My 5 Favourite Finds for October 2016

Oh dear it’s the end of October (How did that happen?) and unfortunately this series has fallen drastically behind since I started renovating and went travelling for almost 3 weeks back in August.

I’m so sorry about that. It’s not intentional. It’s just life.

I’ve been living out of suitcases and boxes for over 3 months and, even though I’ve moved back into my own space, it’s still completely upside down… which is why it’s been quite difficult to keep track of new products and find the time to use them and then choose my faves.

Anyway, I’m hoping to get back on track now with this post for My 5 Favourite Finds for October!


Let’s get cracking…


1.Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I read Big Magic a few months back but have had it set aside for the next 5 Favourite Finds post I managed to get out… and that is this one! It’s a book I noticed doing the rounds on social media earlier in the year and had on my wish list for a while. Finally when I was faced with a 10 flight and 2 weeks of travel in various planes, trains and automobiles (not really trains) I decided to indulge myself… except then I couldn’t find it. Every single book store in Cape Town seemed to be out of stock. Obviously it was massively popular! And then, finally, as I waited to board my plane in OR Tambo I popped into book store and found 1 copy left. It was destiny! I devoured this book in a few short days thanks to all the flights I did (15 in 17 days!) and was even able to pass it on to one of my fellow travellers and Elizabeth Gilbert fans (Read Nikki from Pin the Map Project’s review here!) We both LOVED it. And it was such an important read for us. The book was an easy read but it was filled with gems and insights that have stayed with me long since I closed the last page. Primarily it’s about creativity. How all of us are creative and the trick to creativity is actually to just start. This is definitley a book I won’t be selling at the second hand store (in my attempt to Marie Kondo my life) This is one I’ll be holding on to and re-reading often. In fact I might just start again today!


2. Dead Sea Mineral Facewash

I get delivered quite a fair amount of beauty products. More often than not they end up on a shelf awaiting some love. Only the very best ones make it off the shelf and into my shower. There has to be something special that draws me to them in the first place and this Dr Organic face wash was a win.  It’s a deep pore cleansing treatment that is suitable for all skin types…. oily, combination, blemish-prone, dry, sensitive skin. Formulated with a blend of organic ingredients such as Dead Sea Mineral Salt, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice and Kelp Extract, this gentle, purifying face wash leaves the skin feeling refreshed and looking revitalised. And I haven’t had a breakout in ages! Winning. Definitely keen to try more of their range soon….


3. Nivea Anti-Age Face Sun Cream

Sunscreen. It’s basically the ONLY anti-ageing skincare product you need. BUT the problem is most of us don’t use it correctly, or at all!! I think often it’s because the texture is too sticky, the smell too overpowering or it feels like you’re just adding another product to your already full skincare routine. I hear you. I’m very guilty of not remembering to add sunscreen on top of my daily moisturiser (oops!) But after attening a few different talks on the crazy damage the sun is doing to our skin, I’ve had a wake up call!! Fortunately this Nivea anti-age face sun cream is ideal for daily use. It’s got a light, non-greasy texture that soaks into the skin really quickly. It’s water resistant, offers UVA and UVB protection (a very NB factor to look for in sunscreen) and has a very high SPF50+. It’s quickly and easily become part of my daily skincare routine and for that I’m very grateful because I’m all about quick and easy routines and beauty needs to be one of them!


4. NAK Shampoo & Conditioner

nak-aromasA few months back I was sent a new shampoo and conditioner from NAK – a professional hair care brand from Australia that has recently launched in SA thanks to Retailbox. I tried out the Smooth range from their Aromas line which is infused with botanical essences like lavender, patchouli and geranium that smell delicious. The range is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free plus it’s also free of sulphates and parabens. I loved their unique scent and the hydrating effects of the argan oil which left my hair feeling super soft and manageable with hardly any frizz in sight! (quite unusual for my mop!) The shampoo is great for rehydrating dry, frizzy hair and restoring and maintaining moisture while the moisture rich conditioner assists to restore and maintain condition. Other shampoo and conditioners available from NAK include the Blonde range, Curl range and Colour range. The duo is currently on sale at Retailbox for R499 instead of R640.


5. Daniel Wellington Watch

When last did you wear a watch? In recent years this iconic accessory has taken a bit of a back seat as more and more of us rely on our mobile phones to tell the time. Except…. it’s such a fun fashion statement!!! And, more than that, it’s really convenient to not have to scratch around in the depths of your bag to find out what the time is. After years of not wearing a watch I was on the receiving end of one for my recent birthday and have recently found myself wearing this gorgeous Daniel Wellington arm candy almost every day! A beautiful, large white face ringed with rose gold and finished off with a classic tan leather strap, I think you’ll agree that this is a beauty and worthy to be named as one of my favourite finds for the past few months!

The good news is that I’ve been sent an EXCLUSIVE discount code for Becoming you readers to be able to use towards the purchase price of a timeless Daniel Wellington watch of their choice. Until the end of December 2016 use the code “becomingDW” and claim 15% off the price of your watch! Perfect Christmas pressie #justsaying 😉


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