Lunch at Kahve Road, Cavendish Square

Sometimes date nights are just not possible when you have small kids and a tight budget (babysitters don’t come cheap!), so you have to get inventive with how you can make time for each other and your marriage… enter mid-week date days (well, lunches)!

Yip. That’s right. A cheeky little mid-week date lunch is the ideal way to sneak in a date with your baby daddy when nights are just not possible due to your usual evening chaos: bathtime, bedtime, storytime, series time aka fall-asleep-on-the-couch time!!!

One day in the recent weeks gone by I happened to be between events and in the area of Cavendish Square. By chance so was my husband (checking in on a store he manages in the area) The fact that my baby is now in Grade 1 and only finishes  her sports at 2:30 on some days (Praise the Lord!) meant we had an hour to play with.

Kahve Road had caught my eye on previous Cavendish missions but I’d never popped in as I usually head to Seattle for a cuppa (brand loyalty and all). However the lure of their decadent display case of delicacies, as well as the fact that they served real lunchtime food drew me in…

And all I can say is TRY THEIR BUTTER CHICKEN. That’s it. End of review 😉

No, I’ll elaborate. I’m sure you want to know a bit more??

Mall restaurants aren’t my fave. If I’m choosing to eat out I always prefer somewhere pretty with a view or an atmosphere, but sometimes practicality calls and you need to eat in a mall… The good news is that Kahve Road doesn’t feel like a mall restaurant at all, esp if you choose to sit tucked away in the back.

The atmosphere and decor of this space makes you feel that you’re overseas in an exotic land…  and it should, the concept is modelled on a Turkish coffee shop!

Think warm wood, soft lighting and gold embellishments alongside travel related memorabilia.

To start with they offer a huge selection of teas and coffees ranging from loose leaf tea and coffee with a difference. As I’m not a coffee drinker myself I opted to try one of their decadent milkshakes instead and ordered the Red Road Milkshake which is a double shot of Rooibos espresso served with homemade vanilla ice cream, milk and coconut cream with lime. It was incredible! I slurped it down before my date arrived so I wouldn’t have to share!

The simple menu offers exquisite pastries, soups, salads, burgers and all day breakfasts. Their café classics include artisan pies, butter chicken curry and a trio of sliders alongside a range of open sandwiches.

For my own lunch I ordered the butter chicken curry and it was sublime. Just typing this up as my mouth watering at the memory. I definitely need to go back. I totally wasn’t expecting such delicious curry from a coffee shop, but I was blown away. And the portion was really generous too, so I didn’t mind sharing some of this one with him. It came served with spicy sambal, house riata and basmati rice and cost just R135.


My husband opted for a flaky quiche with honey glazed butternut, leek and goat’s cheese. It was really good value at R65 and a delicious option for those less hungry mortals than me (but he definitely had menu envy in his eyes!)

To finish off we simply HAD to sample a few of the sweet treats from the extensive pastry display… it was a seriously hard choice so we opted to share 3 (a mid-week date counts as a special occasion, right?)

Such hard choices…. but we opted for the chocolate eclair, a banana cheesecake and a trio of chocolate bon bons. Can you tell I’m ALLLLLL about the chocolate?

The verdict? As a bonafide chocoholic I can safely say that all were incredible but the one that surprised me the most was my husband’s pick of the banana cheesecake. I didn’t think banana and chocolate would be a good mix but it was really yummy!

Kahve Road is the ideal spot for a quick coffee break or lunch break mid-shopping spree, or alternatively a cheeky lunchtime date with your neglected significant other!

Contact Details

Kahve Road

Cavendish Square
Ground Floor
Claremont, Cape Town
South Africa

Tel: +27 21 671 1607


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