Room Reveal: Teenage Boy Bedroom

About 18 months ago now we finally moved back into our home after 3 months of extensive home renovations. Despite the turmoil of moving out of our family home for 3 months (packing, repacking, unpacking etc etc), we know that it was the absolutely best decision ever. We have LOVED living in our new space and every day we marvel at how it’s changed the way we live our lives.

A few months after moving back in I started sharing some of sneak peeks inside our home in my Room Reveal series and it was really well received… the series most mentioned when I bump into friends or fans. But there were two rooms that never made it to that series because they just weren’t worthy of showcasing on the internet! I’m sure you’ve guessed which two they were the kids bedrooms, of course!

The kids rooms just never really got onto my radar as spaces to decorate because they were just always such a mess. A mix matched assortment of hand-me down furniture and outdated linen from their toddler years. Shame! They really were still stuck in their pre-school days, especially my poor boy Ben. At 11 years old he is now a pre-teen and not a pre-schooler. No one at this age should still have the sailboat themed duvet they had when they were 2!!! Yet he did, and he never complained about it! Sweet kid!

Kids Room Reveal – A Teenage Boy Bedroom

Fast forward to 18 months after the move back in and I finally had the head space to move on to looking at their bedrooms with a critical eye. A vision was born for a brand new look that would take Ben well into his teenage years. One that would be more grown up and one that would reflect their individual personalities and interests. My pre-teen was certainly in need of a fresh new space and so it was with that in mind that I approached top local interior designer and stylist, Lauren McCreath, (a Block & Chisel Designer-of-the-Month for 2018) and a regular writer & stylist for SA Garden & Home magazine.

After an initial meeting to chat through the idea we started working together towards creating a grown up space for my son to enjoy on his own and with his mates.

Initially Lauren asked for some guidance on what I had in mind, what Ben loved and what he would like his room to look like. At first we had thought we’d go with a skateboarding theme but then I remembered his passion for Africa and animals. After discussion with Lauren we agreed that a neutral monochrome palette with a few colour accents would be the best starting point and that we could then go from there with some fun details to express a few of his interests and hobbies.

This room needs to last throughout his teens so we didn’t want to once again pigeon hole him into a theme reflecting a current passion that might no longer be the flavour of the month next month!

After seeing the space Lauren helped me to get a better idea of what look we were going for and then helped to source the right items for this project. As the items started arriving it was becoming clearer what the room was missing so I kept checking in with Lauren about what her vision was to ensure the items I selected were in keeping with that!

We started off with the basics – We already had the bed from Dial-a-Bed but knew we needed to move the overcrowded bookshelf and girlie desk out of his space so I began the hunt for a new desk. Initially I had thought of a trestle desk, but the room isn’t big so we needed something small. Luckily I came across a blogging friend who was selling one that (with a lick of Annie Sloan Graphite) worked perfectly. The old SitRight chair needed to move on out, so we replaced this with one from our dining room! A desk lamp was needed to encourage homework and I found a great one at Illumina.

Lauren loves cane so had the idea of finding a cane headboard… fortunately on my first browse on Gumtree I found someone selling a pair second hand! WIN! And this wasn’t to be the only “new” second hand find. I love getting a good bargain and second hand shopping is so satisfying for me. Often all it takes to revamp an item is a slick of paint and a new handle or a little bit of TLC.

The existing bedside table  in the room was functional, but it looked rather tired in it’s sorry whitewash, so it also got a new coat of Annie Sloan chalk paint in Amsterdam Green.  Another brilliant win as we saved some more money in this way.

Lauren suggested we did away with a bedside lamp as they take up so much space and then she found a great solution at Hoi’Ploy – an awesome hanging lamp with a funky lightbulb which was super easy to install. All you need is a plug and then the kit comes with a little hook that you screw into the ceiling. It went up in 5 minutes flat! Easy peasy!



Apologies about the quality of this pic… the matte paint didn’t photograph that well and now the room doesn’t look this neat any more!

By far the BIGGEST impact in this room revamp was the installation of cupboard doors thanks to Builders Warehouse!

It seems like such a small thing considering we’d lived with open cupboard “shells” for so long, but once the doors went on it was a game changer for the space. Everything just felt more organised and calmer. The room felt lighter too! I am thrilled with the new cupboards in Ben’s room.

