Kruger for Kids: On the hunt at Waterside, a lion kill experience!

On our very first game drive at Waterside Lodge, Thornybush we happened to have the most incredible game sighting I’d ever had… and most likely, ever will!

It all started when we came across a pride of 4 lionesses lounging around in the road enjoying some rest.

They looked really relaxed and in no hurry to go anywhere….

Our time spent studying these gorgeous creatures made me notice how familiarly feline many of their mannerisms are – those closed eyes, curious ears, relaxed paws!

I love photography, and practicing my wildlife photography this holiday was such fun! I don’t profess to be a professional, but I do love capturing animals and our experiences with them and this was an incredible opportunity – to capture their feline features from so close! Nothing gives you access to animals quite like a 4×4 game drive! (even if it is a little unnerving at times – like when they proceed to get up and walk within a meter of you!!)

Anyway, after some pretty perfect posing for my photos, the 4 friends decided they’d had enough and slowly got up and began walking away from us. As dusk is their preferred hunting time, our ranger and tracker decided to follow them for a bit….

Within a few minutes their casual amble had changed pace and we noticed that they were far more intentional about what they were doing.

Ears pricked up, stalking commenced, some unsuspecting animals were about to find themselves in trouble!

Suddenly chaos errupted in the stillness…

Through the bushes crashed 4 hungry lions, an unsuspecting impala the unlucky victim!

Our ranger sprang into action, himself crashing our 4×4 through the bushes to gain access to the kill scene to give us front row seats to nature at it’s nastiest!

My initial thoughts as we ducked beneath branches and rode over bushes, was whether I really wanted to see this violent episode upfront… I’m a particularly squeamish sort and this seemed extreme!

I can totally understand how some readers may want to click away now… I thought I would be one of you. Until I was faced with this incredible opportunity. A lion kill, from start to finish, right in front of my eyes!

Yes, it’s gory and graphic, it’s not pretty, but it’s nature at it’s most powerful.

The strength of these lions, the ferocity, the speed, the aggression. WOW, it’s something else.

A lion kill is not something you’ll see every day, it’s not even something game rangers see every day. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and one I can say I am privileged to have watched unfold in front of me.

Here are a few of my lion kill pictures – the hold grail of game drives and safari enthusiasts everywhere…

What do you think? Would you like to see a lion kill in the wild? Or would it be too much for you?

This certainly was one of the most epic wildlife encounters I’ve ever experienced.

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Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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