Pete Goffe-Wood’s grand new adventure – Viande at Grande Roche Hotel, Paarl

Amazing food is always worth driving for… and this was recently confirmed when I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch at Viande at Grande Roche Hotel in Paarl.

This recently revamped space is the brand new home of Chef Pete Goffe-Wood – best known for his stint as a judge on MasterChef South Africa and Ultimate Braai Master.

As legendary in the kitchen as he is for his personal taste in heart-felt and unpretentious family-style meals, Chef Pete Goffe-Wood is known as South Africa’s very own “Kitchen Cowboy”.

Viande opened on 16 July 2019 and, “meat” in French, places a big focus on meat and meat dishes (although an à la carte menu will cater for all tastes including non-meat eaters!) Offering contemporary nose-to-tail dining, Viande celebrates the entire animal in all its grandeur, using classical cooking methods on the finest cuts.

The Chef’s aim is to tell a story of provenance and he will source local and organic produce wherever possible, in an effort to showcase smaller artisanal producers and endeavour to establish a traceable line from farm to fork.


“It’s a fantastic new project and I will spend the lion share of my time here. I’m on a precipice of a brand-new journey and I’m thrilled and excited,” – Chef Pete Goffe-Wood


Goffe-Wood and interior designer Francois du Plessis have completely reimagined the interiors of the space formerly known as Bosman’s, adding a sleek modern feel to the new restaurant while acknowledging the heritage of the building.

The iconic hotel has been transformed from ageing dowager to Paarl’s homecoming queen and is now the perfect destination for those special celebratory moments surrounded by blue-tipped mountains and sun-kissed vineyards.

Alongside the launch of Viande, this new contemporary space will also include an all-important breakfast experience, elegant cocktails, a tapas hour, a brandy bar and bespoke wedding events.

The idea is that what was once seen as an exclusive environment has been made more accessible so that everyone can experience the magnificent property.


“Fine dining is a dying concept globally; hotels are moving forward by changing their approach to the style of food offered. It’s no less elegant or lacking attention to detail in the delivery from its first sourcing of ingredients to its preparation; but the serving trays and white gloves are gone. Here, you can make a noise and there are no mistakes about which fork you should use. It will be about consistently good food delivered with a fine attention to detail. – Chef Pete Goffe-Wood


The menu on the afternoon of my visit showcased some of the finest dishes to be found on the menu…

To start we enjoyed a delicious bread board celebrating the local bread styles including “mosbolletjies”. This was followed by Home Smoked Line Fish served with a fennel and citrus salad and a tarragon cream dressing.

This was followed by my favourite dish of the day… gnocchi with veal sweetbreads, mushrooms and home cured bacon… deliciously flavourful.

In keeping with the meat theme our main dish was roasted lamb rib eye served with baked aubergine, tomato, cream and basil.

Almost all the wines on the extensive wine list come from the Paarl region and the brandy list is certainly one that celebrates the local heritage.

The crescendo of the meal at Viande was the finale – the Viande Ice Cream Sundae – which I will most certainly be driving out to Paarl for in my future!

So what does Goffe-Wood like most about being a chef?

Empty plates; it makes it all worthwhile. The beauty of being a chef is that you get instant gratification. It’s one of the benefits of this business. You instantly know whether people like your food. Unlike an architect who must wait for a building to be built, we consistently send food out the kitchen and have the pleasure of receiving immediate feedback. There are only two other professions that deliver the same gratification of their services, and that is firemen and midwives. You know when you’re doing a good job!

The Grande Roche Hotel is located at 1 Plantasie Street, Paarl

Viande is open 7 days a week for breakfast between 07H00 and 10H00, lunch between 12H00 and 15H00 and dinner from 19H00 to 22H00.

Make a reservation online or by calling Grande Roche on +27 (0) 21 863 5100. 

For more information about Grande Roche Hotel and Viande Restaurant, and to read more about the property’s two-night stay special from 1 September to 31 October 2019 visit

Follow Grande Roche’s journey to re-birth on Twitter @Grande_Roche, Facebook /GrandeRoche and Instagram @Grande_Roche.

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