The ordering process from Builder’s was really quick too. I popped into my local Builder’s Warehouse with my measurements and choose from the selection of cupboard finishes on offer. After making payment I’d been told to expect at least 2 weeks for delivery, so imagine my surprise and elation when their arrived a week earlier than expected! Talk about quick turnaround time! Then it was just a matter of buying the hinges and the handles and asking my lovely kitchen cupboard installer, Fiona, to pop round and hang the doors which she did within one morning! A nice surprise for him when he came home from school.


Yikes! So happy to have this all hidden from view now!


Love how calm and serene the space feels now with cupboard doors hiding what lies beneath!

We finished off the cupboard doors with some vinyl stickers from My Wall Tattoos – the weekly planner sticker was initially meant to go on one wall but when we held it up in that space, both Lauren and myself found it overwhelmed the room so we decided to do a little DIY and separated out the days of the week and popped them on the cupboards. These are blackboard stickers so you can write on them in chalk – no more excuses for forgetting your test or sports equipments Ben!!!

Another big leap forward in designing a grown up Boy Bedroom was to get a lovely rug for the floor that would pull the whole room together and as soon as I spotted the black and white striped Jailbird on Airloom’s website I knew it was the one!

Ben’s favourite new addition to his bedroom has been the bean bag which I felt was a great way to bring in additional seating for when he and a friend want to hang out and listen to music (or play on their phones in dual silence! haha) Above the bean bag I added a really funky coat rack I found on Airloom (currently on sale!).


This shelf got moved out to Abi’s room so we had to thin out the books and store some in the cupboard


Loving this calm chill-out space!

We found an awesome set of 3 baskets with black trimming at Esque. We used one for storing of all his sports equipment and another for an indoor plant.

This was inspired idea from Lauren (obviously!) and I totally love how it turned out. I had never thought much of having indoor plants in a bedroom (or anywhere) but the burst of life that they bring to a space is undeniable and I’m really enjoying the pop of green every time I walk past this bedroom. What do you think? Don’t you love it! I found all the indoor plants at Stodels in Constantia who were SUPER helpful with tracking down the one I had set my heart on. This plant is a spathiphyllum (also known as a peace lily which I only found out afterwards. Rather apt considering how peaceful the greenery makes the room feel!) Did you know that having indoor plants in a bedroom is actually a really healthy thing to do as they aid better sleep? Find out more about the benefits of having indoor plants in your bedroom and which indoor plants promote sleep (one of which is the peace lily) on the Stodels website.

Next up was art… Lauren found the most amazing Baby Safari Animal prints by Libby Bell on Fable Lifestyle which I had framed by Spaces Framing Studio in the most beautiful wooden frames made from kiat. Ben is passionate about animals and has his heart set on being a game ranger one day so these are a nod to that love! We also chose to frame one of his own paintings to reflect his personality and he chose one of his favourites of a Malachite Kingfisher. The prickly pear print is from Simply Child and I chose that to reflect his love of nature and the African bush.

The catalyst for this whole project was actually the fact that Ben needed a new duvet, like NEEDED! His old baby one from Treehouse was almost the same age as him! Enter Linenhouse, I sat down with Ben to browse through their website and see which of their gorgeous quality linen products he was most keen on. Initially we browsed the kids linen options which are all really fun and definitely a step up from the usual stuff you find in the shops, but then realised that the look we were going for was something more sophisticated and he had spotted the one he wanted! The charcoal Nimes linen duvet. My boy has great taste! The charcoal throw is also from Linenhouse while the cream one is one I had in my linen cupboard.

To jazz up the bean bag and the bed, a few scatter cushions were needed. We found Squiggle & Squeak made awesome slogan scatters that speak to a pre-teen so he chose his two faves! The gorgeous patterned scatter from Woven Green was a great addition to the room as it pulled all the other accent colours (green, blue) together and I love it’s interesting texture!

I also found the shelves with the black leather strap detail at Simply Child. They came with plywood shelves, but Lauren didn’t like mixing too many types of wood so we chose to do a little DIY and painted them in Annie Sloan Pure White chalk paint. A bit silly on my part because they do actually sell the shelves in white too!

Once all the elements of the room were in place it was time to do the final styling and this is where Lauren worked her magic! Within a morning she had moved everything about and tweaked everything so that the room was unrecognisable!

