My Pregnancy Story

For so many months and years of a woman’s life the main consideration is to not fall pregnant, but then things change. You decide you want to fall pregnant and you want it to happen immediately! Except, it doesn’t always happen like that, right!?

Pregnancy is a complicated business. It’s a profoundly moving, albeit deeply stressful time.

Pregnancy really is probably the most confusing state any woman can find herself in. Hormonally haywire, emotionally exhausted, physically fatigued.

That being said, it’s also the most incredible and unique time in a woman’s life too.

My own pregnancies were planned, but the changes and complications that came with them were completely un-planned.

That’s the thing about pregnancy!

You can think you’ve got it all planned out. Until you don’t! You can think you’ve got it all under control, and then you’re a sobbing wreck spending hours on the bathroom floor too afraid to move 5 metres from the toilet bowl. You can think that your body will do everything by the book (What to expect while you’re expecting, of course!), but then it doesn’t…

I first knew I wanted to have babies when I was about 5. I know I’m like many little girls in that respect, but I’m also unlike many too! I just knew I wanted to be a mom from an early age, but it’s totally ok and very normal to not know this even at age 40!!!

My path to pregnancy started while I was living in the UK for 2 years… Aged 26, married for 4 years, commuting 2 hours a day to a job that didn’t excite me and struggling with desperate homesickness, I found myself uttering the words “Let’s try for a baby” while on a 2 week trip around Italy. Fortunately our practical sides overtook our romantic sides and we decided together that waiting until we were back on home turf (with medical aid cover and family support) was probably a better idea, so we set about planning to fall pregnant after we moved back home in the September of that year. I fell pregnant in the following January, a mere 4 months later than planned, but pretty much on a par with what is the “normal” amount of time.

My first pregnancy sailed along pretty text book. Minor morning sickness, major lethargy, terrible skin!!! I was pretty grateful I wasn’t working in a full time job and took advantage of the time I had to nap in the sun and decorate the baby nursery in a Peter Rabbit theme. (My second pregnant self laughs at my first pregnant self. I had NO IDEA!)

I recall the first time I thought I might be pregnant (now 11 years ago!), I think it was my gigantic, very sore boobs that gave it away and this was confirmed a few days later when only 1 pee stick was necessary to confirm my suspicions.

Aside from buying every Peter Rabbit-themed item I could find, other happy memories from this time include my intuition predicting (rightly) that I was expecting a boy, my very first scan at 13 weeks when the flickering heartbeat came into view on the sonar screen and watching and filming my baby bounce around inside me while I lay in the sunshine on my bed. An incredible experience if ever there was one!

At the time of my first visit to the gynae I knew that I needed to be taking folic acid… in fact he’d prescribed it to me a few months before I fell pregnant in preparation, so I knew that taking a daily multi-vitamin would be a good idea and I dutifully made sure I did this every day. There wasn’t much more info other than it would be a good supplement to aid my growing baby’s body…

Nowadays there’s so much more information out there. To be honest there can be TOO much. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by every second person’s opinion, the internet chat rooms and the mommy blogs! But, like every other mom out there, I knew I wanted to do the very best thing for my baby and that meant reading ALL the info in every pamphlet, magazine and book I could get my hands on. A right of passage for every expecting mom!!!

I’m a firm believer that you become a mom the moment you fall pregnant because from that moment on so many sacrifices need to be made for the good of your developing baby and to ensure that your baby has the best possible start in life. I made sure I didn’t eat the wrong things – no wine, sushi, soft cheese – basically torture!

My second pregnancy was a totally different story. My planning went to pot. Even through I was not yet 30 (a pretty good age to fall pregnant!), I still found myself trying to fall pregnant for 16 long months. It was a dark, sad, miserable time that I’d rather forget now…

Nothing I did, or drank, or prayed, or ate, or didn’t do helped!

I tried ovulation kits, and temperature monitoring. I sent my husband to be tested and I tried Progesterone cream. I asked people to pray for me and I wailed and cried and pleaded with God. Obviously I know there are far more drastic steps you can take on the infertility journey and much more heartache than I experienced but this was my path… and it was equally painful for me.

And then it happened. A miracle. My miracle.

