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This week I’m interview Rushda from RuBe’s Closet. A financier by trade, she writes her fashion blog as a hobby as she takes great joy in sharing her fashion finds with like-minded fashionistas.

Read on to find out more about what makes Rushda tick…


What I…. 



Tomorrow will come, and whatever happened today will be a memory, so live each day for the joy it can bring. I don’t let fear inhibit you, although I KNOW that with a busy family, routine gets in the way. Before I know it, the day has flown by. I KNOW time is fleeting… I KNOW I need to cherish my loved ones and be true to myself.



My family, new experiences and the fact that I get to spend quality time with them every day. I love being outdoors, pottering in the garden, on the beach or anywhere outdoors. I also have an intense love of music, and reading, art and culture. It probably sounds really cheesy, but I am happiest spending quality time with my family.



I love historical books, some non-fiction and some literary greats that I could read over and over. The Great Gatsby being one of my favourites, the Tudor period in Great Britain and the Medici rule in Florence.



This is a difficult question, and I tend to live with the philosophy to try and be content with what I have, so I suppose my wants are not material. I want to be happy, with myself, and where I am – fulfillment to sum it up in a word. And I want the same for my kids. I also want to remember to spend quality time with hubby on a regular basis.





Whatever my mood feels like, I use my style to express myself and like to do things differently. One of the most important factors I consider when putting together an outfit is will I be comfortable. It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest fashion fads, but I tend to buy more classic pieces so they will last more than just one season. I always shop with the intention of looking different, while at the same time trying to incorporate some of the current trends.



I need more time for ME- in fact, I need more hours in a day, I need to learn to say no more than I say yes. I need to remember that I am only one person and cannot do and control everything around me. These are all intangible things and issues I need to work on myself… I suppose these are all the needs of an overworked Mommy!



Images: Rushda Berhardien

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