Ways to organize your life with plastic zipper bags (and win with Tuffy!)

If there’s one thing that helps my life as a mom enormously it’s being organized. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place” is a sort of a mantra for me so I am always grateful for any tips I can get on making my life more organized and I thought you might find this list of 30 ways to use plastic zipper bags from Tuffy quite helpful….

30 uses for Zipper Bags

In 1954 an innovative bag with a plastic zipper seal was introduced to the world, something that has now become an everyday household product, not only are zipper bags our handy kitchen helpers, but they can do so much more to organise life at home. They can be rinsed and reused again and again, and when its time to take them out of food storage duty, they still have plenty of life left.

1. Travelling:
Have you ever travelled only to reach your destination and your shampoo has exploded through your toiletry bag onto your favourite dress? Pack all toiletries into a zipper bag, you can even sort them in specific bags to avoid any nasty surprises. If you have kids, pack each of their daily outfits into bags that way the suitcase wont end up on the floor daily. Bag your shoes.

2. Outdoor:
Beach visits, hiking, waterparks, any outdoor adventure where you think you may get wet, muddy or sandy; stash your valuables in a zipper bag, it will avoid cash getting soaked, phones getting water and sand damage and sunscreen leaking in your bag. Rather safe than soggy!

Got kids?
3. Have you ever travelled with crayons on a hot summer day? You may be familiar with the hot melty mess that can result from crayons on a car journey. Next time, pack them up, just in case.
4. Organize lego blocks, this will help avoid any incidences of standing on lego pieces!
5. Pack a change of clothes in a large zipper bag, whether they get wet or dirty they will remain out of touch of other items in your kids school bag.
6. A great craft idea: squirt some paint into zipper bags, tape them to a table over apiece of white paper. A mess-free painting technique which lets kids draw, squish, trace shapes and letters over and over.
7. Pack emergency snack bags and leave them in the car, biscuits, dried fruit, nuts, raisins anything non-perishable and healthy will work, this will ensure you never get caught with cranky kids shouting for snacks and having to stop and buy them junk.

8. Ice packs:
Zipper bags make perfect ice packs, fill them with water and freeze. These will work well for a cooler box for summer picnics and beach visits. Another great use if you are thinking of using these as ice packs is for injuries: fill half with water (which freezes) and half vodka (which doesn’t freeze) and place in the freezer, this will make for a slushy ice pack ready for the next time you need one.

9. Organized drawers:
Use zipper bags to organise your underwear or bathing suit drawer.

10. Handbag:
Store your make-up, especially powder and other compacts in zipper bags and place in your handbag.

11. Home storage:
Use them around the house to hold all manner of bits ‘n bobs. Think marbles, batteries and DIY supplies.

12. Board games:
There is nothing more irritating than getting ready to sit down with a board game, and you pull it out, only to discover that it’s missing essential pieces, or you only have one die when you need two. Avoid this by bagging each and every play piece for each board game, right now. This goes the same for your kids puzzle pieces, bag the pieces and place in existing box. Makes it far simpler to find the pieces you need esp if there is more than one puzzel in a box.

13. Funnel:
Fill an old bag with beans, rice, flour or whatever you want to pour into a small-mouthed container. Then simply snip off one corner and squeeze the contents out.

14. Baking:
Knead dough by placing your dough into a zipper bag so your fingers don’t get sticky.

15. Pastry/ Icing Bag:
Turn a zipper bag into a pastry bag by snipping off a tiny corner, this allows you to ice your baked goods without any special tools.

16. Winter soups:
Soup season is almost here, fill up bags with extra soup, lay them flat in the freezer. When the bags freeze flat you will be able to pile them up like stacked books for easy, space-saving storage.

17. Marinade meat:
Throw all your ingredients into a zipper bag and toss it into the fridge overnight.

18. Breakfast:
Crack eggs and add whatever other ingredients, shake it up, and pour it into the pan, once cooked through you have a delicious breakfast omlette.

19. Frozen herbs:
If you have an excess of herbs that need to be picked, wash them, pat dry and freeze in a zipper bag, this way you will always have seasonal herbs on hand.

20. Scrapbooking and crafts:
Organize beads, labels, photos in fact just about any craft supplies. You should also keep some zipper bags with you when you are out and about, to save all types of memorabilia, which can be sorted and scrapbooked on your return home.

21. Finances:
Keep a zipper bag in your handbag for receipts, you can sort these at the end of the month.

Other uses include:
22. Mixing spices
23. Blending ground coffee
24. Store Christmas decorations
25. Medicine storage (labeled with each family members name)
26. Pens and stationery storage
27. Storing stamp collections
28. Bread crumb coating
29. Tossing salads
30. Storing jewellery to prevent tangles or lost earrings!

