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I recently attended the second annual Blog Olympics hosted by Mr Price Sport in Durban… and the reason I tell you this is that I first met Durban-based Nicola about a year ago at Blog Olympics 2013! Since then she has started blogging more regularly and when I visited her blog recently I knew I had to feature her in my What I… blogger interview series.

Nicola writes over at Ask Ashe. I love how she explains the name of her blog…

“I’ve always been asked questions about anything and everything. “Where do I get that?”, “What is the best?”, “Who can do this?”, “When is that on?” I either know the answer, have a suggestion or will enjoy finding out. My friends always said – “Ask Ashe”, so I joked that I’d start a business one day and call it that instead I started a blog!”

Nicola has a background in interior and web design and works as an account manager at a Durban ad agency. She blogs about cool stuff and happenings in Durban and the design world as well as her travels. Find out more about Nicola and Ask Ashe below…

What I….

That no one knows what they’re really doing – we’re all just winging it!
Life is short, you never have as much time as you think, don’t sweat the small stuff, blame it on the boogie 😉
Oh, and if you have space, always have dessert!

White decor, stationery, cool weather, weekends away, snuggling, laughing, jeans that make you look 5kgs lighter, my hair when I’m leaving the salon, good food – preferably tapas style, lemon meringue, cheesecake, sea views, those miniature toiletries you get in hotels, a good tv series… The list is endless. But most of all I love that someone finally ‘gets me’ and he’s amazing x

nicola ashe collage

I’m one of those people who hasn’t picked a proper book or even magazine up in ages. Terrible I know. I read blogs – lots of them – I follow over 3000 of them using bloglovin and have them categorised so I can jump to the ones I want to read first – the Durban, SA and decor categories are favourites. I read all of my news online and occasionally browse through the Sunday papers, other than that, it’s all digital for me.

Hair that never needs washing and drying, nails that are always perfectly manicured and a flatter tummy… Oh wait you mean you’re not actually granting me 3 wishes?!
Ok then I want one of those library card cabinets, to house all of my stationery bits.
And world peace and an end to famine.
I’m well rounded like that.

I’m most comfy in sweat pants and a slouchy shirt, but I can’t go out like that (alas!), so it’s usually skinny jeans, trainers and a shirt for me – not often glammed up! I switch to heels in the evening if I need some height 😉

To slow down, unplug from digital and just relax for a whole week somewhere like Brookdale – I’ve promised myself a visit there next year, so we’ll see.
Other than that, no one really needs anything, but time and patience.

Thanks Nicola for taking the time to participate in this series! Loved your answers! And esp love your blog motto: “Some people gym, I blog” Kindred spirit!!

Images: Nicola Ashe

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