How to look stylish while travelling light – a guide to packing for holidays

Are you one of those women who makes the mistake of trying to take way too many clothes with you on holiday?

Not only will you likely not wear all of the clothing that you have packed, you will also have to suffer the ordeal of lugging around a huge and heavy suitcase behind you wherever you go. You might also be charged more for going over the baggage weight allowance on the airline and you will struggle to move your suitcase up and down stairs or into elevators. Packing a lighter bag will make your travels much more enjoyable and can save you a lot of hassle and effort.

But how can you look stylish while travelling light? You can still look as fashionable as you like while packing a small bag – you simply have to adopt a few tips and tricks in order to create a micro-size travel wardrobe which has maximum style.

Here are some helpful tips for packing light while still looking fabulous:

  • Check the weather. Before you start packing you should always do some research on the climate of your destination and pack the majority of your clothes to match the weather. For example, if you are going on holiday in Spain in the sunny season you should take sundresses and shorts and only one jersey or jacket and pair of long pants on the off chance that it will be cold. If you are going on a skiing holiday in the Swiss Alps, don’t bother taking your t-shirts and shorts. If the weather has a tendency to fluctuate in your destination, you can take clothing that is easily layered so that you can dress warmer or cooler depending on the day.  
  • Pack a few basic items which you can wear in several different ways so that you can get multiple uses out of them. For example, a simple little black dress can be worn with heels and fine jewellery for a fancy meal and can also be worn with sandals and a colourful scarf for a more casual occasion.
  • Think about interchange-ability when you are packing your travel wardrobe. Can you wear every top you have brought with every bottom? If not, you might want to consider not taking the item.
  • Stick to one colour scheme so that all of your clothing will coordinate together. For example, you could take clothes in basic neutrals such as beige, black and navy and then take a few colourful accessories to spice them up.
  • Try not to pack repeats. For example, you don’t need to take three black t-shirts when one will do. If you are going on a longer trip you can always have laundry done partway through your travels.
  • Leave extra room in your luggage to purchase new accessories at your destination. You might just see a beautiful scarf at a local market or some pretty sandals at a local shop which you can use to spice up your outfit. Also, your new accessory will be a great souvenir to remember your trip by.
  • Don’t forget to think about the culture of your destination and dress appropriately so that you will not offend. For example, in many Eastern cultures when visiting holy temples and traditional villages you should keep your shoulders and legs covered so bring along some long sleeved shirts.
  • Go au natural. When it comes to makeup and hair styling, you don’t need to bring your entire collection of products. Keep your makeup simple and style your hair in a natural way and you will still look pretty while saving room in your suitcase.

packing light

Packing light and looking gorgeous is not as difficult as you might think, so remember to keep it simple when you are preparing for your getaway!

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