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A few weeks back I shared some “behind the scenes” pics from a beauty launch I attended in Joburg. Edgars were kind enough to fly me up to introduce me (and fellow beauty buffs) to 8 wonderful new international beauty brands they have brought into South Africa! SAMPAR was one of these and I’ve been testing and trialing two of their fab products which I can now tell you more about!

SAMPAR Paris is a French brand that is glamorous and girlie with pretty pink packaging that makes your bathroom or dressing table look incredible chic! SAMPAR Paris has a reputation as the pioneer of urban skincare – that is they are focused on addressing skin care issues that the city-dwelling women face such as free radicals caused by pollution. The brand consists of a range of intelligent skin care products that are designed to combat the effects of the urban environment on the skin.

SAMPAR products contain an exclusive “anti-pollution” complex that acts at the heart of the skin cells to awaken and reactivate the skin’s natural functions, Urban Advance, makes use of three active ingredients: Shea Butter Serum to protect the skin; Probiotic Sugar to revitalise and Mint Endorphin for its soothing properties which all act on the skin, allowing it to return to a state of equilibrium thus ensuring the SAMPAR products can work to their highest levels of performance.

Based on the “Smart Skin Concept”, SAMPAR products work on the premise that the skin is an intelligent organ, with the ability to adapt to its environment. However, both ageing and environmental factors threaten the skin’s ability to adapt and regenerate. The result? Skin that is dull and sensitive, blemished and dehydrated, enhancing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The SAMPAR mission is to reset the skin’s intelligent response system and support its natural healing actions to reveal the natural beauty of each woman as if it were simply hibernating.


SAMPAR was launched in France in 2004 and is one of the best selling beauty brands there. It is available in over 300 stores throughout France (where it is the second best-selling skin care brand), as well as Europe, Asia, America and now in South Africa! There are six product ranges that can be used alone or together, depending on individual skincare requirements.

Essentials: A skin care range for all skin types including the ‘So much to Dew’ Midnight Mask 50ml (R395) which I review below.

Cosmakeup: This pairs the instant results of makeup with the benefits of face care products. ‘Glamour Shot’ 30ml (R425) is a transparent foundation that blurs the line between skin care and makeup to help reduce pores, redness and imperfections; whilst minimising wrinkles and mattifying the skin. One of the best sellers is Glam Shot for Eyes (R295) which I have heard amazing things about and would love to try… One is sold every second which makes it def a product worth trying! This is a transparent concealer that works to erase dark circles and puffiness while blurring wrinkles and fine lines all within one minute.

Pure Perfection: This range of products provides solutions for blemish prone, oily and combination skin. For example, the ‘Nocturnal Rescue Mask’ 30 ml (R295) becomes absorbed by the skin to create a reparative film and accelerate the natural regenerative process.

City of Light: A range of clarifying and illuminating skin care solutions. Try the ‘White Velvet Mousse’ 100ml (R295), a lightening cleansing foam that removes makeup from the face and eyes, whilst protecting the skin against the harmful effects of pollution.

Age Antidote: SAMPAR’s range of anti-ageing solutions. The ‘Vivid Radiance Serum’ 30ml (R695) is an anti-ageing serum for daily use that lifts, firms and tones the skin.

Winsome Body: A range of irresistible firming and toning treatments. The ‘Joyous Body Milk’ 150ml (R465) is a firming and moisturising body milk essential to restore and retain optimal moisture levels in the skin.



I love that SAMPAR use an airless packaging system too – this guarantees that no contamination to the product has occurred (or will occur during use) and allows you to use 100 percent of the product to the very last drop – not only are ensuring you get your money’s worth it also means that no parabens are used in the products because there are no jars, air exposure or dirty fingers causing germs to creep in and contaminate the product – How clever!


So Much to Dew Midnight Mask, R395

This is the first time I have tried an overnight mask – and I must admit I do love the concept. Which busy mom or career girl doesn’t love a bit of multi-tasking? This mask can be applied just before bed and left on overnight – all you need to do is wash it off in the shower in the morning! The mask is applied with a super little brush applicator that comes fixed to the tube. You apply the formula with the brush and when finished turn the tube to the off position by twisting the neck of the product. The brush is then rinsed with warm water, dried and packed away. The mask replenishes and restores the skin’s natural moisture levels as you sleep, creating supple and younger looking skin. My skin was left feeling hydrated and healthy, with a definite “dewy” glow!


3 Day Weekend,

This is a moisturizing face product that is suitable for daily use. It contains tan activator and extender properties that stimulate your skin’s natural melanin pigment, giving you a subtle touch of colour. I like the fresh feeling of this gel although I didn’t notice too much of a difference in my tan although the small print does tell you that the intensity of natural tan you will obtain is dependent on your skin type and how much melanin you produce. However this product is not a self-tanner, and it doesn’t contain SPF either but what it does have is something called SSP or Smart Sun Prevention – a “genuine protective cellular DNA shield that reinforces the skin’s natural defenses against destructive UV’s” which helps to prevent the harmful effects of the sun. I think that this product probably appeals more to those living in the Northern Hemisphere and to those who don’t get much sun or want to prepare for a weekend away on the Med!

SAMPAR is available at selected Edgars stores nationwide. For more information on the SAMPAR product range, please visit Not only does the website provide a host of information on the SAMPAR products, it also features a diagnostic page where specific products are matched to skin care requirements plus video clips with expert beauty tips… with a twist!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your views on this product!
    I have been following quite a few vloggers who are constantly raving about this brand, so I have been awaiting its relaunch in Durban for quite a while. I am really excited to give their Cleansing milk a try as well as a few other products.

    I have been waiting for a fellow SA Blogger to share their views to see if it as good as everyone Internationally claims it to be.. so thanks for doing so!

    P.s Happy women’s month!

    The Glam Unicorn | Beauty Blog

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