Beauty Review: Nivea Sun Kids sunscreen

Summer = more time in the sun and as our kids head back to school soon it’s NB that we find suncare solutions that work for them and that they will buy into each and every day.

Considering this product house has been around for 100 years and works with over 50 institutions around the world to ensure the best products and ingredients are used, I would think it is safe to say this brand knows a thing or two about sun protection!

The name NIVEA comes from the Latin word “nix nivis” which means “snow” when translated. NIVEA literally means “snow white” which arose from the manufacturing of their first water-in-oil emulsion which was in fact; you guessed it, snow white in colour.

The sun range was established in 1958 with their first Ultra-Oil spray. This was something entirely new and from there, a whole range of sun care was born. Although NIVEA has a multitude of products, the review today is on the Nivea Kids Sun Range.

NIVEA Sun Kids Roll On’s

These are great to encourage kids to apply their own sunscreen (mine used them to play noughts and crosses on one another’s tummies!). They also make quick re-application easier. They are a great size for keeping in the car, sports bag, school bag or handbag so you are never without! My only negative is the roll on ball is quite large, so for little bodies and little faces it can sometimes be a bit tricky to get to some areas, like under the eyes. You do still have to rub this sunscreen in, as it comes out in lines as you roll, so it is not a completely “hands free” option. These little guys are 50ml’s each. There are a couple of roll on’s in the range that we used…

NIVEA Sun Kids Sensitive Roll On SPF 50+

This is unperfumed, has a high UVA protection and is extremely water resistant.

NIVEA Sun Protect and Care Coloured Roll On SPF 50+ (in green and pink)

These are also extra water resistant and have high UVA and UVB protection

Beware of these coloured ones with white and light coloured clothing – we found that it can actually discolour these items!

These retail for around R99 each and can be found at outlets such as Clicks, Dischem, PnP and even on Take-Alot.


NIVEA Sun Kids Sensitive Protect and Care Trigger Spray 50+

As a mom of 2 boys that don’t stand still for sunscreen application, I love the trigger bottle. It is super easy to apply, has a great “lock” mechanism on the trigger to prevent that unwanted accidental spray in your beach bag and is a 300ml bottle. I have found that my younger son’s skin can tolerate this sensitive range, whereas with the other range he comes out in a fine rash. So when they say “paediatrician tested”, they mean it. It retails for around R195 – R209 and can also be found at the above retailers.

NIVEA Sun Kids Coloured Moisturising Sun Spray

This also has a 50+ SPF, is light green in colour (once again, beware of this coloured spray with the lighter coloured clothes) and has a nice spray nozzle. The bottle itself has a cool “finger grip” design along the sides of the bottle to allow you to hold on even with slippery “sunscreeny” fingers and contains 200ml. It retails for around R170.


All in all, some great sunscreen options for kids that are tried and tested and really do what they say- protect the skin from our harsh South African sun, even when your kids are hopping in and out of the water. But, even with that being said, please DON’T FORGET to reapply regularly! Happy summer to you all!


Bronwyn du Plessis

Bronwyn is a Somatologist and has been working in skincare for 14 years. She started her own business as soon as she had finished her studies and has loved every minute of it! Bronwyn also has 2 boys, aged 8 and 5, who keep her on her toes when she is not working. Bronwyn says she was fortunate enough to build a salon at her home in Meadowridge 4 years ago and it was the best thing she could ever have done. Bronwyn is passionate about skincare and advanced skin treatments (like microneedling and peeling) and is so grateful to have found a job which she loves doing every day! She uses Environ and Dermafix in her salon and these 2 brands have taught her so much over the years. She does a range of treatments including mani’s, pedi’s, waxing, massage, tinting, advanced facial treatments and more! She loves working in an industry that changes so much so often as it allows her to keep learning every day!

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