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About a month ago I shared a bit more of my own Pregnancy Story and I realised that the each and every pregnancy story is so very different – even pregnancies experience by the same woman!

So to delve a bit deeper into pregnancy and to open up some conversations around the topic I’ve started a new series called My Pregnancy Story where I’ll be opening up my blog to share various readers stories about their experience of pregnancy – both the good, the bad and the ugly – along with a few lessons they’ve learnt along the way!

Today’s story is from Sheri who is currently 8 months into her 4th pregnancy!!


What age were you when you decided to try for your first baby?

21. I now have 3 boys aged xx, xx and xx with my fourth on the way in October!

Have you always known you wanted to be a mom?

My dream was to get married be a wife and have children. I babysat a lot of little kids and studied child care after school so it was always on my mind to have my own. It couldn’t come quick enough.

How long did it take you to fall pregnant?

Quite quickly. This latest little one was unplanned and just happened. Trying for my third baby was quite tough. We tried for two years before we gave up, and then the next month we fell pregnant!

Did you have any difficulties falling pregnant at all?

I had no problems falling pregnant but keeping the baby was difficult. I’m not sure why. In the past I have had three early miscarriages.

Did you intuitively “know” when you were pregnant?

Yes. My breasts were tender, I felt tired and I had an excitement deep in my heart. My period was late.

What changes did you make to ensure that your baby had the best possible start in life?

I believe in giving your tiny little baby as much help as possible from the moment you know you pregnant. I took folic acid in the beginning to help with development. And then a multi-vitamin for energy for me. I cut out sugar and tried to started eating as healthy as I could.

How did you experience this pregnancy?

I was so sick in my first trimester. I had to lie down most of the time. I had a very heavy head and nausea all day and night. Had a few surprise vomits too. I could only eat little bits of carbs throughout the day which helped a little.

My second trimester was much better. From about 13 weeks my head seemed to clear and I could almost do normal. Still had a few surprise vomits though.

My third trimester has been going well. I’ve been using Chela-Preg vitamins and have definitely feel the difference. I seem to have more energy. Unfortunately I have terrible lower back pain if I lie down, sit, stand or walk for to long.

My first trimester was definitely the worst and I struggled to take vitamins but now, during my third trimester, I feel healthier and have found that the Chela-Preg vitamins definitely gave me more energy. I also feel relieved knowing that by taking these supplements I am helping my baby with the last bits of development.

Did you struggle with any pregnancy related problems or issues?

In this pregnancy I have had terrible lower back pain, I know it’s from ligaments that are all stretched and relaxed muscles so I’ve made a few adjustments to help me cope. I use lots of pillows all around me while sleeping. I take short little walks and I try not to sit or stand for too long and those small changes help a bit.

How have you enjoyed this pregnancy?

I’m not sure I can say I’ve really enjoyed this pregnancy! It’s been tough on my body.

Has it been different to previous pregnancies?

Yes, I had my other babies when I was younger and my body was stronger. I really feel my age plays a role in how I’m coping.

What advice can you share to women who are thinking about falling pregnant or who are newly pregnant?

I would definitely recommend having your babies in your 20s if you can! Don’t wait. Take a good multivitamin like Chela-Preg which will help with energy for you and the development of baby. I look forward to meeting my baby and seeing the outcome of taking a good multivitamin.


Thanks for sharing your pregnancy story Sheri… Wishing you all the very best with the arrival of your bundle in the next few weeks!

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Thanks x


Words: Sheri-lee Bawden

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