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This past month has been a chaotic one in my work and personal life… 1 x blog, 1 x school play, 1 x babyshower, 1 x blogging workshop, 2 x presentations, 3 x jobs, 3 x birthday parties all within 1 calendar month. To say I’m stressed is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

So when I was invited to enjoy a facial with Anel from !QMS Medicosmetics I didn’t hesitate…. not least of which I have used !QMS Medicosmetics products before and loved the results they gave.

!QMS Medicosmetics is a regenerative system of skincare developed by Dr med. Erich Schulte, an aesthetic surgeon, in 1987. Dr Schulte researched wound healing and developed a way for natural soluble collagens to penetrate into the epidermis and be applied topically to skin. During his medical career he witnessed the beneficial effects collagen had in the pre- and postoperative treatment of burn and heat damaged skin. Due to visible improvements in skin texture as well as skin healing he used the treatment products to create a regenerative form of skin care, hence !QMS Medicosmetics.

Towards the end of last month I popped in one Friday morning to her offices in Woodstock to enjoy 90 minutes of pure pampering… As close to heaven as a mom can get on this Earth 😉


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!QMS is a unique skin product range – it focuses on exfoliation as a key to creating perfect skin and using a daily exfoliant fluid. During the facial the skin is cleansed and an AHA exfoliant fluid is used whereby the enzymes dissolve the intercellular “glue” to rid the skin of excess dead skin build-up.  The exfoliator include NEXXT (Nano Enhanced Cross Transportation Technology) which allows active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and be continuously released over a period of 12 hours. This is meant to promote cell renewal, skin refining and skin brightening.

The second phase of exfoliation involves enzymes to stimulate the blood and lymph circulation – warming up the skin at the same time. A kaolin clay works to refine and smooth skin texture.

Next an algae mask is applied. The Algae mask cools the skin, locking in moisture, reducing redness (a key thing for me) and removing excess loosened dead skin cells. The mask sets into a solid gel like substance, making a perfect print of your skin – highlighting fine lines and problem areas which is then used for skin analysis so that the correct recommendations of products are made to suit your individual skin needs. During this mask your whole face is covered in thick, cold goo – depending on how claustrophoic you get you can opt to have your mouth and eyes open.




After exfoliation and the application of active ingredients your skin will start to appear more radiant due to the deeper penetration of the products into your skin. Two of the top !QMS products are the Day Collagen and the Night Collagen. These highly concentrated serums contain natural soluble collagens and are amazing free radical protectors aiding to increase moisture and boosting the skin with firming, regenerative and protective properties.

After the Day Collagen has been applied comes another mask – this one is made of plaster of Paris!! A thick moisture regulating mask with botox-like properties is applied over the collagen and then the plaster of Paris is applied to improve the penetration of the Relax-o-Firm mask. The way it is applied also helps to enhance the lifting effect of the product. The mask is super comfortable and the whole process is divinely relaxing and not stressful at all. After 15 minutes the plaster of Paris is removed and the excess Relax-o-firm is removed from my skin.  A suitable moisturizer plus eye cream is then applied, followed by Sport Active – a BB cream with sun protection SPF15.

The beauty of a !QMS Facial is that you walk out of the room looking amazing – not blotchy redness from extractions or the like – just gorgeous, healthy, radiant skin – and the results last too, so much so that hours later that evening when meeting a friend she commented immediately about how relaxed I looked and noticed my skin instantly (and this was sans makeup too!)

I loved my !QMS facial experience and can’t wait to go back soon!



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