How to Save Energy in your Home

Gas and electricity are not getting any cheaper these days. This is why you have to look after energy loss from your home. Looking after the way you use energy can really save you money, if done correctly. Like many things, it is usually small things that make a big difference.

How to save energy in your home…

Shut the door behind you
You’d be shocked how common it is for people to leave doors open; either from forgetfulness or laziness. In winter, keeping doors closed and rooms insulated is better than losing money from heat loss. Likewise in summer it is often better to leave doors closed to keep the house cool and the hot air out – especially if you are running fans and air-conditioning units inside. Leaving a door open for 1 hour per day 7 days per week is 28 hours per month is approximately 330 hours per year! That’s a lot of energy loss.

Timing is everything
Installing a timer is a good investment to help to control your hot water usage. You will find one at a reasonable cost and it is an excellent way to reduce your energy consumption AND it will help you to save money on electricity. Why not let the timer control the time when you hot water geyser comes one for when you need it such as for an hour or 2 before you wake up and then for 2 hours just before kids bath times?

Get switched on to Energy Saving Light Bulbs
Using energy saving light bulbs can reduce overall electricity usage. A light bulb doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re at home all day, 5 or 6 days a week, you could save quite a lot over the entire year. That’s on average 100 hours per month, 1200 hours per year using light bulbs! Energy saving light bulbs are also known to last much longer than regular light bulbs. Switching to energy saving light bulbs seems like an easy way to save the environment if you ask me.


Switch off!
If everyone turned their computers, tablets, stereos, microwaves, and televisions off overnight instead of leaving them on standby, it would save potentially millions in revenues on electricity bills. Try and get into the habit of switching off properly at the end of the day or when you’re not even using any common electrical appliance.

Insulate! Insulate! Insulate!
An important one (esp if you live in a cold climate) is to insulate your home properly. Identify cracks and holes to seal up, including broken window frames and around doors. Adding insulation into the ceiling of your home can also dramatically improve your energy consumption in the home.

Do you have any other energy saving tips you do around your home?

Please share them with us all in the comments section below.


Kathryn Rossiter

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