My Five Favourite Beauty Tools

When it comes to all things beauty I have a rather straightforward and simple style – don’t get me wrong I do love new products and pretty packaging as much as the rest of us but with two small kids and a crazy schedule that requires me to change hats several times a day I can’t afford for things to be complicated!

I remember my very first make-up purchases made at Clicks one afternoon while shopping with my mom in the local shopping center – I was about 14 and had just started my obsession with all things magazine when I decided I wanted to try out some make-up of my own…. While my mom was in another shop (I had yet to tell her what I was planning to purchase!) I headed over to the make-up sale table and selected a very sticky bright red lipgloss and some mascara… On the drive home my guilt got the better of me and I showed them to my mom – I can’t recall her reaction but I think she was surprised that there was no denying she had a full-blown teenager on her hands! I was already spending all my pocket money on teen magazines, the Kilo Bookshop was kept in business by me I think, I ploughed my way through Blush, Just 17, Teen and Sugar magazines with glee looking for ways to apply these new tools. I even found a book in the library about make-up and made a few copies of the pages that showed you techniques!! Naughty, I know!

Anyway over the years my relationship with make-up has gone through ups and downs – some years I barely looked at my make-up drawer, others I used it daily. Lately I have had a resurgence in my make-up interest and have taken to reading beauty blogs and sampling new products with glee, nevertheless I still have a few old faithful favourites that I wanted to share with you over the next few weeks. I’ll call it my My Five Favourite series 😉 (In case you haven’t noticed I do love a bit of alliteration, I blame my high school English teacher!)

Today is the turn of My Five Favourite Beauty Tools

1. First up a really great set of make-up brushes is a must. I would love to be able to walk into Bobbi Brown and buy her whole range as they are beautiful but for the meantime I am content with my trusty brushes from The Body Shop. They have all the brushes you need at very reasonable prices. Bronzer, blusher, eyeshadow and foundation plus a few varieties on each. Make sure you keep them clean by washing in shampoo every now and again. Another great Body Shop tool which I use often if I haven’t had a chance to paint my nails is their Nail Buffer Block. It has 4 different surfaces and you go through the process and end up with shiny, healthy looking nails! Perfect for the days when you want a natural nail look and need to let them “breathe” a little!

2. Eyelash curler – yes, this looks like an ancient instrument of torture – actually that’s not far from the truth!! For amazing lashes you have to try this. My lashes are very straight and you can hardly see them at all but once I use an eyelash curler they are much curlier – funny that! The eyelash curler takes some getting used to and it is a bit tricky to use initially but with practice definitely gets easier – just stay close to a mirror and avoid doing this in front of other people as it is NOT a good look! And remember to always use it BEFORE you apply mascara!

3. A wide tooth comb – May hair is super thick, which many think is a blessing and I agree, BUT, have you tried drying it??? It can take hours to wash and dry. I always use my wide tooth comb prior to blow-drying, and even then I often don’t have the time to blow-dry and end up just combing it out to air dry! I would love a more powerful hairdryer that would make this process a bit faster but am still using my tiny travel hairdryer that I bought when I left home. I think it’s time for an upgrade!

4. Tweezers – I’ve been led to believe that a well-shaped eyebrow is one of the most defining features of a face and that a different shape can change your look altogether. It’s probably best to get them shaped professionally first and then continue to keep them in shape with your tweezers. You definitely don’t want to overpluck – something my mom drilled into me when I was younger! You can have them shaped by a beautician or if you’re brave enough you can try an eyebrow specialist shop where they offer “eyebrow threading” and then just maintain from there. I have tried threading ONCE. It ranked right up there with natural birth in terms of pain and I had tears streaming down my face throughout the experience but as with birth the result was worth it!! If you’re looking for a great pair of tweezers I recommend Tweezerman. I got mine in the UK where they aren’t as expensive but I believe Dis-chem has recently started stocking them and they are well worth the spend. I love my pair of pink pluckers. They have kept me primped and preened for a good few years. The slanted edge makes eliminating those strays so much easier.

5. A cute make-up bag – not essentially a tool but an important piece of equipment to ensure you always look your best when on the go. I keep mine stocked with the basics such as mascara and a few lipsticks and glosses, also in the bag is a small compact mirror and an array of sample size cosmetics that I have received over the years – foundation, eyeshadow, blush, eyeliner. I especially love small mascara samples and Glossybox is keeping me in good supply! These super sweet small sizes make the bag less full and heavy while still allowing me to touch up in the car or ladies room should I be dashing from school pick up to work to PTA, event or night out with friends or a rare date night! Often I won’t even open my make-up drawer for weeks because everything I need is in my make-up bag!

So there you have it – My Five Favourite Make-up Tools. Have I forgotten something essential? What would be on your list?? Let me know in the comments below…

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