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If you are anything like me (and most women I know) you are on a never-ending hunt for the fatest-acting, longest-lasting, anti-aging beauty products around! The “holy grail” of beauty that keeps trillion dollar businesses afloat.

As I’m now heading into my mid-thirties, I’ve started to notice more and more that my skin is showing signs of it’s age. No longer do I see a youthful, line free face in the mirror – it’s more fine lines, “frown” lines and increasingly drier skin! Eeeek!

Now I’ve always been an advocate of a good skin care routine and tend to cleanse and moisturize daily but I’ve not been particularly brand loyal and tried a variety of options depending on what I can afford at the time!

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a range of more luxurious beauty products than I have tried in the past. Obey your Body. You might know then from the infamous shopping mall sales people and to be honest when I was contacted about trying them I was a bit hesitant because of the impression from those bad experiences many of us have had. But, I’m not one to write off a product (or person) without at least giving them a chance so I decided to give them a go.

What a pleasant surprise! I was gifted a full range of the Decorin Anti-Age products from Obey your Body that contain Dead Sea Minerals. The range includes a Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Thermal Mask, Day and Night Cream which I have been using daily over the past 3 weeks (and the mask twice a week!)

The Decorin Age-Control Collection fights naturally occuring effects of aging. This advanced anti-aging formula helps create youthful and healthy looking skin and gives an immediate lift to tired and stressed skin. The range contains the innovative collagen organizing tetrapeptide Decorinyl® and is enriched with powerful antioxidants and natural herbal complexes to create radiant, youthful and healthy looking skin. The products also provide long-term care that tightens, firms and prevents dry lines and wrinkles.

The improvement in my skin has been rather dramatic – within a few minutes of using the products in my morning routine I had noticed my skin was softer, plumper and fresher looking. The “frown lines”, my current aging concern, were definitely less noticeable (confirmed by hubby!) which was cause of much rejoicing on my part!

The cleanser comes in a handy pump bottle which I keep in the shower and use morning and night. The fragrance remind me of the seaside and the texture is creamy and soothing to the skin. I followed this with the toner, not a product I usually use, but something I will be adding to my routine from now on. The benefits of using a toner include minimizing the appearance of pores and removing all traces of face cleanser or mask and preparing your skin to absorb the moisturizer.

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Following the toner I used the serum, another new product to my routine. Initially I wasn’t quite sure how or when to use this in my routine. But now I’ve discovered the secret of serum and I can say that I’ve really noticed the difference in my skin since using this product – the lifting and toning effects on my skin were noticeable. Other benefits include the improvements of

The Day and Night Moisturizers were both lovely and nourishing. Rich and creamy, these products worked wonders and my dry, tight skin was lapping them up! My skin remained supple and smooth the entire day and after applying the Night Cream I woke with a fresh, dewy looking skin.

2013-03-17 11.11.24

The Thermal Mask is a special treatment that gets used 2 or 3 times a week and then only for a few minutes at a time. The product is unique in that it warms up when in contact with your skin – even on your fingers!! I found I could only handle the tingling and heating effect for a few minutes but the benefit of increased blood flow to the skin obviously helps to stimulate healing.


The purity of the minerals, salts and muds that originate at the Dead Sea have regenerative and curative properties because there is year-round hot weather, oxygen-enriched atmosphere, UVB solar radiation and mineral-rich salt and mud.

As I mentioned my skin has only recently become dry which meant that I’ve had to up the moisture level of my moisturizer and this Anti-Age range was perfect for me. I’m definitely going to be replacing these products when my current ones run out.

2013-03-17 11.11.07

Obey your Body products can be purchased at the stand alone stores at Canal Walk shopping centre and at the V & A Waterfront as well as the kiosk stalls in various shopping malls. Alternatively you can purchase the products from Nkuli Mgodi at Obey your Body head office (at a slightly better price!) located in Montague Gardens, Cape Town.

Obey your Body Head Office Contact Details
Tel: 021 551 4483
Cell: 072 533 6892
Email: nkuli@obeyyourbody.com

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  1. Thanks for this review! The products sound great and may be just the thing for me. I always run a mile when I see the stalls in the mall. Next time I’ll stop and get a sample.

  2. I buy my Obey Your Body decorin range online from AbsoluteSkin – a fractiin of the cost of getring it at the airport, V&A or otger malls, free delivery and I usually receive it the next day.

    1. Hi Ashley, i am an Obey Your Body Brand Ambassador. I work in Durban, KZN
      The Store i work for is called Showbar we have Two stores here, one in Pavillion Shopping Center and Another in Ballito Juction.

      Our prices are very competitive and we deliever country wide.

      If you are interested or want to know more Please Contact me on 083 805 7191.

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