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I don’t know about you but I love reading about other people’s stories, that’s probably why I feature so many different Interview series!! I find we can learn so much about life from each other by learning from their experiences or just gaining a better understanding of what other people are going through or how they view the world. There’s so much to be gained from listening to others – we generally don’t do it enough in this rushed modern age!

The My Pregnancy Story series was started as a way of giving women a chance to share their own stories (there’s something healing to be gained by knowing your experience might help another), but also for new and prospective moms to learn from these personal stories – it might spark a thought to go see a doctor if things have been taken too long to happen, it might make you realise you need to reach out more, or if might help to know that you aren’t so alone in your experience and that someone else has been there before. I don’t know! I just know I enjoy using my platform to start these sorts of conversations and to make a small difference in the otherwise rather negative online space…


Today I’m thrilled to be interviewing my very own sister, Emma, who is pregnant with my very own soon-to-be niece or nephew (I know, I guessed right, but I’ll leave that up to her to reveal!!)

What age were you when you decided to try for your first baby? Have you always known you wanted to be a mom? Was there a catalyst to help you make the decision?

I have always wanted to be mom. It was an easy decision to make even though we were pretty young. I was 25 and my hubby was 27. There wasn’t really any major catalyst except the feeling that I we wanted to be young parents with enough energy for our kids! This time round (baby no 3) it was that feeling of “Is this it? 2 kids?” I think we needed to open that door in order to close it!

How long did it take you to fall pregnant? Was this different from your previous pregnancies? 

Baby 1 – Maybe 7 months or more?
Baby 2 – Around 6/7 months. I sadly miscarried early on.
Baby 3 – 2 months. Again I sadly miscarried early.
Baby 4 – 3 months with some medical assistance and progesterone from conception to week 12. This helps prevent some unexplained early miscarriages.
Baby 5 – 2 months. I was put on progesterone from very early on in this current pregnancy.

Did you have any difficulties falling pregnant? What helped you in the end? Was this different from your previous pregnancies?

Falling pregnant hasn’t been the issue but keeping the pregnancy has been a challenge from number 2 onwards. My gynaeocologist has been so supportive throughout and has managed my care very carefully and thoroughly. This pregnancy was totally different to previously as we decided to have minimal medical intervention – no Clomid, no trigger shots etc. We just plotted my cycle, scanned mid-month and realised it was a good cycle! (He actually put me onto progesterone very early on – even before I knew I was pregnant!)

Did you intuitively “know” when you were pregnant? What signs/ first symptoms did you have to indicate you were pregnant before taking the pregnancy test?

To be honest I really didn’t think it would happen, and especially not so quickly! I did noticed that I was abnormally tired and then my period was late…

I’m a firm believer that you become a mom the moment you fall pregnant because from that moment on so many sacrifices need to be made for the good of your developing baby… What changes did you make to ensure that your baby had the best possible start in life? 

With this one I tried my best to rest whenever I could in the early weeks and listen to my body. I ate and ate! I also switched to a more complete vitamin, Chela-Preg, which divides up morning and evening tablets. I love that it is an all-in-one tablet combining the best of what I need for each stage to allow me to think about one less thing! This has been a good thing because I never realised that severe morning sickness was just around the bend. I am grateful I took these in advance because I then hit a patch where I could not keep much down at all. My severe vomiting has been the biggest challenge this pregnancy.

How did you experience your first trimester? Your second trimester? Your third trimester? Did you feel the same throughout your pregnancy or struggle in different ways in the different trimesters?

I am only just finishing my first trimester. It has been a very bumpy ride. Suffering from Hypermesis Gravidarum has meant very erratic eating, struggling to drink liquids, major food aversions and a short hospital stay for dehydration. I am happy to say I think the worst is over (although it briefly appeared again while writing this!!) I am excited to move into the second trimester with my next set of specially formulated vitamins for this next stage!

Did you struggle with any pregnancy related problems or issues? How did you overcome these?

Struggling with severe morning sickness is very hard. It affects so many areas of your normal life – your support systems need to really pull in and take over many of the daily tasks like cooking and cleaning as these often set off a wave of nausea. Shopping and public places can become very overwhelming as one wonders if one can make it through without having to run for the nearest bathroom or bush! I found staying at home, working from home, resting in between, having (slightly older) understanding kids, a willing servant-hearted husband, a supportive gynaeocologist and the moral support of friends and family have helped tremendously.

How have you enjoyed this pregnancy? Was it different to previous pregnancies?? 

Enjoyed??? Hmmmmm that is tricky to answer at this stage! I hopefully will start to enjoy it more as my tummy settles. I am enjoying seeing my two kids enjoy this experience together – they are 3 and 7 and they are really bonding over this experience and are being excellent mommies helpers! I really loved our recent big scan, seeing this tiny person dancing on the screen and then sharing it with our kids as we broke the news to them was the greatest highlight so far and a moment I will remember forever!

What advice can you share to women who are thinking about falling pregnant or who are newly pregnant?

Ask for help. Share your burdens. Delegate. Let the unnecessary things slide for a while. Choose your pregnancy caregiver wisely (be it a gynaeocologist or mid-wife I recommend you ask friends for recommendations). Choose a good pre-natal vitamin! Each trimester comes with it’s own set of joy’s and challenges. You have to embrace each stage knowing that you will not have those moments back again. Each pregnancy is a gift, a life experience to enjoy, knowing that ultimately that tiny little person will be yours to treasure forever so every sacrifice is worth it!


Thanks Emma for sharing your Pregnancy Story. I certainly CAN’T WAIT to meet the newest baby in our family!!!

Pregnancy is the most nutritionally demanding time in a woman’s life and it can be really difficult to ensure you are getting all the nutrients you need as an expecting mom to ensure the optimal development of your baby

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  • No vitamin E which is best avoided in the first trimester.


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I think you’ll agree that by taking Chela-Preg supplements during your pregnancy you will be giving your baby it’s very best start in life!



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Alternatively if you’d like to share your own story please drop me an email. I’d love to open up this series to women of all ages and stages to share their Pregnancy Story and help to educate other new and prospective moms!




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