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The life-changing Spindel laundry dryer is something I’ve mentioned on this blog a few times aver the past few years and so it’s only fitting that I share some exciting news with you: a NEW Spindel. Yes, the Spindel is now available is a bigger size – a 6.5kg capacity. Plus there are a few tweaks to the design, such as a recessed water spout and catch that keeps the lid up while loading, that make it even better than before. There’s never been a better reason to retire that electricity gobbling tumble dryer for good!


The NEW Spindel 6.5kg offers a 40% greater load capacity than the original 4.5kg model making it even more convenient to dry laundry faster, save energy and preserve your fabrics for longer.

See how the Spindel 6.5kg compares to the average tumble dryer below:

Load capacity6kg6.5kg
Average cycle time75 minutes3 minutes
Energy consumption per cycle2.5 KWh (kilowatt hours)0.015 KWh (kilowatt hours)
Fabric careCauses heat damage to fabricsNo damage to fabrics
Suitable fabricsNot safe for delicate fabricsSafe for all fabrics
Space requirementHeight: 850mmWidth: 600mmWeight: 35kgHeight: 640mmWidth: 385mmWeight: 9kg
Recommended retail priceR 3 000R2 099


The great news is that Takealot are currently running an amazing special offer on both size Spindel dryers:

R1400 for the 4.5kg Spindel

R1900 for the NEW 6.5kg Spindel


I’ve been lucky enough to receive an upgrade to my Spindel and have definitely been reaping the rewards in that I can fit a whole load of washing from my front loader into my new 6.5kg Spindel!

Another perk of this upgrade has been that I was able to donate my old 4.5kg Spindel to an underpriviledged children’s home!  The homes who received the older model Spindels were Fikelela Children’s Centre, St Georges Home for Girls and the Zonnebloem Cottage Foster Home.  And as you can read below the Spindels have made their lives a little bit easier this winter

“Winter often feels like a time that is dominated with washing. With 38 little ones to care for, the piles of washing are unending. With so many toddlers being toilet trained, the pajamas and bed linen pile up fast!  We have two choices – to fill every conceivable space with wet washing, which soon becomes smelly and creates a damp atmosphere where the children are playing or sleeping. Or else we put the tumble dryer on for ages it seems. This has a huge impact on our budget and is not in line with our commitment to walking lightly on this earth… The Spindel is a wonderful addition to our home! With a few minutes of whizzing at top speed, the majority of the water is spun out of the clothes. Some of the lighter items can be ironed and worn immediately, others have to hang overnight. Then with just a few minutes in the tumble dryer if necessary we have warm happy kids again!!  Viva spindle, Viva!!”  Kate Lagwa

“Thank you so much for the Spindel. We have been inundated with rain this winter and it has made such a huge difference to not have piles of smelly washing and has helped to cut down on our electricity bill!  Thank you so much!”  Graeme Cairns

“I am so amazed at how much water is  spun out by the Spindel machine after the washing comes out of the washing machine, where it also has a spinning process.  Almost a bucket of water is spun out! No need for washing to hang all day, a couple of hours outside and you have dry washing and this way we can do more loads of washing on a day, as the clothing dries very quickly. This is a wonderful tool to have in the home, especially during winter. We are grateful to the donors for thinking of us.”  Bridget (House Mother)


Thanks Spindel for making me a small part of this heart-warming project!

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