Take a look at the Before and After photos below and I’m sure you’ll agree that the transformation is amazing!


Shame man!





Ben was blown away by his new space! (See my #KidsRoomReveal InstaStory for his reaction! It was the cutest!) He was thrilled and couldn’t stop saying Thank you enough. The first night in his “new” room I heard him whispering to himself “I love this so much”

Seriously!? Heart-melting moment for any mom and confirmation indeed that this rather large undertaking was totally worth it! I’m so happy for him.

So, what do you think of this Teenage Boy Bedroom revamp? I hope you like it! Let me know in the comment below!!! And be sure to come back next Thursday when I reveal the Girl Bedroom!


A huge thank you to Lauren for her inspiration and help on Teenage Boy Bedroom project. I really couldn’t have done it without her. And a big thank you to all the amazing brands who agreed to collaborate and sponsor my #KidsRoomReveal project. It’s been such fun! If you’re looking for something I’ve featured here please see the list of stockists below…



Interior Designer – Lauren Mccreath Interiors
Rug – Jailbird rug in black & white stripes by Airloom Rugs (R2 850)
Bean Bag – Small beanbag in charcoal denim by LazyBagz (R1 200)
Bed – Dial-a-Bed
Headboard – second hand on Gumtree
Linen – Nimes Linen 3/4 duvet in charcoal by Linenhouse (R1 400)
Bedwrap – Black bedwrap from Linenhouse (R300)
Throw – Quincey dark grey faux fur throw from Linenhouse (R1 900)
Slogan Scatter Cushions – Good Vibes Only & Stay Wild by Squiggle & Squeak (R250 – R270)
Safari Baby Animal Prints – Art by Libby Bell, avail at Fable Lifestyle (R260ea unframed)
Frames – Spaces Framing Studio
Hanging rack – Pedalrack by Airloom (R799)
Black Sheepskin – Woven Green (R1 250)
Patterned scatter cushion – The long cushion from Woven Green (R1 250)
Additional scatter cushions – Our own
Cupboards – Builders Warehouse (approx R12 000 for doors and side panel)
Vinyl Wall Stickers – Weekly Planner by My Wall Tattoos (R360)
Baskets – Hyacinth Black Raffia Baskets (set of 3) by Esque (R1 748)
Indoor Plants – Stodels
Shelves – Black leather strap shelf by Simply Child (R450ea)
Letterboard – Mini black letterboard by Fable Lifestyle (R650)
Cactus print – Framed Watercolour Cactus by Simply Child (R450)
Desk lamp – Gold dipped studio lamp by Illumina (R699)
Desk – Second hand from a friend. Re-painted in Annie Sloan Graphite chalk paint (R250 for 1 litre tin of paint and R155 for a large tin of wax)
Chair – Our own from the dining room. Emmy Wooden Leg Chair by Decofurn (R399)
Bedside Table – Our own. Painted in Annie Sloan Amsterdam Green chalk paint (R55 for a small pot of paint & R90 for small tin of wax)
Hanging Bedside Lamp – Gunmetal grey portable pendant Bakelite with gold pullchain by Hoi’Ploy (R690)
Skateboard, books, cream throw, shelf & desk accessories – Our own



Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Disclosure: Many of the items listed above have been sponsored by the suppliers in exchange for marketing exposure on this platform.

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    1. Hi Sarah. I initially bought the plants based on what they looked like so I had to do some research about what the name of it was… It’s known as a spathiphyllum. Common name: peace lily! Yes this is just a large version!! One doing some research I’ve now discovered it’s a great plant to aid sleep so perfect for a bedroom! Win Win!

  1. I love this Kathryn. Ive just put an order in for those shelves at Simply Child and I’m about to head to the Hoi’Ploy and Airloom. That bean bag might also have to go on the wish list. Cant wait to see the next make over.

  2. I am so lucky I spotted this in my FB feed. We are renovating our home at the moment and in a few weeks I will need to redecorate my 11 year old son’s room. He has the same old duvet cover with sailing boats ?. Great ideas! Thank you so much.

  3. Apart from the bedding I like everything, you can also have a look at our article about kids’rooms…maybe there is something interesting. You’ll find it looking for The best for your kid’s room: we are here to help you with that.

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