on the very edge of poverty are still able to eat every day!

Portuguese Island

Portuguese Island local woman

Mozambican shellfish

Portuguese Island fishing

Initially very shy these quite people were not keen to be photographed, until we discovered that we shared a name!

Barriers broken Katrina obliged to pose for a photo with Kathryn!


As the sun was getting higher, and the water around our feet started rising, we headed back to the beach… passing the most beautiful and brightly coloured starfish along the way. And the amazing thing was there were hundreds of them!! Not just one token starfish but it was almost impossible not to step on one!

We stopped a few times to watch these incredible creatures “eat” with one of the legs and marveled at our glorious creation. When spending time with the unique and beautiful creatures of our planet I really do find it impossible to believe that they all just came into being from a “Big Bang”. Creatures like these were surely designed by someone seriously creative!? They are like individual pieces of art!


Portuguese Island starfish

And just when we started to feel rather parched from our Robinson Crusoe morning on Portuguese Island, a boat came into view, a local fishing boat… signaling that we were getting closer to civilisation and an icy cold Coke!

fishing boat mozambique

Come back next week for more about our trip to Mozambique on board the MSC Sinfonia – our visit to Inhaca Island!


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Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. Am just loving these posts so much because we are leaving on the exact same cruise early in March and your ‘insider’ tips and experiences are proving invaluable as we plan to optimise our time on the cruise and on the islans, thank you!!!!!!! We will be travelling with our two children aged 8 and 9 so any children-related advice would be greatly appreciated too !!

    1. Oh brilliant Janet! I’m so pleased to hear that I’m helping you plan your trip to be the best it can be!! You will def enjoy it and I’m sure your kids will have a ball!

  2. Hi there my son (13 years old) and I are going on the same cruise 30 Oct – 3 Nov. After your blog I kinda can got peace of mind – we also doing the balcony view so if its get to overwhelming we can make a duck for the room hehe. Any other advice you can give me dress code for dinners… movie shows… and adventure to do on the island except snorkeling hehe i tried it in the pool almost drowned myself…

    1. Hi Andrea. So glad to hear you are finding the posts useful for planning your own trip. I think you and your son will love it! In terms of other cruise advice I would say pay light. You really don’t need too much in terms of clothing. I did dress up a bit more for dinner but it’s not formal. It’s relaxed but smart. Men should wear collars and closed shoes, women a pretty dress and sandals is probably sufficient. We didn’t need much in terms of warm clothing although I took one or two lightweight jerseys. It did actually rain for one whole day on our way back to Durban but it wasn’t cold! Maybe pack a pair of lightweight cotton pants for slightly chillier days. I did take jeans but didn’t use them. The air is very humid outside so they felt far too heavy. We booked to watch the live show every day and missed it once when we opted to enjoy drinks out on the deck and get a head start on the Tropical dance party. The shows are different every night but you don’t need to see them all as the general idea is the same. We watched a movie one afternoon when we wanted to escape the sun… and because I wanted to see what it was like. It’s a nice thing to try and it doesn’t cost any extra but not necessarily a “must do”. I would recommend spending an hour or so enjoying the Thermal Suite at the spa as that was really relaxing and something fun (although you do have to pay for it) Like I mention I would probably not pay for extra activities and rather just enjoy being on Portuguese Island and then maybe pay for a shuttle across to Inhaca island (See my most recent post for more about that!) Hope that helps! Enjoy your trip x

  3. It was really interesting to read, my daughter is going with a friend at the end of march 2018 and she is only 15, but the friends parents are also going, I really believe she is going to enjoy and wish I could go with it sounds lovely as you have told your story. Just one question, how much would you suggest she take along as spending money as I have no idea what to give to her to take along and how much would be enough? This will be the first time ever that she will be so far away from me and I hope she will be safe.

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