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Yesterday I was treated to the most amazing facial by Anel from Future this using QMS Medicosmetics. I went in looking like an ordinary mom and left feeling like a supermodel. Having amazing skin really does ramp up your self-confidence immensely and taking time out from my hectic schedule to enjoy some “me-time” was so beneficial. I highly recommend it!

A few weeks ago I was invited to a media breakfast where the invited speaker was medical doctor and founder of QMS Medicosmetics, Dr Erich Schulte. Founded in Germany over 25 years ago, this leading traumatologist, cosmetic surgeon and skincare pioneer had a vision to design a unique and super effective skincare system, primarily for his plastic surgery patients to use during recovery. QMS combines the highest quality ingredients with cutting edge techniques whilst maintaining the core belief that this is a skincare system that is for every day and for everyone.

I was fascinated to learn just how much science goes into the development of medical grade cosmetics – these are not just products one will find on the supermarket or department store shelves…

Now that I have experienced QMS for the first time I am excited to see what long-term results will be achieved. The results from this morning are amazing! Every single woman I have met who has used these products have RAVED about their results too so I’m not just saying that.

Obviously the number one skincare concern for all women, whatever their age, is to minimise ageing or to reduce the signs of ageing. It’s important to know when selecting a skin care product that there is a difference between active cosmeceutical products that can change the skin, and passive skincare products that maintain the skin.
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With that in mind I thought you might find this Q&A session with Dr. med. Erich Schulte rather interesting reading…

Is there anyway we can delay the signs of ageing and turn back time through just diet and lifestyle alone?

The short answer is yes, a healthy lifestyle and diet can most definitely improve the health and quality of the skin, which then results in a delay in the signs of ageing. But you need to recognize there are limits with this method and for best results find ways to boost your skin’s health from within. Nutricosmetics are an excellent way to do this; I specifically formulated our Intravital to recondition, regenerate and protect the skin.

Always remember enjoy life in moderation and you will look younger for longer.

What are the main contributing factors to ageing that we bring on ourselves?

Our lifestyle is the main contributor to how our skin ages. Skin reacts to its external environment and our modern day living is harsh, whether dehydration from air-conditioning to pollutants in the atmosphere, all can detrimentally impact the skin. We are seeing a real growth in younger clients using QMS Medicosmetics around the world and at our central London Flagship Spa our second largest client age sector is what I like to call the ‘Facebook Generation’ i.e. around 30 to 35 who come to us as they want to be proactive in the prevention of ageing.

Genetic related factors are also a major contributor to ageing but these we are born with.

With regard to environmental factors – the sun, etc – does this affect everyone in the same way?

Actually, no, as the more pigmented your skin the less harmful are the UV rays. I do always recommend that everyone protect their skin as UV rays are everywhere and if you are in the sun always use a sun protection that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Even on a cloudy day 80% of UV rays can pass through and with water reflection you experience increases of 50%.

Do black skins age better than white skins, and if so, why?

Yes. This is because the structure of black skin is more robust and therefore more resistant to the contributing factors that lead to lines and wrinkles. But sunblock should remain paramount.

How important are oral supplements?

This is skin regeneration from within. Our diet is generally lacking in certain vital minerals and vitamins and as we age, absorption also becomes more difficult. I do recommend Intravital, as each capsule contains the necessary vitamins to recondition, regenerate and protect the natural skin structure from within. The hydrolised collagen is effectively absorbed and skin quality is improved.

What have been the biggest scientific breakthroughs in terms of anti-ageing skincare and techniques, including injections/pills/salon treatments?

Science is an absolute passion of mine and early on in my career as a surgeon I understood the importance of revolutionizing scientific techniques to improve how skincare performs

The future of skincare is not new ingredients, but rather the method of transporting the ingredients into the epidermal layer, improving the delivery system and techniques to enhance the metabolism of ingredients in both products and treatments.

My top three breakthroughs are the conditioning of natural soluble collagens to be able to penetrate the skin, Stem Cell technology and Electro Galvanic transportation (electric micro-current technology) through the skin barrier without destroying the protective functions.

Collagen is the most important protein in your skin, 65% of the body’s proteins are collagen and they are responsible for the elasticity of the skin. As a trauma and then cosmetic surgeon I researched wound healing and found collagen to be highly significant. This led me to develop a method to condition natural soluble collagens so that they can be re-absorbed into the epidermis and be applied topically to the skin thereby allowing skin regeneration.

Collagen is the best receptor of moisture but very hard to penetrate the skin unless you change the structure

Secondly my two plant stem products, Cellular Marine and Cellular Alpine, are based on revolutionary technology, which has led to a quantum leap in cosmetics. Plant stem cells are highly regenerative and often considered the fountain of youthful skin; it is their self-renewal capacity that is so valuable in anti-aging skincare and harnessing their power requires a highly complex process. Cellular Marine (Stem Cell Line Eraser) contains herbal stem cells from the tissue of the Sea Fennel, these contain all essential nutrients and ingredients to protect the skin’s stem cells. The basis of Cellular Alpine eye care is the rare Alpine Rose plant as it is ideal for the sensitive area around the eyes.

