Removing Makeup Nightly is a Must

At the end of the day, you’re exhausted and just can’t wait to crash. You want to get to sleep as quickly as possible, and a long bedtime routine can really suck. You’re tempted to cut it short – it’s so easy to just lie down and sleep. But wait just a minute – did you remove your makeup? No? Well, stop being lazy, and get up and do it. Sorry to tell you, but just like brushing your teeth, removing your makeup at night is one thing you just can’t skip. It’s essential to take it off before bed, and here’s why. I’ll give you a hint – if you’re wearing makeup to look good, leaving it on at night is going to backfire. Removing makeup nightly is a must for the following reasons…

Your Skin Needs to Breathe

That’s right – your skin needs to breathe! Do you really think they call it “beauty sleep” for nothing? When we sleep at night, our body can rejuvenate itself. In particular, the oxygen that gets to your skin helps it stay healthy and keeps it glowing. With your makeup on, your skin simply can’t look its best. As your pores open up to bring in oxygen, they’ll instead get clogged by your makeup. If you’re prone to acne, and even if you’re not, sleeping with your makeup on is a surefire way to bring on the zits. When you wash your face at night, you won’t only remove your makeup, but also any dirt and pollution it was exposed to throughout the day.

Your Eyes are Innocent Victims

If you’re still looking for ways to cheat, you might think you’ll remove your foundation, but you’ll leave on your mascara. Once again, stop being lazy! It’s extremely important to remove your eye makeup. It’s very easy for bits of your mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow to get into your eyes, especially when you never take it off. When this happens, your eyes can get red and itchy, and rubbing them while they’re stiff with mascara can cause your eyelashes to break easily. But what’s worse is you’re putting your eyes at great risk for infection. Your eyesight is very important to you, and you want your eyes to look your best, so don’t let them become innocent victims.

It’s Not that Hard, Really

Stop acting like removing your makeup takes too much time or effort. And if you’re not lazy, you just have a nasty habit of completely forgetting, leave your removal supplies right next to your toothbrush. Start with your eyes. Wipe off the makeup with a few quick swipes of your special makeup remover pads, or cotton balls dipped in makeup remover, or just use Vaseline or olive oil. After that, wash your face with a makeup-removing cleanser that’s right for your skin type. Rinse with cold water to help close your pores, and you’re finished! You can go to bed peacefully, knowing that your skin will stay beautiful during the night. Not to mention, you won’t wake up with stained pillowcases – you know well enough how stubborn those makeup stains are!

Fiona Grey is a beauty expert and freelance writer who loves to give advice to others on anything from finding the right swimwear to eco friendly beauty products.

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  1. I am one of those lazy ones who sometimes goes to bed with all my makeup on, thanks for the post- maybe I will try to be more diligent from now on!

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