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There’s a long weekend on the horizon so I thought I would inject a bit of fun today with a really cute and quirky video from Vogue magazine. In it 73 questions are rapidly fired at Sarah Jessica Parker while walking around the ground floor of her brownstone house in New York’s West Village. She shares the space with Matthew Broderick and their three children, James, Tabitha and Marion. Her answers give us a great insight into her as a person while also allowing us stalkers fans to see inside her gorgeous home!! Yay! For a celeb home fanatic like myself this is wonderful!


The conversation starts at the front door and moves from the entrance hall down a passage and into a book-filled room at the back of the house. I loved the sneak peek inside her home, it has a lovely cozy, comfortable atmosphere while still having a hint of sophistication. I’m a huge fan of book shelves so love that her living room is lined with them. Other lovely finds are the actress’ collection of illuminated globes, a gorgeous gallery wall, a well-stocked liquor trolley, teal velvet couch and a pingpong table right in the centre of the home!








Dressed casually in jeans and a grey T-shirt SJP charms the interviewer by offering him something to drink, taking a phone call and welcoming him to discover the other rooms located on the ground floor of her home. It really does feel like you’re visiting a friend but all the while this tour is taking place, SJP is answering 73 random questions for the magazine such as “Would she ever leave New York City?” (Not voluntarily), “Favorite dessert?” (My sister’s brownies), “Your favorite curse word?” (s–t). “What’s your favorite movie?” (The Way We Were) “Twitter or Instagram?” (Instagram) “Least favourite food?” (parsley) Such fun and so very normal esp the way she answered a question on the “Hardest part about being a mom”… Her answer of “separate but equal time with all children” will resonate with moms everywhere!




Unfortunately for Carrie Bradshaw fans we don’t get to see the fame “Sex and the City” star’s closet, but we do confirm that when it comes to her choice between “heels or flats” there is only one answer and that doesn’t even have to be stated – a raised eyebrow will suffice!

Watch the video for yourself here for more a behind the scenes glimpse of Sarah Jessica Parkers’ home and some insights into her as a person…

The video is part of Vogue magazine’s Web series “Vogue Diaries” Other past participants include Beyoncé, Lena Dunham, Tayor Swift and Meryl Streep.

Click this link to see more of my favourite celebrity homes!

Images & Video: Vogue Magazine

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