Next time you think your zipper bag has reached its shelf life, don’t just throw it away make sure you reuse it in the home.

Tuffy’s Zipper Bags with Tufflock innovation are available in 3 sizes; large 10’s, medium 15’s and small 20’s at a cost of R16.99. They are an environmentally friendly household solution: made from 100% recyclable material.

tuffy hamper image

To stand the chance of winning a supply of household storage bags and other Tuffy products to help you organize your home. I have 2 hampers each worth R500 filled with zipper bags, 100% recycled refuse bags, recycling bags, scented bin liners, pegs and much more.

To win all you need to do is follow the steps below:

1. Post your organizing tip or idea for how to use a zipper bag in the comments below.

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Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

  1. I use it for storing all the kids doll clothes, crayons, chalk etc. We have a box we put it into afterwards. Also the cold drink bottle for school goes in one

  2. I always use the zipper bags to keep my provitas fresh as well as any buiscuits I open.

    Liked both pages!

  3. Pack all of your toiletries in the large size before putting them into your luggage. I have saved my clothes from not having my scented lotion squirt out all over my bag!

  4. I use it to store food in the freezer like viennas does’nt come in the resealable bag…zipper bags works wonders,
    When going on holiday to carry shampoos and face wash, anything that can spill and mess….zip bag it.
    Have a clogged or lime-y showerhead? Fill a Ziploc bag with white vinegar, submerge the showerhead in it, and use rubber bands or string to hold it on overnight.

  5. I use zipper bags to pack my sandwich and fruits when i go to work, and also storing my vegetables after peeling them, i no longer carry containers. The fill & freeze i use it to pack meat so the fridge can be spacious. Thanks a lot to Tuffy for creating this unbelievable, easy-to-use, reusable packs.

  6. I use it to store soaps and tooth pastes that are already in use. In the Kitchen I use it to store pieces of cheese and provitas as well as for sandwiches for work THEY ARE THE BEST 🙂

  7. For me I use the zipper bags to store any left over food. Also I seal any cut up onions that I put in the fridge so the onion smell doesnt get on any of my other food.

  8. I use the zipper bags for storing chips, nuts and fruit. I have liked both pages on facebook.

  9. I use them for storing my girls hairclips, bands, accessories etc for when we go on holidays…so easy and versatile.

    I also use them to keep their toiletries in there to prevent any spillages.

  10. when my kiddies puzzle boxes get broken, i cut out puzzle picture, tape it to front of zipper bag, and add pieces to bag.. easy for storage.. and easy to use 🙂

  11. I have liked Tuffy Brands on Facebook, and I am a fan of the Becoming You Facebook page.

    I use them for carrying my accessories and stationery in when going anywhere (that way I can prevent ink spillages from leaking pens or anything of that sort).

    They also make great storage kits for my toiletries and for my lunch snacks, such as nuts and health biscuits – they are always kept fresh and crispy in Tuffy bags!

  12. I use them to store puzzle pieces so they pieces don’t get lost or mixed up. I also use them to store my frozen baby food blocks in the freezer.

  13. I like to put my toiletries in the zipper bags especially when flying, avoids having to clean up when you get to your destination!!

  14. Left over wine into a bag and frozen for stews. Toiletries for traveling. Beads and crating items.

  15. Love your blog and love this type of giveaway too, cos u can never have enough of these zipper bags. Liked both pages ages ago. I use a zipper bag for my toiletries when traveling. Actually I use a couple of them 🙂

  16. I use them in the freezer to store excess blanched vegetables from the garden or sauces made and frozen for a later date. Love the way they give me more freezer space as they lie flat.

  17. We’re travellers… and we have 2 littlies … so these are ideal for toiletries, but more so, to pack the kids toys like lego, dinky cars, and puzzles. Also great for keeping puzzles together at home 🙂

  18. as a working wife it is quite hard to prepare nutritious meals everyday so on the weekends when i have time i slice up all the fresh veg i have and seal them in the tuffy medium zipperbags and freeze them for meals in the week ahead , i even do this with beans – i boil all at once and make smaller parcels to use during the week

  19. Plastic Zipper bags are ideal to keep chopped onions or garlic in the fridge without any smell escaping. It saves a lot of time doing it at night ready for preparing packed lunches early in the morning, I also use it to pack the sandwiches as it keeps nice and fresh. I also prepare my separate salad ingredients the night before and take it to work as is without it becoming soggy or watery. I can then just quickly put my salad together at lunch time and in so doing safe a lot of time and mess.

