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Summer has well and truly arrived in Cape Town, the last few days have been super hot and it promises to only get hotter (and more windy apparently… sigh!!) I adore the sun and therefore summer is my favourite season – there isn’t much to dislike (besides the South Easter!) fresh food, braais & beach, time spent with friends and family! My happiest things! BUT there is one down side to all this fun in the sun…. the sun!

As Southern Hemisphere dwellers we should all be well aware of the very serious dangers too much sun exposure has on our bodies – our skins take a hammering if left unprotected in the sun. And the skins of our kids even more so!

Like most moms I do try my very best to protect my kids from all forms of danger such as buckling them in during car trips and fencing off or covering the swimming pool but even I sometimes slip up in this one area – putting sunscreen on my kids daily! The scary thing is that leaving them unprotected in the sun is one of the most dangerous things I can be doing. Skin cancers caused by he radiation from the are becoming more and more prevalent and one of the main catalysts is bad sun burn during childhood…. Sobering.

This summer I am making it my mission to live by these 5 sun care rules in our family!

1. Avoid the sun between 11am and 3pm when it is at it’s strongest and the risk of sun damage is high. The worst time is 12noon because the sun’s rays have less distance to travel during midday. Rather spend this time indoors or under the shade of a tree, umbrella or patio. It’s advisable to avoid the beach during this time as the reflection of the sun’s rays off the water and sand increases the power of the radiation by between 5 and 17%.

2. Beware of reflection (see the point above). Concrete, water, sand, snow all intensify the radiation. Snow by up to 85%!

3. Skin that is not used to the sun is less able to protect itself as does skin with less pigment. Under the influence of UV rays the skin begins to thicken and starts to produce melanin. These processes take 10 – 20 days to take place so take extra precaution during that time. Know what your skin type is and how many minutes your skin can handle being exposed to the sun (while wearing sun tan lotion!!).

Skin Type 1 – Red or blonde hair, light eyes, fair complexion, sensitive skin, burns quickly: 1 – 10 min/day
Skin Type 2 – Blonde hair, light eyes, fair complexion, freckles, burns often, tans lightly: 10 – 20 min/day
Skin Type 3 – Brown hair, medium complexion and eyes, may burn, develops tan: 20 – 30 min/day
Skin Type 4 – Dark hair, olive complexion, dark eyes, good tan, seldom burns: 45 min/day

4. Use skin protection products with SPF20 or above, free of oils, emulsifiers and fragrances as these can cause allergic reactions. Use a higher protection on your face. Use a water resistant formula or reapply after swimming or toweling off.

5. Apply sun protection to clean, dry skin first thing in the morning EVERYDAY. If you are going to be swimming or at the beach do this 30 – 45 minutes BEFORE sun exposure and while in the shade! Pay attention to areas such as the nose, lips, tops of ears, scalp, shins, backs of knees, tops of feet, eyebrows.

Remember to also ensure that you and your kids wear a sun hat and swimming costumes or rash vest with UVA and UVB protection. And sunglasses! Kids are especially vulnerable in the sun not only to the sun’s radiation but also to dehydration so keep lots of water on hand too!

Our family recently tried out a sample of the new Ultrasun range of sun products – well we can honestly say that it is the best sun product we have tried. Even my husband who is notoriously fussy about using sun tan lotion due to it’s stickiness was raving about it to his friends! My kids have serious skin problems and I am always loathe to put sun tan lotion on knowing it will sting and irritate their eczema but Ultrasun did nothing of the sort. Something we really liked about it was that it was absorbed quickly and completely – no white ghost-faces for us! It also feels more like applying a moisturizer than a sun tan lotion. As you know already I’m a keen fan of products with NO NASTIES and this product has no parabens, perfumes, emulsifyers or fats. An added bonus is that this product claims to be one of the few that you can apply once a day for the whole day – something busy moms will be pleased about! Now that our sample bottle we will definitely be replacing it with a new bottle of Ultrasun shortly. It can be purchased via leading dermatologists, specialist pharmacies and online at

The range also includes the following:

Sport Range
– High 30 SPF
– Very High 50 SPF

Glimmer Formula
– Medium 20 SPF

Family Formula
– High 30 SPF (super sensitive)

Extreme Formula
– Very High 50 SPF (ultra sensitive)

Anti-Aging Formula
– High 30 SPF (face)
– Very High 50 SPF (face)


Ultralip SPF 15 lipbalm



Some more info about Ultrasun….

High protection
Ultrasun uses the highest quality filters to provide the best possible protection against both UVA and UVB rays.
Allergy friendly
Ultrasun contains no fat, no preservatives and no perfumes. This means that Ultrasun has the highest possible neutrality for the skin and makes it ideal for those suffering from allergies or other sensitive skin conditions.
Thanks to Liposomal technology, Ultrasun is easily absorbed into the skin, making it easy to apply and easy to use with other creams and make-up.
Ultrasun is highly photostable. That means that one application is generally sufficient for the entire day.
Ultrasun is highly water-resistant. Not only is it resistant against perspiration, it remains effective even after showering and toweling!
Because Ultrasun contains no fat and no emulsifiers, it is ultra non-greasy.
Swiss made
Ultrasun is Swiss Made and is manufactured to the highest standards from the best ingredients.

For more info on Ultrasun contact them:

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