Laser Genesis Anti-Age Facial at Skin Body Renewal – A Review

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of being invited to Skin Body Renewal in the Cape Quarter to experience a therapy. The therapy I selected was called the Laser Genesis Anti-Age Facial. Now I’ve enjoyed many facials in the past but this was to be my first experience of an “anti-age” facial and I was a bit nervous about what to expect… esp with “laser” involved. These sorts of things can go one of 2 ways!

However, on my arrival I was immediately put at ease, the luxurious decor of Skin Body Renewal and the welcoming therapists all contributed to me feeling like I was going to be in very good hands. This was not some fly-by-night salon but a world-class destination for all things skin and body, with an emphasis on anti-aging.



Skin Renewal was founded by Dr. Maureen Allem in 2006, who started the specialist aesthetic centre after several years of providing injectable aesthetic treatments such as Botox ® and dermal fillers to her patients. The need for a fully fledged aesthetic centre came about as a result of the advances in aesthetic technologies, which provided alternatives to the more traditional surgical procedures that had been practised for the preceding decades. The development of the new laser, light, radio frequency and ultrasound technologies specifically provided a cost effective means to improve the quality of the skin and also treat a wide range of skin and body conditions.



I was taken to a lovely waiting area to complete an extensive form about my current health and then whisked off to my treatment room – although it was filled with an assortment of interesting machines my therapist Bianca was great at helping me to relax and dimmed the light while I climbed into my cocoon-like therapy bed. She was also quick to remind me, however, that this was not going to be a relaxing, pampering facial as I was half hoping for – rather an active facial with therapies specifically aimed at reducing the signs of aging and rejuvenating the skin! I tried not to panic and flee the room!

First up was a Alpha Hydroxy Chemical peel (also known as Glycolic). This procedure helps to renew the skin by lifting dead cells off the surface of your skin and stimulating the metabolism of the cells underneath. The sensation of this peel is quite different and can feel quite tingly and a bit uncomfortable – like ants crawling all over your face but the peel is only applied for a short time – depending on how your specific skin can handle it and the therapists are well educated in making sure it comes off at the correct moment and that it is removed properly, I appreciated that my therapist took the to check and re-check with me that it had stopped tingling as it’s important for it to be removed completely. This treatment is great for helping to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and scars plus it helps to even the colour, tone and texture of the skin leaving the skin looking healthier and more youthful.

Next up was the Laser Genesis™ – this is a technologically advanced skin therapy that helps to promote vibrant and healthy looking skin in men and women of all skin types by stimulating the production of new collagen.

The Laser Genesis ™ procedure utilizes non-invasive laser technology to safely, discretely and effectively improve those conditions that are typically associated with premature signs of ageing and sun damage, such as excessive redness, large pores, uneven texture, sallow complexion, acne scars and wrinkles with no pain or downtime.

This therapy lasted for the majority of the time at the salon and consisted of a laser being used over the 4 main areas of my face – my forehead, chin and both cheeks. Again I won’t call this experience relaxing as the laser heats up when being applied to your face which means you feel as if you have been badly sunburnt – for a first timer such as myself it can be quite concerning! I won’t lie – at times it did get uncomfortable when it was used in one place for a longer time but I kept reminding myself that my therapist was very experienced and knew exactly what she was doing….and that the results would be worth it especially to help combat my Rosacea by shrinking the tiny red veins causing the redness. Laser Genesis has dramatically improved skin problems such as deeper wrinkles, acne and chicken pox scars even keloid scars and stretch marks.



Last up was the Mesotherapy – a process whereby the various anti-aging drugs are applied to the surface of the skin in cream form and then delivered transdermally using Dermoelectroporation ® (also known as DEEP), which utilizes the skin’s water based channels making it possible for either micro molecules or macro molecules to be safely delivered into the body with no damage to tissues and cells. This therapy again has great anti-aging benefits but the process to get there is somewhat uncomfortable but not painful! This felt more like little pin pricks all over my face – although it didn’t last too long.

So, the big question, have I noticed an improvement in the appearance of my skin and a reduction in the signs of aging. Yes – I can honestly say that my skin is looking great 2 weeks later (although it didn’t suffer any ill-effects immediately after the treatments!).

The texture of my skin is smooth and line free, the redness and spots are diminished and I have been getting a few compliments on the radiance – which is always something we women love to hear! I am aware however that for the best results you do need to have a few of these therapies and what I really appreciate about Skin Body Renewal is that they work alongside you to establish the best course of action for the specific skin or body issue you have, continuously reassessing whether you are noticing an improvement and if another treatment might be a better option for you. And they do all this with their own medical doctors on hand to ensure that your health is first and foremost!



Find out more about the treatments I received here:

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