  20. Have liked both pages 🙂

    I use mine for lunch box treats, putting toiletries into when travelling and for storing cheese in the fridge!

  21. Zipper bags are fantastic for putting loose change into when you don’t have any bank packets. I also put the kids toothbrush and toothpaste in a zipper bag when they go stay at a friends house.following both pages.

  22. Liked both pages, i use the zipper bags for nearly everything, you can never have enough, mainly for storing frozen stuff, we buy in bulk and then separate into manageable family sizes. Such a great product

  23. have liked both pages 🙂 we use zipper bags to sort out and pack any odds and ends.. put all my daughters hair clips and ties in bags, my art supplies and hubbys nails and screws 🙂 works really well to sort things out 🙂

  24. using these bags in many things in my house, having kids who toys so they store their toys, lunch and i divide for for the month.

  25. I use a large zipper bag for my daughter’s spare change of clothing for pre-school. That way it stays dry if any juice or food in her bag gets mixed up in her bag 🙂

  26. already a longtime fan on both pages 🙂 liked, shared and tweeted 🙂 Tuffy Brands is the most versatile product in the marketplace today and it keeps our households running smoothly if not sanely. I use it as a space saver in my fridge and freezer for restoring frozen foods that come in boxes that take up so much space otherwise, such as frozen fish, you can now see how pieces of fish are left, keeping one piece of fish in this large box takes up unnecessary space. I love to use the zipper bags when travelling and keep all my liquid toiletries in them to prevent spillage on clothes, also makes it easier to find in the luggage. Great for camping and use it to store everything but the fridge and gas braai.

  27. Already a fan of both pages.Plastic zipper bags are one of those items you cannot live without.I store a myriad of items in them from foods,snacks,biscuits,as pouches for marinating meats and chicken overnight.Because they are also available in different sizes,their versatility is endless.They make great travelling companians too ,be it for beauty products or even storing loose cash and change.They could also be used inflated as a packing aid for protecting fragile items in transport.Being transparent is also a plus because you can see whats stored inside them.

  28. I absolutely love the tip re freezing soup – first saw that on the Nate Berkus show when Jamie Lee Curtis was a guest and shared her organizational skills.

    We use plastic zipper bags for anything and everything in our home. Works great to keep ants away from sweet things.

    Also works fantastic when you need to keep till slips and money (specially if you need to claim the money back from your company).

    Thanks for this great competition Becoming You & Tuffy!

    (Both pages liked on Facebook and Twitter (Rench7))

  29. Place your lunch of soft fruits (guavas, bananas, peaches plums) as well as your yogurts in the zipperbag, to prevent spillage onto the content in the bag

  30. To involve your kids when making a tart that requires a crushed biscuit base, place biscuits in a zipper bag and hand your child a rolling pin to commence crushing. Kids are happy and your kitchen stays clean!

    Following both on FB.

  31. I use them to store my shopping receipts! So when I have to return and item in store, I know where to find the receipt.

  32. I use zipperbags to store odds and ends that I find after cleaning. It is a good way to store and sort out things.

  33. I use zipper bags to put a few things for the babies in, and then place it in my handbag when i go out – eg spare nappy, wipes and packets

  34. I also use tuffy bags to keep some of my Hubby’s tools like screw drivers and nuts and bolts and all the different little bits of hardware beacuse he cane never keep his toolbox tidy!!

  35. I use the zip bags for my kids lunchtime snacks. I buy dried fruit & nuts in bulk, and then they choose what they want & they pack it themselves the night before. The bags are great for things like nuts because they don’t spill out, and you can re-use them a few times!

  36. Crush biscuits for a pie crust (without all the mess) by filling a zipper bag, then running a rolling pin over the biscuits in the bag. So easy; and without crumbs everywhere.

  37. I have liked both pages. I use it to store left over food, chips, nuts etc.
    Have shared post to facebook and tweeted @online61524

  38. I use it for everything, its very handy. I also took it to hospital when my little girl was born, i stored her bottels and pacifiers in it after i sterilized it the night before. I also use it for all our extra cables and chargers that i just cant throw out, everything neet in its own pocket so it dont get all tied up together, also very handy to store photos in… so many options…

  39. Zipper bags for the kids modeling clay. You can’t go wrong there and also that magic sand that they’ve got.

  40. Anything I open and do not finish go into the zipperbags
    We stay on the south Coast so you have to keep things airtight otherwise it just isn’t nice anymore thats where zipper bags come in very handy. The men even put their cellphones in zipper bags when they go out fishing………….. love our zipper bags – cant get enough of it

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