My JEFF Journey: Month 3

SO my final month on the JEFF 1-on-1 programme has ended sadly… and I really am quite sad about it. JEFF and Coach Mel became so much a part of my life these past 3 months. The programme has become a very positive part of my life. Instilling in me new habits that I’m hoping will have stuck!

Here’s my latest update on how JEFF has impacted me life…

Month 3 on JEFF

The Eating

I mentioned in my last update that I found the eating got a bit tougher. What has been encouraging in this final month on the 1-on-1 programme is that I have started to feel differently towards food.

I have found that I love healthy food and I’m making much better choices in general – without having to think about it too much.

I find eating healthier meals 3 x a day has become second nature, avoiding snacks between meals has become a habit and drinking more water is something I am far more mindful of, even if I don’t get it right all the time. I’m also very aware that I should only be “cheating” on weekends and try as far as possible to stick to this (although this is VERY hard in the week when I have PMS!)

I found the JEFF menu’s a great addition to my regime and really enjoyed seeing what other people in my accountability group were making, especially for lunch, to inspire me to try new options.

Towards the end of the month I noticed my discipline for photographing my meals and sending these pics to my coach started to wane. I also noticed that I too became a bit slack, allowing the odd treat mid-week which was a big no-no! I realise this is probably because I knew I was nearing the end of the programme. I have had to give myself a pep talk and remind myself that I am my own worst enemy and that I will only get the results I want IF I stick to the plan. No one else suffers when I cheat the system! Only me.


The Exercise

Getting up and at ’em is still tough and the reality is that it is only going to get tougher as the days get darker and colder!

During the classes I find myself motivated to push myself BUT it’s difficult to get myself there. WHO are the people who find it easy? What do they do differently to me??

Bottom line is that I have to still make this a habit but I am far better than I was… I’m hoping this will stick soon.

One AMAZING development in the exercise space however is the fact that I’ve made great strides in finding an exercise that I do LOVE and that does motivate me to get up and dressed and out the house early (even in the rain!)

A few weeks ago a very active friend invited me to join her for a walk in the forest one evening. Well it turned out to be a hike of a 1 000 stairs! My legs did not love it, but my soul did. She was the same friend who had encouraged me to get out and exercise with a friend to fulfill my need for company and exercise at the same time. The next week we did it again, with a little bit of a trot thrown in! Amazingly I was actual able to run some of the way. OK I am not able to keep up with her super athlete status BUT I wasn’t heaving for breath or dragging solid legs behind me. I was running!

What a surprise to discover that all my JEFF 1-on-1 exercise classes had paid off. My muscles were strong enough to carry me and my cardio had expanded my lungs to the point that there was none of the usual “burn” in my chest! It was a revelation.

The following weekend I dragged my husband back to the mountain to show him the route and encouraged him to run with me for some of the way. Incredibly I was faster and stronger than him. He had to admit defeat in the form of a stitch and an admission that he was suitably impressed by the impact JEFF had had on my fitness!

The amazing news is that my husband actually LOVED it and we’ve been back again, and again. In fact, we’ve made it our mission to go hiking/ trail running twice a week – and we’ve got it right for the past 2 weeks. It has been such a great activity to enjoy together. We’ve been rewarded with time together, improved fitness and these beautiful views!

The Mindset

I’m a bit nervous about the programme coming to an end. I’ve really relied on my Coach Mel to keep me accountable and I’m worried that I will fall off the wagon in terms of eating and exercise as I go off into the world without her by my side! I have to rely on my own self-discipline which seems a bit risky to me!!

That being said I do feel stronger and more capable in terms of my fitness. I like the way I feel in my clothes and I am noticing a change in my body shape which is great!

In all the whole JEFF 1-on-1 programme has been an incredible gift for me. It’s given me a massive confidence boost along with improved fitness, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

I’m so grateful I’m on this new health journey and I will continue to live with the principles I’ve learnt over the last few months for many more to come – hopefully a lifetime!

Thank you to the whole JEFF team for what they have put together and the community they have created. You are changing lives!

The Results

Finally, the results speak for themselves….

Weight: 5.8 kg down
Chest: 5.00 cm down
Abdomen: 7.00 cm down
Hip: 6.00 cm down
Quad: 3.00 cm down

I may not have hit my goal weight yet, or lost as much cm’s as I wanted to in the final month BUT what I have learnt is that this is not the end. It’s just the beginning. The JEFF programme has set me up with incredible new habits for my health and wellness that are so achievable and measurable that I can’t go back to my old way of life. The only way is up (or down on the scale!)

Here is my “BEFORE” and “AFTER” back fat photo….

BEFORE (end Jan 2021)
AFTER (end Apr 2021)


And the DREADED full frontal…. I apologise in advance for this NOT pretty picture!

What these awful photos do however is that they certainly motivate me to keep doing what I’ve been doing!



If you’ve tried to lose weight and never managed to succeed then I highly recommend the JEFF 1-on-1 programme. It has been a game changer.


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