My 5 Favourite Finds – December 2017

Yes yes, I’m slacking on this series again. After my miraculously on time November edition… I’m telling myself that no one was online on the last day of December anyway… what would have been the point!?


Anyway here’s a round up of my faves for December (I better get cracking on Jan too as it’s the last day of the month NEXT WEEK – Bring on that January pay day!!!)


My 5 Favourite Finds for December 2018


1.The Atlas of Beauty Book

This gorgeous book landed in my lap over the holidays and I couldn’t put it down. I just loved it. A stunning photographic journal captured in a beautiful hardcover coffee table book, The Atlas of Beauty features 500 incredible photos of beauty around the world. Photographer Mihaela Noroc, originally from Romania, has travelled the atlas since 2013, documenting everyday women going about their daily lives. She has visited over 50 countries (including South Africa) in her quest to document the diversity and beauty all around us – not just on the pages of glossy mags or across billboards. I LOVED paging through this book – admiring the photos and reading the stories that she came across while chatting to the women of the world. This book shows that beauty is everywhere – regardless of money, race, age, social status or social media following! It’s in the markets of India, the streets of London, the mountains of Afghanistan and the deserts of Ethiopia. These portraits capture that and show that compassion and love are at the heart of every beautiful women. (R400 on Loot)


2. The Island by Victoria Hislop

Another book made it into my Favourite Finds for December: The Island by Victoria Hislop was a book on my bedside table for a while (I don’t get much time to read unless I’m on holiday – these holidays I managed to finish 4 novels!!) A friend lent me this book and I took it with me on a weekend up the West Coast. Once I got started I couldn’t stop. I love books that take me to another place – a holiday or travel experience from the comfort of my bed – and this one did exactly that. Well, it helped that I’d travelled to a similar place earlier in the year. Set on the island of Crete in Greece, The Island follows the story of a family and an island – the island of Spinalonga – a leper colony. The book had everything I look for in a book – a well developed cast of characters, a sense of place that transports you, some history to educate me on a previous time and an engaging story that makes me want to read instead of watch TV or sit on social media. Since I’ve discovered Victoria Hislop I’ve popped in at a few of my local second hand book shops and managed to pick up a copy of each of her other 3 novels so I’m hoping to continue my good reading wicket and get stuck in to one of these soon. (although my best laid plans aren’t working out quite so well since the term started!!) Anyway at least I know I’ll have great holiday reading when Easter comes around 😉 (R165 on Loot)


3. Garnier SkinActive BB Cream

Holidays are all about relaxed living – and my holiday beauty routine is certainly that. For the most part I go makeup free while we’re camping or at the beach, but sometimes I just wanted to cover up a little bit to make my skin tone more even (and less red) Garnier BB cream was the very first BB cream I tried and that has led me to be loyal to this brand whenever I’m purchasing a BB for myself. A few months’ back they launched the updated Garnier BB Cream in a 12 hour formula making this one of the longest lasting BB’s around. The 5-in-1 daily moisturiser certainly makes summer beauty a breeze with 24 hour hydration, 12 hour staying power, UV protection of SPF 15 and it’s smoothing properties that hide lines and imperfections while evening out skin tone and leaving a lasting glow. I love the light texture of the original and find the LIGHT colour suits me perfectly. For those of you with combination to oily skin you might also like to try the BB cream created for your skin type. Aside from all the benefits listed above it also has anti-shine properties that blur pores & imperfections while leaving a matte finish on your skin. (From R105 on Takealot, Clicks, Dischem, Pick n Pay etc)


4. Boom Bar Matcha Explosion from Nanuki at Wellness Warehouse

As a snacker I’m always eating (it’s a problem, a 10kg problem!) I find I’m always hungry and I just can’t seem to fill the void. Chocolate is my downfall. I can’t get past 2pm without a sugar craving and after dinner each evening I’m likely found Lindt in hand! Anyway 2018 is my year… I’ve got BIG PLANS to be more regular with my exercise and to eat less and, ultimately, weigh less! But it’s so darn hard to find easy, tasty, healthy snacks (that taste like chocolate! haha) Fortunately this delicious Matcha Explosion Boom Bar landed on my desk thanks to a delivery from Wellness Warehouse and it was a revelation. WOW. I loved it. Made with moist Matcha Coconut enrobed in a rich chocolate this is a vibrant green bounty bar, that’s exploding with superfoods such as moringa, spirulina, hemp and more. The good news is that it is free from preservatives, refined sugar, soy, gluten, dairy & nuts plus it is a high source of fibre, iron and protein. I am SOLD. Now I just need to stock up on a secret stash to help me through my sugar crash (and obvs it needs to be secret enough so I don’t eat them all at once either!) (R30ea at Wellness Warehouse)


5. Kirsten Goss earrings

I’m such a huge fan of Kirsten Goss – that much is obvious by the amount I write about her stunning jewellery range! I’ve been a fan for years and am slowly, but steadily building my collection. Fortunately for me I was recently the lucky recipient of another pair of her pretty earrings. I was given a choice of a pair from the Vay-Kay range and opted for Sex on the Beach – a sweet, yet sexy pair of stones with an organic “onion” shape in metal beneath the stones. The pic on her website showcased the style with gold vermeil metal and beautiful multi-coloured labadorite stones and for a while I was really tempted to go with this colour option… but then I recalled that a few months ago I had said to myself that the next time I get a pair of KG earrings I wanted to go for black stones as they would make for a lovely pair of evening earrings (and day time too as black is so very versatile!) Previously I had ordered a rose gold necklace, breaking away from my standard sterling silver) and since then I’ve always regretted not sticking with silver, SO I opted for black onyx stones with sterling silver. And I love them so! I’ve already found them to be one of my favourite Kirsten Goss earrings (although I’m in love with ALL of my pairs) What do you think of my unique creation? Did I make the right choice??? Next on my KG wish list – a pair of Fabrix in multicolours. I LOVE them!


What were your recent favourite finds?


Images: Kathryn Rossiter

Disclosure: 1 – 1; 2 – 0; 3 – 1; 4 – 1; 5 – 0

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