My 5 Favourite Finds for February 2015

It’s the last working day of Feb which means it’s time for me to share with you my 5 Favourite Finds for the month… During the course of the month I do often share other products or places that I love, so these are not the ONLY favourite things I have discovered this month, but they are ones that have stood out!


Let’s get cracking…

1. Cinderella collection of nail lacquer from Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor‘s Cinderella 2015 Collection is inspired by the new live-action movie from Walt Disney Pictures due to hit SA big screens soon (April I think)!  The collection comprises of 6 dazzling colours featuring gorgeous glitters, sparkling blues and a pretty pink and peach all with equally enchanting names…

  • Party at the Palace – Iridescent Teal
  • My Carriage Awaits – Coral Creme
  • Watch your Step, Sister! – Hot Pink Creme
  • If the Slipper Fits – Light Blue Glitter
  • Ella of a Girl – Light Pink Creme
  • Best Ball Gown Ever – Iridescent Periwinkle Blue

cinderella nails

All the colours are lovely and it’s hard to pick a favourite favourite but if I had to I think I would choose Party at the Palace which I’m currently wearing on my fingernails…. Abi and I had some fun creating matching Mommy & Daughter Mani Pedi’s this past weekend! The collection launches on 1 March 2015 at leading salons, spas and stores from R110 ea!

cinderella polish


2. Juliette Armand 6% AHA cream

I discovered this beauty brand about a year ago and although it’s been on my radar and I have a few of their products I can’t say I’ve been a regular user until now! At a recent launch I received a bottle of Juliette Armand’s 6% AHA fluid and after hearing about all the wonders of using a daily exfoliator I was keen to try it out, albeit a bit nervous about “burning” my skin with the product or the over exposure of the new layer of skin to the sun!!

aha therapy

Anyway I started using it as part of my nightly routine, after cleansing and before moisturising, about a month ago and I can say I’ve been really impressed with the results. This product is a leave-on treatment which means that unlike other other AHA treatment products, there’s no need to remove it after application. My skin has not been this clear of pimples and blemishes for this long in, well, forever… so that pretty much sold me! Also it definitely looks younger, brighter and more radiant and I’ve been going without makeup or BB cream more often – obviously a sign of my feeling fairly confident in the appearance of my skin!!

The product contains 6%AHA (GLYCOLIC ACID, LACTIC ACID), SODIUM HYALURONATE, ALOE VERA, CENTELLA which all help to boost the skin’s natural regeneration process. It is suitable for all skin types and offers multi-action benefits such as regenerating, exfoliating & moisturizing the skin leaving it firmer, brighter and more radiant. Based on it’s promises to even out skin town and reduce the appearance of age spots, I’m quite keen to monitor the improvements it’s shows on the one or two patches of pigmentation I struggle with and will keep you posted! (Retails for R560 via

A little more about AHA

When applied topically onto skin, AHA (derived from a group of natural acids) helps treat a multitude of skin issues. Conditions such as acne are soothed – and AHA also helps with lessening the appearance of acne scarring. If a sun-damaged complexion is your concern, this ingredient assists with improving skin’s appearance as well as providing benefits like firming and smoothing. Very dry skin like xerosis (an inherited condition) benefits from AHA treatment products.

Two points to take note of: AHA’s are not recommended during pregnancy and it is advisable to always use a very good sunblock of SPF30 or higher while using AHA’s.

3. Leaving before the rains come – Alexandra Fuller

Finding time to read as a mom is a rare treasure… and I’ve resigned myself to the fact that it will only happen on holidays, unless I find a book I can’t put down and then all my other chores and errands fall by the wayside and I get absorbed for a few hours in the pages…. but alas this can’t happen too often so I really need to be very selective about which books I allow this to happen with! And this is one of them…

alexandra fuller book

The new book by Alexandra Fuller (Author of Don’t let’s go to the dogs tonight) is called Leaving before the rains come and although I have yet to finish the book it has already become one of my favourite finds for the month. Any book that captures my attention from the first page deserves that honour, right? Anyway I love Alexandra writing style and stories, especially about her childhood and family in the African bush.

A child of the Rhodesian wars and  a pair of complicated parents, Alexandra Fuller is no stranger to pain and this book is a memoir of her painful journey through her divorce from her American husband and the life she’s made for herself now. Beautifully written with vivid descriptive memories, intelligent prose and courageous revelations tinged with humour, this is an unforgettable read. I can’t wait to get stuck in to the rest this weekend! (From R245 on Loot)

4. Maybelline Color Drama Lip Pencil

I must be honest and say here that I have no idea if this product is currently available on shelves or when it will be launching in SA. My hope is that it is already available and that you can head out and buy it today, but if not I suggest you put it on your wish list and keep your eyes open for it when it finally arrives….

maybelline color drama

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Maybelline launch a few weeks back and at the event I had a little play around in the massive makeup box, trying out various products and making notes of the ones I wanted to try out for reals at home! One of the notes I made in my book was to get my hands on the NEW Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencil. And as luck would have it I found one in the bottom of my goodie bag on my return home!

This chubby, wooden pencil is such a fun product and although my option is a pretty bright pink (Fuschia Desire) I’ve been loving wearing it. There are about 6 shade options available in SA and I would dearly love to try a neutral option, such as Minimalist. I have been enjoying the matte texture that glides on super well and the versatility of being able to use the product as a lip liner or colour in your lips for a great matte lipstick!

I must be honest and say that the texture can seem quite dry on your lips on application but I haven’t found my lips to be overly dried out after wearing the product. One bonus of this texture is that I definitely can vouch for amazing staying power – this product lasts, and lasts!

maybelline-color-drama Maybelline-Color-drama-lip-pencil


5. Saint & Summer Sandals

Long summer days might be coming to rude end soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of the last few weeks of sunshine…. I’ve been really enjoying wearing my pair of sexy sandals from new local online shoe shop, Saint & Summer.

There are a few styles and colours to choose from. My pick was this pair of black and gold classics with an ankle strap.


SS002-600x400  SS010-600x400

But I also love this coral pair and think white would look great too!! Avail from stores around SA or via the online shop from R299 per pair.



I hope you enjoy reading this series. I love putting it together. Feel free to leave a comment below telling me what you’ve discovered this month. I’d love to hear from you!



Kathryn Rossiter

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  1. One of my favourite finds in the last few months was your blog… somehow I always identify with something you’ve written in each blog post! Thank you 🙂

    1. Oh wow Jane – that is the kindest thing to say. I’m so pleased to hear “Becoming you” was one of your favourite finds! YAY

  2. Thankyou- Am so happy to hear there’s a new book out by Alexandra Fuller- i loved her first book!!

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