My 5 Favourite Finds for September

Ok so in an attempt to better my track record from month’s gone by, here are my 5 favourite finds for the month of September, on the 15th of the following month!! (must try harder!)


1. Spanx Black Jeans

So you know something must be no 1 on your list of favourite finds when you have worn the item for 4 days on the trot! And these black jean leggings by Spanx are just that!! OMG they are the MOST COMFORTABLE JEANS I’ve ever worn. I literally want to sleep in them (although I didn’t I totally should have considering how much I’ve worn them this week!) When they first arrived on my doorstep I didn’t try them out for a few days… and now I regret that decision as that means I missed out on a few days of their awesomeness. OK enough already Kathryn! I hope you’ve got the message that I love these jeans… let me tell you a little bit more about them now!

Spanx has recently launched their clothing line in South Africa and the Spanx range of Leggings and Jeans are some of the items now available here. The ones I have been wearing are the leggings that look like jeans and they offer amazing comfort while still looking super fashionable. With the slim built-in, these leggings help to keep my “mummy tummy” tucked away nicely and give me a much sleeker silhouette sleek and longer looking legs that obviously make me feel much more confident when striding out to the face the day!

Constructed with a luxuriously soft fabric, these jeans holds their shape (even after 4 days wear!) and the super black colour resists fading. I’m a massive fan!

Spanx are available in South Africa via PDL Distributors. Visit the PDL website for a list of Spanx stockists in South Africa. (R 1863)

pumps and spanx

2. Green Cross Pumps

Now when you think Green Cross shoes you might automatically do what I do and think of those cream coloured lace ups that all grannies seem to love, or maybe as the very best place to buy your kids school shoes (because they are!) But what you might not know is that hidden on their shelves are some of the most comfortable and pretty pumps I’ve worn in a while!

green cross ballet pumps

These beautiful black ballerina’s have sparkly detail across the toe area that elevates them from being rather boring to a bit more bling-tastic and therefore ideal for wearing at night when you want to actually remain able to stand for the entire evening! (eg. NOT HEELS) Since I’ve discovered this pretty pair I’ve been wearing them during the day too as they are so super comfortable…. all due to a very clever little padded cushion inside the shoe that makes you feel like you’re walking on a cloud… unlike some pumps where you can feel every piece of grit on the street! These are a winner and will be one of my go-to pairs of pumps this in-between season. (R849.00 at Green Cross stores countrywide)


ordinary cleanser3. Ordinary Skin Co Creamy Cleanser

I’m a big fan of this local skincare company and have written in the past about their moisturisers and eye cream so I was really excited when they recently invited me to the launch of the Creamy Cleanser.

This is a gentle, hypoallergenic cleanser which is perfect for dry and sensitive skin. The mild cleanser is soap free, ph balanced and uses no harsh surfactants so the natural skin barrier system is not harmed making it suitable for all skin types. Enriched with hydrating olive oil and olus oil, with added olive leaf, green rooibos leaf extracts for anti oxidant properties and aloe ferox leaf extract for anti inflammatory action, I love this gentle but effective cleanser and have been using it morning and night. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, soft and supple. (R150 from Ordinary Skincare Co online shop)


4. Veaudry myEasycomb

I love using my ghd straightener but to be honest with the amount of hair on my head I don’t often get around to it because it just feels like so much work! Enter the Veaudry myEasycomb. This ingenious styling tool has made my hairstyling at home so much easier, not to mention faster than before!


A clever comb with built-in sectioning guide that helps to control hair into sections that are then far easier to pass through the plates of the styling iron.

To see the myEasycomb in action watch this video:

To be very honest this weird looking contraption lay unused in my drawer for a few months before I discovered it’s wonders…. and now I’m wondering why I left it so long! It really has made straightening my hair so much simpler. All I have to do is section the hair using the sectioning guide of the myEasycomb and then chase it with my ghd. (R195.00 at Retail Box)

5. Lightweight knit from Earth Addict

With Spring being a rather in-between season when it comes to the weather I have found myself reaching for this pretty pullover from Earth Addict on many mornings over the past month. I love the lightweight, relaxed style of the knit which makes it a classic option for daytime and I’m sure it will also make for a great cover up during summer nights too.

An ideal layering item this pullover has a ribbed roll boat neckline and ribbed cuffs & hemline and is made from 100% pima cotton.

earth addict pullover

I don’t have much colour in my wardrobe so decided to buck that trend and went for the pretty coral colour known as Lantana but could just have easily opted for the silver grey or slate blue – both super pretty! And of course the white would be an awesome staple…. I may just need to go back to the shop soon! (R499 from Earth Addict)

Images: Supplied

Disclosure: 1 – 1; 2 – 1; 3 – 1; 4 – 1; 5 – 0

Kathryn Rossiter

Kathryn is a South African lifestyle blogger and mom of 2 who has been blogging daily for over 9 years! She writes about travel, health, beauty, fashion, decor and family... but not food (unless it's food she's eaten made by someone else) as she is a hopeless cook. She only wakes up early for 2 things... a red-eye flight to somewhere exotic and early morning game drives. She has just finished an extensive home renovation and would prefer to never see another box again. She's never met a chocolate or glass of bubbles that she didn't like!

    1. Hi Megan… if you mean am I paid to write about the products then the answer is no. I never feature a product in this line up which I have received cash for. I do sometimes feature items I have been sent to review but if you knew the sheer number of items I get each month you would realise that my favourites are by far and away the stand out products that have come across my path during the month – usually this post features a mix of products I have been sent and products I have bought and paid for myself. I include a “Disclosure” at the end of the post. You’ll find that magazines function in a pretty similar way…

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