Top 10 tips for organizing photos to print plus WIN a R1000 gift from PrintWild!

Last week I returned from a few days away as one of the first thing I did was to plug in my (full) camera and download the photos. Well, 1024 photos appeared to need downloading. And that was just from 4 days away!! Eeeeek. Inevitably a few minutes later I got the scary “harddrive is full” message on my screen and had to call in my husband to help make a plan. I have approximately 128 567 photos on my computer (or thereabouts) and he was like “You need to sort out your photos” Tell me something I don’t know!!

Sorting out my photos and then printing a few is pretty much on my “To Do” list all the time. It never goes away. And it never gets tackled either! The last time I printed pics was when my 4 and a half year old was 6 months! That is 4 years of photos to go through. And as someone who LOVES photography and is never far from her camera / Instagram/ cell phone camera this will probably take me 2000 hours to go through! I have heart palpitations just thinking about it! And I’m pretty sure there are millions of moms out there JUST LIKE ME! (P.S. Why are “photos” always the moms responsibility? Do any dads get as stressed about printing pics as us moms??)

But the truth is that there is no point taking so many photos unless I actually get around to sorting out which ones to print and PRINTING THEM! Who ever pours over the photo albums on their computer reminiscing about that special family holiday or those far-flung family members or even the baby photos of your teen? No one, that’s who! Yes, unless it’s printed out and appearing on a gallery wall, in a photo book or album or in a frame next to you bed no one ever sees those beautiful moments again!

As a child I LOVED my baby album, in fact I still have the rather battered looking book on my shelf and my kids look through it every now and again. But I am ashamed to admit that although my son’s album is fairly full, my daughters barely fills the first 10 pages. And we have about 3 photos of her on display around the house…. And I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here!

Why is it that we never get around to this important task??

All our best photos stay trapped away on our computers or phones never to see the light of day. We need to find a way to take our memories and moments off these devices and into our real lives!

My main enemy is time – this project is massive and I just feel too overwhelmed when faced with folders and folders of photos to go through. Another big issue is cost. A while ago when I got my act together and created a “To Print” folder I realised it was going to cost me a fortune to fill that baby album – and the budget just never seems to stretch as far as photos… food generally priority!

What’s your excuse enemy?

So, how can we solve this issue that seems to affect us all – especially moms – and actually fill our homes and lives with memories? How do we choose which memories are worth printing?

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 08.33.50



Well, I recently discovered PrintWild and they are making printing out pics so much easier with their easy and convenient online ordering system. PrintWild have some lovely quality options for printing out pics including canvas, acrylic mounts, contemporary framing and super cute Faceblocks to help get all those ‘trapped’ images off your hard drives, phones, cameras, flash disks and onto the wall where they belong! What’s great is that their prices are affordable and your order comes with free delivery!

To help you get started with selecting which pics to print I’ve put together my Top 10 tips for organizing photos….

How to sort out your photos and choose which ones to print

Download all your pics to one folder on your computer often (every month is probably a good start) and then keep on top of labeling the smaller folders such as “Holiday to Karoo” or “Josh’s 4th birthday” or “Bea’s graduation” etc. It might also be a good idea to delete the obvious duds at this point. Better yet delete them on the camera when you are still taking pics. That way when you do sit down to do a proper sort and selection process you won’t be hunting around for the highlights.

Feeling overwhelmed? Just start! Otherwise you’ll never get anywhere. Realise that this project won’t be done in one afternoon but might take a few evenings (Alternatively you might prefer to set aside every Sunday night for a while to get on top of things) Sit down and start to sort and you’ll feel better that you’ve made some progress.

Create a “To Print” folder on your computer and start to copy (NOT cut) photos that jump out at you into that folder. You probably have hundreds of great images to choose from so don’t spend too much time deliberating about them all. If it looks great and triggers a happy memory drop it into that folder. Alternatively Picasso scans your hard drive and picks up everything, and you can select and eliminate easily from there.

Once you have gone through all your photos on your computer (and don’t forget your phone – quality has improved so much that these pics can be printed too these days!) then go back to your “To Print” album and start to eliminate… Remove pics that are blurred, duplicated or too similar to others. You don’t need 5 pics of your son wearing the same outfit in slightly different poses. Choose pics that are special to YOU – these will be more important in the long run than a colour scheme or someone else’s opinion – and this photo will be around for a long time so make it mean something. Then again don’t give up at this point due to indecisiveness! Choosing any one of the photos to print is better than not having any at all!

Decide what your budget is! Enough said!

Choose what product/s you require for printing out your pics and what look or outcome you are hoping to achieve with the budget you have. Do you want an album full of photos or a photo wall. Maybe you just want one statement photo from a special occasion to use as part of your home decor? Ask yourself how long you’d like to live with the image? Will it date? The longevity of the artwork, and how much you spend on it, dictates which image you choose. Trendy/ fashionable/ fun images will work best with easy-to-update Faceblocks that only cost R60 each. Whereas a classic B&W photograph that you’re going to enlarge onto an archival premium stretched canvas and hang in your lounge as a contemporary art piece needs to be chosen carefully!

When it comes to selecting photos, go for pics that capture the person’s personality – not just the pretty posed pics! It’s always NB to have photos of significant occasions such as birthday’s, holidays, weddings or first days of school as well as special friends or pets. I know I can get quite obsessed with printing photos of just my kids as I want to capture every moment of their childhood and I can forget to print pics of other family members, cousins, friends, school activities or our daily lives. It’s actually quite important to have a few photos of special places you visit often. Maybe the local park or your back garden. These things might seem overly familiar to you right now but in a few year’s time you may no longer live in that neighbourhood and then a photo will bring back loads of memories for you and your kids!

Continue eliminating until you have a final selection of photos to print – be it 400 or 4 – that falls within your budget and matches your requirements.

At this point technical considerations should also be taken into account of course when selecting photos. File size is especially NB if you are hoping to enlarge pics to A1 or A0. You can’t print a low res image at A0 size. Image size may then dictate what you end up doing with it. For example pics off Facebook make great Faceblocks as these are usually low res images and PrintWild makes it easy to do this as you can load straight from your galleries for quick ordering. Remember you can also edit your photos before printing them (That’s if you have the time! I don’t!). Don’t be afraid to crop an image if the original isn’t perfect. You can use tools like Picasso or Pic Monkey to do this for you.

Finally remember who you are selecting the photo for – if it’s for your own home this shouldn’t be a problem as your own taste will determine you product selection – but if it’s a gift for someone else do consider that persons home decor when choosing an item. For example a modern home may suit an acrylic mounted image whereas a young family may enjoy the more casual Faceblocks!

Finally I would say, enjoy the process of pouring over your memories and special moments. If it all gets too much, take a breather and go back again later. As much as this seems like a huge chore, it really shouldn’t be! These are your special people and happy places and you don’t want to taint that… Have fun. And it will TOTALLY be worth it when you finally get your printed pics in the post!

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PrintWild are offering one lucky Becoming you reader the chance to win a R1000 gift of their choice from the selection offered below…

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  2. What an amazing competition!
    I would love to win the 15 x Faceblocks, I have shared this on Twitter (@bartam2000) and on Facebook

  3. Entered! I do Project Life so I download from both my camera and phone weekly and sort them under the Sunday’s date with possible “events” subdirectories. So I do print a lot and the kids love to page through it.

  4. The Big 1s are my favourite. Like your tips for sorting photos, especially no7 and choosing photos showing personality. I have so many I need to still print.

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