New evening menu at la Belle Bistro @ The Alphen Hotel

A night out enjoying good food, wine and company is certainly something every parent, everywhere longs for…. and I’m no different!

When the opportunity presents itself for an impromptu date night we grab it with both hands and run for the door!

One such evening arose recently when our son headed out for a party (ending at 9:30pm!!) the night before a public holiday. With only one child to concern ourselves with we decided to call in granny and see if she might be open to helping out by having our daughter for a sleep over…

Plans in place, we arrived at la Belle Bistro at the Alphen Hotel for dinner, set for an evening of just us!

I love la Belle, I’ve been here for many catch-up coffees and birthday teas. We even spent a night at the hotel not too long ago and enjoyed breakfast here as part of our stay. But until this visit I had no idea that the restaurant is now open for dinner too!

The atmosphere of the restaurant is wonderfully warm and cosy. It’s the ideal place to enjoy in winter thanks to it’s roaring fireplace and the warmness of the wooden bar (not to mention all the extra tempting “winter” calories on offer”).

Our starter salads were both great. I ordered the Grilled Haloumi & Kale salad with baby spinach, boiled eggs, quinoa and avocado served with a herb dressing. It was deliciously healthy! My husband opted for the Organic Tomato & Torn Mozzarella salad and I swiped a few tastes of this one too… it’s fresh flavours were too tempting… and I’m so glad I did. It was even more flavourful.

For mains we ordered more delicious wholesome food from the menu…

He ordered Spiced Lamb cutlets served on a flat bread with cumin, coriander, mint, garlic, red onion, micro greens & herbed yoghurt which was a tastebud treat while I opted for the Pomegranate Glazed Salmon Trout which could have been incredible but was, disappointingly, a bit overdone and dry. The good news is that there is an extensive new menu to try so don’t be dissuaded from popping in for your next date night… I’ve linked the entire menu below so you can decide on a different dish that you might like to try instead!

Finally we decided to share something sweet between the two of us. This is, after all, la Belle Bistro AND BAKERY! Like I said there were far too many tempting treats to ignore in the display cabinet and each one of them is worth trying at least once!

la Belle was a perfect date night venue. The service was great from both the waiter and the manager and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable and we had the added bonus of not having to drive too far to fetch our son from his party in Constantia! Perfectly planned indeed!


Click this link to see the full la Belle dinner menu online


Contact Details

Alphen Boutique Hotel

Alphen Drive, Constantia, Cape Town

Tel: +27 (0) 21 795 6336


Opening Hours

Daily from Monday to Sunday, 7am to 11pm

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. I can’t wait for you to go for an all expenses paid meal and actually tell us it was shit.
    Or just the truth.

    1. Hi Steve. Thanks for your comment. As you can read in the text above I did say that the salmon was disappointing and dry so I’m not sugar coating anything… but as this is my blog and I prefer to be positive I tend to focus on what’s positive about a place and not rip a restaurant to shreds at the risk of ruining their business (and mine… did you see the Whale Cottage fiasco???) If you’re a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I’m all about balance instead and do share my negative feedback if necessary, and I always feed back to the manager what I think they need to know. I’ve also been known to NOT feature reviews of restaurants I didn’t feel I wanted to promote on my site and to my readers. If this isn’t what you’re looking for then maybe this is the wrong blog for you… and if you prefer negative restaurant reviews then maybe start your own blog??? The negative style does draw readers but it’s just not me! Obvs you’re welcome to your opinion but let me have mine. Thanks

  2. thank you Beatrice. But I don’t want negativity. I want honesty.
    It is not rocket science to understand that if you give negative but truthful reviews on places, then they and others will be less likely to employ you to write about them. Sure you’re entitled to your opinion: of course. But let us not pretend that it’s not influenced by the freebies that the establishment concerned is giving you.
    Basically at the end of the day it comes down to them paying you to write nice things about them. That’s tantamount to dishonesty. once people have read what you have to say people should rather go to trip advisor and get the truth about these places.

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