My Five Favourite Beauty Products

Following on from my previous posts where I wrote about My Five Favourite Beauty Tools and Make-up Products I thought I would share with you My Five Favourite Beauty Products. I don’t have a big budget to spend on beauty products so these are generally budget buys but a few more expensive items have sneaked onto my dressing table… and they are definitely worth the extra money spent!

So here are My Five Favourite Beauty Products

1. Moisturizer is my no 1 beauty product – I have changed brands a few times and finally settled on the AHA face cream from my Dermatologist, Dagmar Whittaker. She makes this herself and it is a very basic aqueous cream with AHA fruit acids that come in two strengths – 5 or 10%. I find my skin is much smoother and has less breakouts when I use this cream so I recommend it. A pot costs approx R130 and it can be used for day or night. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with SPF and you definitely need to add your own to avoid sunburn. Another great moisturiser that is fairly inexpensive is The Body Shop Nutriganics range. I liked using this as it is a fairly natural product and it is light on my skin. The Night Cream in this range is also great for my skin type – not too heavy and both smell fresh and clean but not too scented with chemicals!

AHA cream

2. I was recently introduced to Morroccan Hair Oil after I won a bottle in a competition. What a win! It is the most amazing hair product (OK I haven’t tried many but this one rocks!) I love the way it makes my hair smooth and shiny and it smells amazing! Read my previous review here.

Morroccan Oil

3. Aromatherapy body products – my favourite body treatment products all seem to have aromatherapy and natural properties. The list includes products by some well-loved local brands such as Africology, Wild Olive and Aseyah R. I love to add various essential oils to my baths and as winter approaches I will be doing so more and more. Dr Hauschka has a great gift set that contains mini bottles of various bath oils for different moods including Spruce and Sage. My favourite essential oil has to be Lavender which can be used for some many things. Recently I was introduced to Aseyah R who offers informative evening talks on various essential oils and their properties and I am excited to find out more especially about oils beyond my usual “floral” choice! The other products I tend to use are the wonderful Florae body scrub from Wild Olive and the equally heavenly Africology body balm. Scent is often a big draw card for me and these both hit that mark while still being natural – another essential for me! I highly recommend incorporating more aromas into your life!!

Africology Body Balm

Wild Olive Body Scrub

4. Speaking of fragrance, every girl needs a signature fragrance, and when it comes to perfume I do have a particular favourite – Kenzo Flower! I first bought this as we passed through duty free on the way to honeymoon in Mauritius. I had read that smell is one of the best ways to trigger memories and I wanted to be reminded of this special time in a special way so decided to treat myself to a new fragrance. Boy am I glad I chose this one! I have yet to tire of it 10 years later. As I said I am definitely a “floral” kind of girl so it may not appeal to everyone’s tastes but I hope to still be wearing this in years to come…

Kenzo Flower perfume

and last but not least

5. Coconut Oil is an amazing addition to every home. Not only is a great alternative to use as a cooking oil (healthier than Sunflower, Canola and Olive Oils) it is a great beauty product too! I have been using this a body moisturizer for my ezcema riddled children to great effect. We still fight a daily battle with the skin condition but after trying many doctor recommended creams and potions this one still seems the best bet – and it is 100% natural, well if you can eat it then you know it’s OK! The benefits of coconut oil are numerous and besides being a great moisturizer for dry, ageing skin it can also be used on hair as a conditioner or on the scalp as a dandruff eliminator. Coconut oil really is a multi-tasking product it is great for general health too – a teaspoon (or two) will boost your immunity, energy, aid digestion and lower your cholestrol levels (something I need to do!! eeeek). A massage using coconut oil is a good stress reliever and it will aid healing when applied to skin irritations and rashes as it is anti-viral, antibacterial and anti-fungal too… What’s not to like? I recommend you buy a bottle today! It can be found in all good health shops and stockists.

I hope you found this article helpful and you learnt something new today! Maybe you’ll be adding a few of these items to your beauty shelf. I would love to hear from you if you do! Feel free to share your Five Favourite Beauty Products in the comments below – maybe I can learn something from you too!

images: Kathryn Rossiter

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