Using plant stem cells is increasingly common in the skincare sector, for the most effective and intensive anti-aging it is important to use high quality ingredients that will enhance the stimulation of new skin cells, improve the skin’s metabolism and protect against premature skin aging.

E/MC Electric Micro Current technology is driving QMS Medicosmetics next generation in rejuvenating skincare. The first product to use this revolutionary technology is Ion Skin Equaliser, which uses a specially formulated serum and a cream, which work in conjunction to generate a gentle micro current of electricity over the skin. These increases in the skin’s bioelectrical system stimulate collagen and elastin fibres while active ingredients are transferred into the inner epidermal layers through a process that accelerates the metabolism of the skin and maximizes its regenerative mechanisms during the night. Ion Skin Equaliser is unique in the skincare sector as the use of “iontophoresis” is more commonly achieved through specialized equipment. This has proved to be one of the most products in the QMS Medicosmetics collection.

Treatments that increase skin cell metabolism through the use of oxygen have to be one of the most important developments. I customized our Oxygen Energy Applicator to use 98% pure oxygen, which means you can improve this metabolism rate and enhance the effect of active ingredients used in the treatment.

What is the most effective turn-back-time and anti-ageing regime/treatment short of cosmetic surgery?

Tissue augmentation with the help of skin fillers will have an immediate impact on the appearance of fine and wrinkles. For a long-term transformation getting a regime in place is key, an optimum skincare regeneration system would be to commence a collagen replacement therapy. Collagen is critical for the moisturizing process; it is the protein that keeps skin’s tone, youth and elasticity. Skin’s production of collagen decreases as skin ages leading to a loss of moisture and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With QMS Medicosmetics you can help reverse the appearance of ageing by addressing the underlying cause – loss of collagen.

What is the optimum age to start an anti-ageing regime and what can we realistically expect to achieve?

From thirty is a good age to start as from 25 our collagen production starts to decrease and if you get into a good regime by 30 then you can take around five years off your age. If you start young you can definitely stay young.

Preparing the skin with the right cleanser and toner is vitally important for your moisturiser to work

Are women more prone to skin problems than men? If so, why?

It’s all hormonally related. Men hit a problem at puberty. They might get the odd spot or full-blown acne, but then it gradually passes (in general). Women are different due to the complexity of their hormonal system, so they might be prone to problems at different stages of their lives.

Are more men taking on anti-ageing regimes? What treatments are there for them, or specific things they should be doing?

Simple answer is yes, men, and particularly younger men, are taking on more anti-ageing regimes. With QMS Medicosmetics I actually designed the collection to be able to work for men and women of every age as essentially skin shares the same structure. However what we do with our skin creates a differentiation in how we should treat it.

For men keeping skin deeply cleansed, exfoliated and moisturized are the basic regimen but I would always recommend men also to take our Intravital supplements as just two capsules a day will help protect skin from damage as well as stimulate regeneration. Treatments to boost circulation such as oxygen facials not only help maintain a healthy appearance but also target any specific issues. QMS Medicosmetics has a strong following in men and we are creating a highlighted capsule collection, men love the science side and our plant stem cell inspired Cellular Duo are probably the bestsellers with our male clientele.

Having now learnt all about the amazing properties of QMS Medicosmetics I’m sure you are dying to try them too! You’ll be pleased to know that QMS Medicosmetics have just released a Limited Edition ‘Good To Go’ Set This would be the perfect opportunity to try out this unique skincare system for yourself. A skincare system that is regarded as one of the most effective in the industry, one in which the science of skincare is combined with high quality ingredients.

The limited edition collection will appeal to people with busy schedules, as it combines high performance products for face and body offering an ideal balance of hydration, nourishment and body contouring.

Four best selling products have been chosen to feature in the set namely:

1. For the face, the intensely hydrating Hydro Foam Mask restores the moisture balance and reveals smooth, radiant skin. (75ml)

2. The lightly tinted day cream Sport Active Cream gives a naturally fresh and healthy look, rivaling the best BB creams on the market today. (15ml)

3. The innovative Lift-O-Firm Body provides highly effective lifting and firming in problem areas such as legs, stomach, upper arms and breast area. (35ml)

4. Our hands so often neglected and will benefit from the anti-aging protection of Hand Care, an intensely moisturizing and protective treatment without sticky residue. It’s QMS founder Dr Erich Schulte’s favourite product! (40ml)

Our hands are the first part of the body to reveal signs of ageing and so we should make it a point to take good care of them

The Good to Go set is available for R800 and is valid from April while stocks last.

For details of stockists please contact 011 022 1658 or

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