My 5 Favourite Finds for August

So September is flying by and before it’s over I should share with you my five favourite finds for the month of August! I have some great goodies on my list this month as you will see below….

My Five Favourite Finds…

1. My Girl fragrance by Shimansky
A while back I sent out some feelers to my fabulous Facebook community about any suggestions for a new spring fragrance. I had some amazing suggestions and realized just how many stunning scents there are out there and so many I still need to try! If you are interested you can take a look at the comments here:

As luck would have it shortly after this post I was invited to a sparkly Shimansky event to celebrate the launch of their first fragrance. My Girl perfume has shot to the top of my scent selections every morning. Made from natural rose oil the My Girl perfume has a fresh floral fragrance that captures the essence of feminine beauty. It is sold exclusively at Shimansky stores with the added allure and mystery of certain bottles actually containing a real diamond!! It is the perfect choice for spring and would make an especially lovely gift to accompany an engagement or wedding ring – you all know how strong the memory for scents is, so why not select this special one for your special day!

2. My ankle boots from Madison

Like most girls I love buying shoes – heels, boots, pumps all feature prominently in my shoe wardrobe but one item I have been lacking is a pair of ankle boots. That is until I found Madison Footwear’s online shop. Even though the selection is limited I spotted a pair of Alabama Tan boots that I loved and needed to have. Being my first online shoe/ clothing purchase I was a bit nervous that they would fit or arrive at all… I needn’t have worried. Within 24 hours my boots were delivered by courier to my front door. Unfortunately my usual size 6 was actually on the big size so I contacted Madison and arranged to swop sizes. The manager herself actually said she took a size smaller in the boot so I was confident that the size 5 would work for me. The swop happened with 24 hours and this time I was the proud owner of my cowboy-inspired tan leather ankle boots – perfect for skinny jeans or summer dresses. (R479)


3. Tangle Teezer detangling hairbrush

The instant detanglng hairbrush has been a great find this month. The innovative design which fits snugly into the palm of your hand and the revolutionary bristles (“teeth”) make this a beauty must-have for those of you who struggle with knots. And if you struggle with your daughters long tangled tresses then you need to invest in one pronto as it will make hair brushing a far nicer experience for you both – no more yanking or screaming! It can be used on all hair types whether wet or dry. The bristles are protected with a click on, click off cover which makes it really easy to pack in your bag for styling on the go. The Tangle Teezer smoothes and shines in a couple of strokes. A cute little brush that does what it says it will and gives you an awesome head massage at the same time! LOVE! (R229.95 on rubybox beauty boutique)


4. GOSH Boombastic mascara

I received this mascara as part of a goodie bag and at first I wasn’t convinced as the brush bristles were tiny and I thought I would get hardly any definition, BUT I am always one to try something first before I write if off and I’m so glad I didn’t “judge this mascara by it’s wand”. The brush is more plastic than bristle but what that means is that there is much more formula on the brush to give you extra volume and lift. The formula is buildable, if you apply each new coat while the previous one is still slightly wet, and looks best with 2 coats. I found it didn’t flake and stayed put on my lashes for the whole day with minimal “panda rings” (usually caused by me rubbing my eyes if I’m honest). It is really dark black and worked well for day and night time eye makeup. GOSH has recently arrived in the country from Denmark and is available at Edgars and Red Square. (R140)


5. Scented candle from Kings & Queens

My Aztec King scented candle in Vanilla Pear from Kings & Queens has been making my bedroom smell like a sanctuary for weeks. I adore its subtle scent fragrancing my sleeping space – even while not burning! The story behind the scent is that in pre-Colombian Mexico, vanilla was considered a potent aphrodisiac which is why the Aztec kings and their many wives consumed countless cups of vanilla drinks every day. Detailed feedback of that claim would be deemed an overshare but what I will tell you is that it would make a heavenly gift. Find them on the shelves of Edgars and Red Square stores. (R99)


So there you have it – the 5 things that made me happier this month!

I love this series as it gives me a chance to share some of my secrets with you, plus it means you might be keen to share your faves with me too! Please do in the comments below. I LOVE comments and hearing from readers so go wild….

And if you have a product you would like me to try our or review please do feel free to contact me. I am always open to testing and trying new products with the view to featuring them on my blog. Click this link to read about My Five Favourite Finds… for the past few months.

Images: Kathryn Rossiter

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