Room Reveal: Lounge

Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking you inside my home with my Renovation Room Reveal series

Today it’s all about my lounge or living room as some might call it.

This room has changed in that the whole house moved out towards the boundry wall by about 2 metres to allow for an extra bedroom to be added but the room itself is not any bigger than before.

Two large windows were put in where there was once just a wall and this has allowed much more light into the space especially in the late afternoon. Word to the wise… DON’T go and sit on the couches in the shafts of sunlight after 4pm. You may never get out of your curled up kitten pose to do anything productive with the rest of your day. I should know! This spot is certainly a danger zone! A black hole when it comes to productivity!

To open up our whole house we knocked down a lot of interior diving walls and this has made the space “flow” really nicely. In the past the couches formed the lounge area and it felt really small as they were in the centre of the space but now they are against the walls and there is much more space to move through here.

One of the “must-haves” on our renovation list was to install large stacking doors where there was once just a large window (with lots of security bars!) This has also transformed our space. It’s meant that on beautiful (aka wind-free) days we can push the doors right back bringing the indoor and outdoor space together seamlessly. I love it!

As the patio has a roof I was really worried that we would be blocking out all our lovely North-facing sunshine and light, and although we don’t get as much morning sun in this room anymore I am still happy with the amount of light it receives thanks to the side windows… and as I’ve mentioned I’m loving the late afternoon light that we didn’t used to get. For morning sun I just have to step outside onto the patio 😉

In terms of the features of this room… the exposed trusses were something I was really keen on but not sure if they would fit into our budget but my builder found a way and I’m so grateful! I think they really open up the space and leave it feeling airy and calm.

The exposed brick wall was another feature I wanted to add as I’ve always loved this look. This is the wall that forms our small entrance hall. When I was thinking of ideas for our renovations I had the concept of creating little places where I could take my product photos. I’d always struggled to find backgrounds and spaces that were pretty enough in our previous house! Initially I thought this idea silently as it seemed like a weird reason to renovate my entire house but when I did mention it to my architectural designer she said it was actually a great way to think about things… so maybe I know what I’m doing after all!?

The furniture in this room is all our old furniture from before (aside from the coffee table and small side table – gifts from my in-laws who happened to be downscaling at the same time as our move! Lucky us!)

If you can believe it the 2 cream couches are 15 years old!!! We bought them from Coricraft as our first furniture investments back when we first bought the house at the end of 2001. They’ve certainly gone the distance. I think the saving grace was the fact that they had slipcovers that could be washed whenever they started to look a bit grubby. And we’ve never really allowed eating on them so that helped too!

The throws are both from Woolworths as are the grey & patterned cushions and the lamp shade (Almost all picked up from sales. I’m a big bargain shopper!) The lamp stand is a DIY attempt where I painted a pine wooden base with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

The Moroccan style mirror & silver tray is also from Woolies but I paid full price for it as I just fell in love with it when I saw it. To be honest it’s one of those things I loved but kept on walking when I saw the price tag. Then I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days and that to me is always a sign that I need to get something. True love!

The striped cushion is from Mr Price Home but from AGES ago, the candles and candle holders are also Mr Price Home as are the outdoor cushions I store in the bottom of the small table. (I’m spotting a theme here!)

The platter was a gift and I can’t recall where the picture frames are from. The small electric aromatherapy burner is from Aromatic Apothecary. The “rug” is actually an off cut from the beautifully soft charcoal carpet from Belgotex (Heather Twist -Higgins) that we fitted in the Family Room. I’d love to buy a few other beautiful rugs but those will have to come in time…

Books (and photos) make a home and I love collecting beautiful coffee table books. My favourites, esp ones on interiors and even better if they’re written by bloggers. This is part of my current collection and I love finally having a shelf under my coffee table where I can store/ display them and pick them up for a peruse whenever I feel like a shot of inspiration. Plus the fact that the spines work with my colour scheme makes me even happier!

Other furniture items in the room include a small round wooden table currently on loan from my mom, a wicker outdoor chair that also came from my in-laws along with the white coffee table and white side table and then an old wooden chest. This is probably my most valued item of furniture because I inherited it from my beloved gran. I was living overseas when she passed and didn’t get too much to remember her by but fortunately I did get this item and I LOVE it. It used to be in her own lounge and for the past few years it’s been at the end of my bed but now I really feel like it’s come into it’s own – back in the warm heart of the home, my lounge! I love it’s old patina and authentic look. I’ve no idea if it holds any value and I don’t care… it’s valuable to me!

Another favourite feature of this space is my photo wall. These painted wooden frames I’ve collected over the years and they used to be up in our living room behind the fire place, this time I didn’t want the “busyness” of the feature to dominate the peaceful space I’ve created in the lounge, so I put them just off to the side on wall that you pass everyday and that visitors still see when they visit. It’s centrally located between the lounge, dining room and kitchen and it makes me happy every time I walk past!

On thing that’s not completely finished in this space is the installation of our wood burning stove. We have the fireplace itself but not yet bought the flue or had it fitted. We’re happy to wait for the colder weather (and a bit more money) before we install it in this space!


So that’s my living room… a space for me to relax and entertain friends. Fortunately we no longer have only one space like we did before… the kids have their own spot to chill out in, the Family Room, which means this can be a more adult space. Not to say they aren’t invited… it still is their home! It just means I can actually make this slightly more adult in the that furnishings I choose and the way I use the space.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Room Reveal. Let me know in the comments below…





Taylor Blinds

Mr Price Home



Aromatic Apothecary

Loot (for books)





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Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it <3 wowee…….i am totally nuts about the beams, the brick feature wall and the furniture is gorgeous 😀 we had raw brick in our previous house and we varnished the wall, it made such a huge impact on the room, it really made the wall 'pop'

    1. Thank you Elsandra. I tried to keep the general colours fairly neutral so I can update the space with new colours when I feel the need

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