My JEFF Journey: Month 2

So it’s been a while since my last JEFF update and considering I’ve had quite a few people ask me “How is JEFF going?” I figured I should do some catching up!

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Month 2 on JEFF

So this month I found to be quite tough. The first month I was full of enthusiasm and excited to try new things and see great results…

Hitting the second month felt hard.

I realised that this was a half-marathon, not a 100m sprint! I was going to have to dig deep and push through if I wanted to get results. No quick fixes here!

The Eating

During the first month on JEFF I was excited about trying to find new ideas of what to eat, I found the second month really tough when it came to the eating!

My enthusiasm and energy for making new meals waned and I found myself thinking about how easy it used to be when I’d whip out a pizza from the freezer or made crumbed chicken breasts from Woolies…

I found the discipline of sticking to 3 meals a day really good as I forced myself to avoid the fridge and not snack and I was proud of myself for pushing through when I felt a snack attack coming on. I found it easier to choose healthy options like sparkling water, nuts or celery sticks to fill the gap, but I also found myself far more tempted to cheat and found myself prone to over doing it on the weekends.

This month also saw me take a few trips – one a press trip and another a long weekend away with friends. Both were VERY hard when it came to sticking to my regime. Being out of routine and away from the familiar, planned choices was tough. Faced with a delicious buffet or an extensive menu full of pastas, pizzas and burgers was not easy. I tried my best to make the best choices possible… but sometimes that was impossible!

What was good about this month is that I knew when I had messed up – and just tried again the next day to get back on track thanks to the encouragement from Coach Mel who kept me accountable.

The Exercise

One month in and the exercise was becoming more of a habit than before, but it still felt super tough to motivate myself to get out of my warm bed and into my gym clothes…

I struggled finding the desire to get there although I KNEW it would be worth it in the end. Somehow that connection just wasn’t happening in my head!

Sometimes I would get as far as my gym outfit and then sit down at my desk and get distracted by my work emails and before I knew it, it would be time to fetch my kids and I’d have spent the whole day feeling smelly, uncomfortable and guilty for NOT HAVING EXERCISED! I realised that I needed to be harder on myself in terms of committing to a time and doing this FIRST THING. (in fact I still struggle with this!)

If I exercise first thing in the morning I’m in a much better head space for the rest of the day and I set myself up for a healthy day in terms of my food choices too! It isn’t easy, but I need to be more disciplined in this area.

I stuck to my JEFF 1-on-1 schedule fairly well. I didn’t managed 5 workouts a week, but I was pretty close doing 4 every week. If I’m honest I also wasn’t great at adding in the extra bonus workouts. If there wasn’t a video to follow I struggled!!! I clearly need someone motivating me and music pumping in the background to get me moving. I’m not a “self-starter” when it comes to exercise!!

What I did learn this month, courtesy of Coach Mel, was to always aim for 300 calories for each 30 min HIIT workout. I tried, and sometimes failed. But it was good to have a goal.

The Mindset

This month I definitely started to feel an improvement in my physical body which impacted my mindset positively.

I could really feel more muscle definition in my legs and even see an improvement in my appearance in a some photos. It was nice when other people noticed too.

My actual weight loss hadn’t been that much, but there were results and that was very motivating to keep moving.

I also realised that I was much more mindful of food and exercise in general. Aware when I wasn’t making a good food choice or had overdone it… and aware that I wanted to get stronger so that I was more physically capable.

I wanted to walk and hike and kayak and just keep moving in general to increase my daily calorie burn – that was a very new thought for me!

One moment that stood out for me was when we went kayaking on the Knysna canals and I was placed in a single kayak (the only one) At first I was convinced I would never manage alone, having previously always relied on my husband’s upper body strength in this situations… but it was a “sink or kayak” moment and I decided to just get on with it. And I amazed myself. My arm muscles were much stronger than I anticipated, my stamina was much longer and, despite the fact that it was really tiring, I pushed through. I put my head down and went for it. As someone who would have usually given up before even trying, this was a really great mindset shift for me: I started to believe in my body!


The Results

Next update I will have to share my bare body on this blog… but for now just the numbers will have to do!

Weight: 3.20 kg down
Chest: 4.00 cm down
Abdomen: 5.50 cm down
Hip: 5.00 cm down
Quad: 1.00 cm down

Some good progress after just 2 months. I was hoping for more in terms of kg but I’m definitely happy with the cm’s lost around my middle!

So that is my Month 2 JEFF round up. Stay tuned for Month 3 coming soon!


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