My second pregnancy was another fairly smooth sailing experience – I had more morning sickness and vomiting that the first one (girls!?) and less bad skin (boys?!). I also had an energetic toddler to manage which meant I couldn’t rest as much or pay as much attention to making sure I ate correctly. But I muddled through and made it through another eternity of 10 months!! Today my miracle is 7 and all the months of heartache are forgotten as a distant memory. I’m entirely grateful.

(drinking a non-alcholic drink obvs!!)

Pregnancy is the most nutritionally demanding time in a women’s life and it can be really difficult to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need as an expecting mom to ensure the optimal development of your baby

Supplementing your diet is the logical choice and fortunately for pregnant moms there’s now a new supplement on the market that is specially formulated for each stage of pregnancy, with all the micronutrients and DHA- omega 3 that are essential for the healthy growth and development of the baby, trimester by trimester.

Chela-Preg™ demystifies the confusion of “What pregnancy supplements do I take” with their carefully balanced nutritional solutions for each trimester.

Each trimester pack contains a unique day and night dose, specifically formulated for each trimester with the right requirements of right vitamins, minerals & DHA in each tablet.

Trimester 1 – Specially formulated for the 1st trimester of pregnancy with 25 micronutrients, including 10-often ignored nutrients that are essential for optimal growth and development of placenta and foetus, including:

  • DHA-omega 3 to boost mother’s red-blood cells and for placental development.
  • Extra vitamin B6 to help reduce morning sickness.
  • Gentle non-constipating chelated iron, Ferrochel®, for the formation of extra red blood cells to carry more oxygen in preparation of baby’s metabolic needs.
  • Quatrefolic® a natural 5-MTHF folate form of acid, which is better absorbed, is more effective for more people, and is essential for spinal cord closure (neural tube development).
  • No vitamin E which is best avoided in the first trimester.


Trimester 2 – Specially formulated for the 2nd trimester of pregnancy with 26 micronutrients that are essential for tissue and organ differentiation and development, including:

  • Extra DHA-omega 3’s to support the baby’s brain and nervous system development.
  • Additional calcium for skeletal development.
  • Vitamin E, extra vitamin C, choline and zinc for organ and tissue growth.
  • More Ferrochel®, a gentle non-constipating chelated iron, for the formation of additional red blood cells to carry more oxygen to meet baby’s growing metabolic needs.


Trimester 3 – Maximal micro-nutrition for rapid growth during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy with 26 micronutrients, essential for an optimally healthy baby throughout life, including:

  • Maximal amounts of calcium for strong bones, and DHA-omega 3 for brain growth, and for future health, immunity and intelligence.
  • Extra Ferrochel®, a gentle non-constipating chelated iron, for the formation of extra red blood cells to carry more oxygen to meet the growing baby’s high metabolic needs.
  • More choline, a nutrient most important in the 3rd trimester for baby’s health and to help prevent diseases later in life.
  • Extra zinc, vitamin C and vitamin E to support rapid 3rd trimester cell division and tissue growth, and to reduce the risk of pregnancy complications.


The immediate benefits of using Chela-Preg are reduced constipation, reduced morning sickness and increased energy levels for the mom, but the long term benefits for the developing baby are not immediately obvious, although giving them this incredible start in life will surely only benefit them in the long run!


Obviously I’m not pregnant so I cannot review the product myself but what I am doing is asking a few currently pregnant moms to give the products a try and then share their own Pregnancy story and experience of using Chela-Preg over here on my blog.


I also have 2 packs to give to 2 readers who might be interested in trialling Chela-Preg during their pregnancy and featuring in my Pregnancy Story series. If you are interested please drop me an email on with the following details:
Name (you can stay anon if you’d prefer)
Weeks/ Months Pregnant
Due Date
No of pregnancy (1st/4th etc)
Physical address
Contact no

Recommended Retail Selling Price:

  • Trimester 1 – R211,72
  • Trimester 2 – R230,68
  • Trimester 3 – 251,22



Available at Dis-Chem, Clicks and leading pharmacies.


For more information about Chela-Preg:

Tel: 011 036 9420


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  1. I am 44 years and seven weeks pregnant and this morning I saw light brown discharge. I’m I having a miscarriage?

  2. I am 32 years old I’ve so many years to try to conceive my last born she 13yrs i had an octopic pregnancy in October now i try but nothing i eve n buy chela preg so can i be pregnant?

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