Beauty Review: Nature Box body range

Today Noks is sharing her thoughts about the new Nature Box Shower Gel & Nature Box Body Lotion.

Nature Box is a new brand from Schwarzkopf and Henkel that specialises in holistic body & hair care products. All their products are vegan certified, contain no artificial colours and free from silicone and parabens. They also claim that all products contain 100% natural cold pressed oils and natural ingredients.

I received a few hair and body products from the almond oil range to review, but the shower gel and body lotion where my favourites. The almond oil range promises hydration and, softness of the skin, something I love hearing especially coming out of the winter months. I’ve been using these products on my dry skin for a few days and here are my thoughts…

Nature Box Review

The bright purple packaging is super cute! It’s a simple easy to use plastic squeeze bottle and what is amazing is that all their bottles and jars are made from 98% social plastic which is collected on beaches, and they are 25% recyclable Yay!

The star ingredient for this almond oil range is the 100% cold-pressed almond oil. The cold-pressing method is the extraction of oils from the seed of fruits and nuts without using heat and chemicals so that the natural oils are released in their purest form. The body lotion also contains (sunflower) seed oil which can help replenish and soothe skin which is particularly beneficial for dry and dehydrated skin. The shower gel contains a (coconut) fruit extract, which is rich in skin-conditioning fatty acids to keep skin smooth.

The shower gel is a clear gel that spreads easily on the skin and has a good amount of foam. The scent is very light with top notes of pear and an interesting, juicy green note. After using the shower gel, my skin felt smooth and slightly moisturized.

The consistency of the body lotion takes some getting used to, as I found it thick and hard to spread but this means a little goes a long way. The first few times I used it, I put on too much and found it hard to spread, making it hard to get absorbed quickly. The scent is a strong gourmand vanilla smell which eventually settles well on to the skin.

I looove the smell of this shower gel! I also like the simplicity of the ingredient list, and it’s has a good balance of natural ingredients. The cherry on top is the mission statement for the brand; they are committed to following sustainable practices when sourcing ingredients and they support small farmers.

I appreciate the all-round positivity and holistic beauty vibe of the brand. The almond oil range is a great choice for anyone who hates that stripped skin feeling after a shower, the shower gel is nourishing, and the body lotion leaves your skin feeling hydrated. The fact that the products are super affordable and easily accessible is a huge plus! as soon as mine are finished, I’m trying out the avocado range.


Nature Box Almond Shower Gel – R65 for 385ml

Nature Box Almond Body Lotion – R93 for 385 ml





Nokulunga Mchunu

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