My Winter Wardrobe finds… from Truworths

In recent years I’ve discovered that I love fashion

No, not high end couture (although that is pretty!), rather, I refer to putting together everyday outfits that work for me… a mom on the run… the school run, the 5km run, the event run, the extra-mural run, the work-for-yourself run and the constantly on-the-run run!

Opening my wardrobe each morning and putting together a few items to create a look that makes me feel good about myself and confident enough to face the day, is a little slice of fun that I find is a great way to start the day!

Dressing in winter is by far my favourite! I love layering colours and textures and the colder months really allow you to do this with their knits and jackets and jeans and boots.

Recently Truworths asked me to visit one of their stores and pick out a few of my favourite finds for a winter wardrobe update… obviously I obliged 😉 and then I realised I actually had to model the clothes and pose for photos and get my husband to take the photos! But it was too late. So, here is proof enough as to why this isn’t a fashion blog. As much as I love fashion, I can’t abide by the “having to have photos taken of me” aspect of fashion blogging. And I need a professional photographer for a partner (except I rather like the one I have… so I’m not about to trade him in anytime soon!)

Anyway…. here are a few of my favourite finds for winter (and some awkward photos of me trying to pose!)

I chose items from across their various ranges such as OBR, TRS by Truworths, Truworths Basix and The Truworths Collection.

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and huge variety available and loved discovering some of the new collections that I hadn’t seen before..



My Winter Wardrobe

I started with the basics and built my wardrobe from the bottom up…



A pair of skinny dark wash denim jeans with patterned belt (OBR Jeans, R525)

truworths jeans


These are the best skinnies I own currently and the price was amazing at R525. I love the little bit of distressing detail and find that the stretch is just right…. sucking me in where I need it and accentuating my (many) curves in all the right places. A great basic for winter.


A pair of khaki green “fatigue” skinny pants with cut-out belt (TRS by Truworths, R550)

truworths khaki pants

There’s are completely different to what I usually buy… I’m generally just a jeans girl… but when I spotted these on the mannequin I immediately realised that they would be a winner. This is an awesome colour for winter and it works with black, navy blue, charcoal, grey, white, tan… Pretty much all the colours in my wardrobe. A really versatile piece that will make for a nice change from the usual blue or black denims. AND it feels a bit more classic and classy so can be worn for those occasions where jeans just won’t work.



A black Victorian-style lacey top (The Truworths Collection, R399)

truworths top


This was my daughter’s choice… she’s a sucker for pretty. I’m pretty sure the lace and frills caught her eye from across the store! And once I put it on she was convinced “Mommy, you look so pretty” How could I resist!? Again, a departure from my usual (boring?) style, the details on this top make it special and a worthy addition to my wardrobe (which could do with a few frills). Ideal to be worn on it’s own to an event or evening function, or under the leather jacket for day-to-day.


A relaxed red top (Truworths Basix, R320)

truworths red top

I’ve been trying to add a bit of colour to my wardrobe and this red top jumped out at me as I walked past. I love red but have always been a bit intimidated to wear it… until I realised that it does, in fact, suit me (if it’s the right red!) The style of this top is loose and flowy which is excellent for hiding my mummy tummy. Yes, the fabric’s a bit flimsy for winter, BUT you can pair it with a long sleeve top or vest underneath and a jacket over the top as I did in the photo and it will last more than one season (and a few more after that!) I’ll be wearing this with my denims and grey leather jacket for day to day and it will definitely work for events and evenings out too. Very versatile. Love!



A charcoal grey pleather biker jacket (OBR Jeans, R525)

truworths leather jacket

I spotted this as I was about to leave and then headed back in to try it on. Good thing I did. I’ve worn it everyday since I’ve come home with it. I have the usual black “leather” jacket and wasn’t sure I need another leather-look jacket BUT this grey is an amazing addition to my winter wardrobe and, once again, it works with a whole host of my existing items, plus I think it will work equally well in summer. Obviously, for the price, it’s not genuine leather BUT it is a pretty good knock off. The fabric is soft to the touch and doesn’t look fake at all. I love the extra detailing which makes this an interesting item AND I found it on the sale rails… If you hurry, you might too!



A white hoody cotton tracksuit top (TRS by Truworths, R199)

truworths winter fashion 1

This is a more casual top which I selected because, as a mom, some days you just need to be comfortable. I only really buy natural fibres if I can help it and this cotton top appealed to me. White is a difficult colour to wear as a mom but I do love it’s crispness. I’ll be using this for running on cold winter mornings and then throw a denim or leather jacket over it to smarten it up or when I need extra warmth on the side of the rugby field!


An ink (navy) blue fluffy winter jersey (INWEAR, R320)

truworths knit

The super soft texture of this knit jumped out at me and I couldn’t put it down once my hands had touched it. I think, as a mom, it’s important to “feel” nice and sometimes I choose my clothes according to how they will feel to my kids (is that weird??) This one is a winner. Both my kids want loads of cuddles when I’m wearing it. To be honest, it feels like one warm, snuggly hug when I wear it! I’m a sucker for navy blue – it’s become one of my staple wardrobe colours – and this will look good with jeans and my new khaki pants. A winter winner!
As you can tell from my selection I’m quite kitted out for winter now… plenty of solid basics to keep me warm AND stylish too. Let me know if any of these seem like you sort of style!
What are your favourite items for wearing in winter? I’d love to hear your winter fashion favourites…
P.S. Some of these Winter Wardrobe items are currently available on sale… Hurry in stores to make sure you don’t miss out!

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